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📧 O-Zone Late Night: Seahawks 31, Jaguars 7


SEATTLE, Wash. – Momentum didn't matter much.

Not when the struggles that have hurt the Jaguars too often this season – pass defense, lack of big plays on offense and costly mistakes/miscommunications everywhere – keep hurting them.

The Jaguars, after entering Sunday off a bye – two weeks removed from their first victory of the season – struggled in a lot of ways they have struggled all season when they played the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field. The result: a 31-7 loss, their sixth in seven games this season.

This game was easy to analyze. The Jaguars struggled to cover early, and Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith had a good enough first half to give Seattle a 17-0 halftime lead. The Jaguars didn't make big plays offensively throughout the game. And penalties hurt at critical times. The result was a game that didn't feel particularly close after the first quarter.

Yeah, it's frustrating. The emails reflect it, as they should.

Let's get to it …

Zac from Austin, Tejas

It seemed like that INT was a route communication issue. Did you see it differently?

You're referencing an interception thrown by Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence in the first half Sunday. I saw it the same way. It seemed wide receiver Tavon Austin showed he was running toward the sideline and instead veered deep. Lawrence threw toward the sideline and cornerback Quandre Diggs intercepted for Seattle. Lawrence confirmed afterward this is what happened, and he said it obviously can't continue. It's young quarterback stuff – along with a receiver who hasn't played much in this offense. It didn't cost the Jaguars the game, but it didn't help.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

Drops, man. Drops.

Yep, man. Yep.

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

Well, that was disappointing …

This was the much-ballyhooed, sometimes-inaccurate, oft-emotional First Email of the Game – and because it came immediately following the Jaguars' first drive, I'll assume it referenced that drive. And yes, it was disappointing. The Jaguars moved methodically to the Seahawks 39 only to have the drive stall. The drive in a sense exemplified what goes wrong with this offense right now. With running back James Robinson and Lawrence playing well, they can move with short gains and intermediate passes. But on 1st-and-10 from the Seahawks 39 on that drive, Lawrence looked deep off play action. No receivers appeared to get separation and Lawrence through high to Robinson. That set up 2nd-and-10, and the drive stalled. This team lacks deep speed at receiver and therefore has trouble finishing drives. It's tough to go eighty yards on 12 plays over and over again. It just is.

Sascha from Cologne

Hey John, I really don't get why a guy like Walker Little gets no chance and Tyson Campbell is allowed to blow every single snap.

The Jaguars currently have two starting-level players – right tackle Jawaan Taylor and left tackle Cam Robinson – playing the positions rookie tackle Walker Little theoretically would play. They currently do not feel they have a better option at cornerback where Campbell plays – and admittedly has struggled a lot as a rookie.

Jeremy from Wise, VA

The Jacksonville Jaguars. The first team in NFL history to make Geno Smith look like a good quarterback. So frustrating.


Logan from Wichita

The defense is so bad they could put zero players on the field and put up the same amount of resistance. Seeing this defense give up 500-plus yards a game is getting really, really old.

You're exaggerating. Your general point – that the Jaguars' defense too often seems to allow easy drives, and leave receivers too open on crucial downs – is too often correct. This seemed the case early when the Seahawks pulled away to a 17-0 halftime lead. The defense played much better in the second half, allowing just 63 yards – 62 on the Seahawks' lone second-half touchdown drive.

JT from Palm Coast

Investing heavily and I mean HEAVILY into the linebacking, and secondary core should be the #1 priority in the offseason. And please Jaguars front office, get Trevor a true No. 1 WR.

Also, fair.

Bob from St Augustine, FL

Wow, I didn't think we were good enough to taunt anyone. Even the refs think we are getting better. Isn't this great?

You're referencing Jaguars safety Rayshawn Jenkins getting called for taunting after a seven-yard Seahawks gain with the Jaguars trailing 7-0 and the Seahawks driving for a touchdown. It didn't feel "great."

Tom from Nocatee

I find it very disconcerting that No. 2 keeps getting taunting penalties after making a tackle 5-10 yards downfield.

Disconcerting is a good word. In this case, it's also an accurate word.

Ron from The 757

No answer to Seattle's offense led by a backup quarterback. 12 men on the field twice (unheard of). Not sure of what to think of the team's identity. Your thoughts?

My thoughts are the Jaguars looked disorganized with too many penalties and miscommunications Sunday – particularly at midseason, particularly coming out of the bye week and particularly after what players and coaches said were two good weeks of practice.

Mike from Lakeland formerly Jacksonville

An extra week to prepare and this slop is how you open the first half? Embarrassing across the board.

Fair. Very, very, very fair.