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O-Zone: Let's get to it

JACKSONVILLE – Game-day O-Zone. Those are good words, at least the first part.

The 2014 regular season is upon us. Hours away. At last.

Let's get to it … Jeff from Jacksonville Beach:
What's up with Cecil Shorts III? I mean, seriously, Cecil … c'mon, man!!!
John: Cecil Shorts III has been ruled out of Sunday's regular-season opener at Philadelphia because of a hamstring issue. It's unfortunate for Shorts and a blow to the Jaguars, because Shorts is the team's most experienced reliable receiver. It's up to rookie wide receivers Marqise Lee and Allen Hurns – along with Allen Robinson and Mike Brown – to be productive. That's not ideal. The group is very, very young. That's not to say the group can't be successful, but no doubt the task is now harder.
Geoff from Orlando and Section 243:
The Sun shines at 6840000000000000000000000000 lumens. The oceans cover 321,003,271 cubic miles. Mount Everest is 29,078 feet high. How much does Oehser love his job? ...its ight....
John: My job? It's actually a couple of grocery-bags full of … awesome!!!
Scott from Waycross, GA:
Why do teams use different personnel for punt- and kick-return duties? They seem very similar. Go Jags!!
John: This area often is misunderstood because it indeed seems at first glance they would be similar skill sets. That's because each involves catching a football that has just been kicked by another football player and running with it. In terms of what it takes to be good at the skills, though, different traits are needed. A punt returner is usually catching a ball with defenders right on him and therefore needs to have quickness to avoid those defenders in tight spaces and quickness to accelerate away from defenders quickly. A kickoff returner typically needs straight-ahead speed because he is catching the ball away from defenders with a need to outrun them over a longer distance. Some players such as Devin Hester and Brian Mitchell have had the skill to do both. Most often teams need to have different players perform the roles.
Armand from Jacksonville:
Can Ace and any of the quarterbacks on the roster get together and get chemistry together?
John: I suppose they could in theory, but I don't know that it's realistic to think that Blake Bortles or Chad Henne – after a full day of meetings and practice – is going to go to a high school field and throw passes to Sanders. My thought is you would rather have those guys focused on working with the active receivers and preparing for the upcoming game. There is a lot more benefit to that.
Matt from Midlothian, VA:
You're gonna get Mike from Harrisburg killed. You should have just said "Try the cheesesteak."
John: You're right. … Mike! …

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