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O-Zone: Life of delusion

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Rob from Ponte Vedra, FL

Can the Jags recoup money paid to Jalen Ramsey while he was faking an injury? Seems like they should get the last couple of game checks back if he plays Sunday. He should be sued for fraud, have to return game checks and be levied huge fines by the league. We are going to let players fake injury and get paid? He's not on our team. We should punish him as much as possible to recoup money for our team.

None of that will happen, of course – nor can I imagine former Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey not playing for the Los Angeles Rams Sunday. I imagine we'll just have to chalk up his imminent "comeback" to the miracles of medicine – or perhaps to the positive effect of the intense love he feels for teammates and craft. Love can cure all. Either way, here's hoping he recovers enough to again play football at an elite level. I imagine it will be a long road back to 100 percent.

Howard from Homestead, FL

I can't think of any reason why teams would want to draft in the top five when they can get the Jags to do it for them.

Sometimes I write things that I think are funny and clever, then when I go back and read them, I realize it didn't quite work. When I'm on my game, I erase those things.

Igor from Jacksonville

Hey John! Why does this front office just continue to throw Doug under the bus and refuse to talk to the media? What they are doing is worse than what Ramsey did with demanding the trade. It's cowardly, pathetic, a slap to the face towards the media and the fans to continuously refuse to answer questions. Ramsey had to go. He dug his own grave. But this regime better not select those new players with those picks.

The Jaguars' front office having Head Coach Doug Marrone speak to the media isn't really "throwing him under the bus;" Marrone by league rule as head coach must talk a certain number of days a week, so that's what he does. As for why the higher-ups don't talk to the media about these issues … I wish they would and think they should, but that's the "media guy" in me talking – and the Jaguars' approach on this isn't really highly unusual. Many teams have the head coach talk during the season with higher-ups only talking occasionally – and in the offseason. The reason for not having higher-ups speak in the regular season is to not break routine and not to cause more news away from the field than necessary, though I would argue hearing from the higher-ups regarding Ramsey would have been appropriate – and a way to give this story some finality. But no … the front office not speaking to the media is not worse than Ramsey's behavior in the last month. It's not close.

Mr. NFL from unfortunately Jacksonville

The major sports sites said the Jaguars were by far the "biggest losers" in the Ramsey trade. They gave up the best cornerback in the league for unknown draft picks and kept an outdated, grumpy old man to run the football side of the franchise. But, hey, Mr. O: you can always remind fans of the great 2017 season for the next 10 years. Can Grandpa Coughlin and Coach Caveman and keep Caldwell; he's the one that's really responsible for bringing in the talent. It's a shame the run first VP is running them off. As a "non-fan" and company employee, do you admire losing too?

I just remembered: you're boring.

Mike from Neptune Beach, FL

Not that I'm a conspiracy theorist, but ... is there any chance that Jalen's dissatisfaction with the system and how he was treated is similar to the reasons for Telvin Smith's departure?

I don't know why former Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith opted to retire this past offseason. Though there have been unusual messages on social media around – and perhaps from – Smith, I wouldn't be bold enough to speculate what they mean. As for former Ramsey, I would say using the word "reason" when trying to understand or explain his actions is pointless. And please: let's not portray what happened as Ramsey having some sort of philosophical "dissatisfaction with the system." That paints the picture of a thoughtful person whose opinions on now to run an organization should be heard, acknowledged and acted upon. This ain't that.

Bill from Ponte Vedra, FL

How are the Rams going to pay Aaron Donald, Jared Goff, Todd Gurley and Prince Jalen?

Direct deposit.

Rob from Ponte Vedra, FL

Is Oliver running? Is he running full speed? Did he run routes and catch passes? Is he "working with the ones"? Do you think he will play? What did he have for breakfast? Can you describe what kinds of stretching he is doing for the hamstring? I want up to the minute Oliver hamstring reports all week zone!

Jaguars rookie tight end Josh Oliver is practicing limited this week, as he has the past three weeks. That's about all we know for sure because practice is closed during the regular season after the first 20 or so minutes. Limited can mean many things, but we know for sure Oliver is working individual drills and running. When he is listed as working full, that will be newsworthy because it means he worked in team drills at full speed. That's when I believe he will play, though we will learn more from Marrone Friday.

Tom from Jacksonville

Well, Jalen got his bigger stage. It's sad he left, but it's probably for the best. He will pull this type of stunt again.


Esko from Finland

Since this wasn't brought up on Wednesday, how do you think the Ramsey trade will affect the Jaguars' chances of keeping Calais Campbell and/or Marcell Dareus for the '20 season?

It will help because Ramsey being off the Jaguars will clear significant cap space. Time will determine who the Jaguars want to keep. Remember: At this point last season few people were talking about the Jaguars parting ways with defensive tackle Malik Jackson or safety Tashaun Gipson and both were released after the season. We'll see the mood on Campbell and Dareus in January.

Don from Ponte Vedra, FL

Two questions on THE trade. 1. Did Ramsey have to approve the trade. 2. Do the Rams assume Ramsey's contract, meaning, do they have to redo his contract? Or does his contract keep going as if he were with the Jags – i.e., under contract still for next year and could be franchised for a year or two after that?

Ramsey did not have to approve the trade and the Rams traded for Ramsey's contract, which means he is under contract through 2020 and can be franchised for two seasons after that.

Don from Marshall, NC

What Tom says goes and that is just fine with me. Go Jaguars! Does Jalen get a ring or not after the Jaguars win?

Absolutely not.

Wade from the Westside, FL

This season feels pretty much over. I am hoping Owner Shad Khan makes some changes in this organization. Same mistakes, same poor play and poor preparation.

Even at 2-2, 2-4 was a distinct possibility because the Carolina Panthers on the road and the New Orleans Saints at home were going to be very tough tasks for the Jaguars. But the next three games – at Cincinnati, home against the New York Jets and home against the Houston Texans in London – are not nearly as formidable. That's on paper. We'll see how it plays out on the field.

Scott from Wichita, KS

The grass might be greener on the other side, but you still got to mow it.

It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it.

Cliff from Everywhere with a Helicopter

"They've" been saying the Jags were moving to LA for years. They just didn't say it was going to be one player at a time.

I laughed at this.

Chris from Space City, TX

So O- Looks like Ramsey "backed" his way out of Jacksonville. And now miraculously, the same back you believed to be seriously injured, is now healed. Great chance he will play this Sunday for the Rams. Did you really believe Ramsey's "love for playing the game and love for his teammates" would outweigh his total disdain for Coughlin? Here's to hoping outdated TC is no longer calling the shots in Jacksonville before the first-round picks in 2020 are made.

I don't care how outdated Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin is or isn't. Players throughout NFL history haven't loved coaches or executives, and they haven't requested midseason trades. If Ramsey loved his teammates as much as he says he did, he wouldn't have requested a trade with two years remaining on his contract. Blame Coughlin all you want. That's your right. But to think Ramsey wouldn't have found a reason to be unhappy with someone else making decisions is delusional.

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