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O-Zone: Line one, please

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Tyler from Pittsburgh, PA

If the Jags do in fact trade running back Leonard Fournette before the 2020 NFL Draft, will that reprioritize draft needs – in the late rounds anyways? We have more pressing needs than running back, so I would understand the Jags not going that direction in the first round. Just wondering what your thoughts may be on this, KOAF.

I would imagine running back would be reprioritized a bit in your scenario, though perhaps not dramatically. I project the Jaguars selecting a running back in the middle rounds even if Fournette is not traded, because I think new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden would like a back with more missability as a so-called "change-of-pace" runner. If Fournette were to be traded, I absolutely could see the Jaguars pushing that need up a round or two. But remember: Running back generally is no longer a position that must be drafted in Round 1 to yield big-time production. I would be stunned if the Jaguars looked at the position in Round 1 – or even in Round 2 – but not surprised at all if they selected one any time after that. That's true no matter what happens with Fournette.

TJ from Orlando, FL

So, I get that Tony Khan is heavily in the wrestling business, but if Yan thinks cutting a promo on him personally is the way to get what he wants, we may have to have him permanently put in the concussion protocol. Take a breath, Yan. Like Tony said, you aren't helping your market value at all.

Jaguars defensive end Yannick Ngakoue and Jaguars owner Tony Khan conversed on Twitter Monday. It's worth the time to read.

Ryan from Denver, CO

So, uh ... that Twitter back and forth sure was interesting. Think we're lucky to get a bag of chips for Ngakoue now?

A problem with trading Ngakoue is it will be difficult to get a first-round selection from a team for him because that team is also going to have to pay Ngakoue what Ngakoue's team apparently believes he is worth. Monday's exchange doesn't change that.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

My God, Yan is exhausting. He is acting out of emotion like any human can, but he is doing himself no favors. What is the most likely scenario for the way this plays out in your opinion?

I haven't the foggiest.

Shon San Antonio, TX

O, I thought I would be able to give you a break until after the draft, but here we are. Why is Yann calling out Tony Khan? I understand that as co-owner of the Jaguars he is essentially one of the final decision-makers, but is his role greater than perceived? Was he a part of the team that drove cornerback Jalen Ramsey out of Jacksonville? Is he more than the co-owner? Shad made the investment, but has he passed the responsibilities down to Tony? I expect Tony's involvement to be great but does his presence undermine General Manager Dave Caldwell and Head Coach Doug Marrone? Maybe too many cooks in the kitchen?

I can't explain what Ngakoue says on Twitter. That has been true much of the offseason. As far as Khan being "more than the co-owner" … no, he's not more than that. He's the co-owner. How much more can there be?

JT from Fort Worth, TX

Thank you to Marqise Lee. Shame he couldn't stay healthy.

The Jaguars waived wide receiver Marqise Lee Monday – and you're right: It's a shame he couldn't stay healthy, particularly in the last two seasons.

Steve from Sunroom Couch

Dear John, how could the Jaguars possibly release their tenured No. 1 wide receiver? You sure this isn't a rebuild?

Lee played sparingly in 2019 and not at all in 2018. He was not the Jaguars' No. 1 wide receiver.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

I hope Marqise Lee finds a good situation. He had some bad luck with injuries. He was the most reliable receiver on third down that we've had in a long time – when he was on the field. He seemed to have worked very hard to improve and recover from all those injuries. So now who is going to be the starter opposite DJ Chark Jr. on opening day? Dede Westbrook? Has the probability that they draft a receiver in rounds 1-3 increased?

I expected and still expect a rookie to start opposite Chark next season – if not in Week 1, very early. I don't think Lee's release changes the dynamic because I expected the Jaguars to select wide receiver in the first two rounds before he was released.

Mark from Archer, FL

Zone, man if the Jaguars indeed end up trading Fournette, the first five first-round picks Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell chose will no longer be on the team. A team can't consistently build a solid contending team if it either strikes out or loses all of its first-round picks before they even enter their prime.

Whatever it is, it needs to change.

Robert from Middleburg, FL

"Very, very few running backs – if any – in the modern NFL qualify as long-term core talent." Then why draft one at #4 overall??

The Jaguars selected Fournette No. 4 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft because the thought at the time was that an effective running game and a dominant defense could allow them to "win now." It worked. They went to the AFC Championship Game the next season. And then it stopped working.

Rob from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

You mentioned our history suggests that we are not against offering core players long term deals? Who is the last drafted player we signed to a long-term deal? Quarterback Blake Bortles? Center Brandon Linder? Literally no one else comes to mind and that is a pretty low number for Caldwell's seven-to-eight-year stint. I'm all ears if you would like to back that comment up but I would argue our history now shows an inability to come to terms with our drafted talent even if we claim we tried real hard.

The Jaguars signed linebacker Myles Jack to a long-term deal last offseason.

Tudor from St. Augustine, FL

Don't the Jags have Fournette through the end of 2021? I thought first-round selections are contracted for five years. Anything short of a second-round pick is not good value for two more years of his running ability.

First-round selections sign four-year rookie contracts with the option to pick up a fifth year. The Jaguars have to make the decision on Fournette's option by the end of May. Getting a second-round selection in return for Fournette may prove more difficult than you believe.

KC from Orlando, FL

I do not understand all of the chatter of trading Fournette? Had he played all 16 games with his average all-purpose yards, he would have been second to only Christian McCaffrey. Last year, he turned over a new leaf and put in some serious work. I understand that running backs do not have the most longevity; but instead of discounting the trend, why not have a pay-for-performance incentivized contract? A healthier/better line and more offensive weapons should hopefully improve his game as well. What do you say funk master?

I say I would be a little surprised if the Jaguars don't trade Fournette before or during the draft for a mid-round selection.

Sascha from Cologne, Germany

Hey John, I am absolutely not committed to LF27, but why the Jaguars should trade him for a fourth or a fifth? That doesn't make any sense to me. Can you explain?

Because he's a running back and that may be about what they can get. It's a position with a comparatively short shelf life in terms of big-time production – and it's also not perceived as a position for which teams typically should give up huge draft equity.

Tim from Atlantic Beach, FL

Zone, I agree that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson's career may not surpass that of some of the 230-pound prototypical pocket passer greats, but I am nonetheless hoping to revisit a question posed to you about this time last year surrounding whether you thought the free agent monies and draft equity spent on Foles and defensive tackle Taven Bryan would help the Jags achieve greater success in 2019 than that of Jackson plus $50 million for free-agent acquisitions. You of course shilled the company line at the time, thus I am curious if you still think Foles-Bryan were the better bargain for last year, and at least the foreseeable future?

I was going to answer your question – and I was excited about that that, but I was putting in calls to find out this year's company line and I hate to waste your time before I get details. Visit this free website later to find the results. Or better yet: find a better source of Jaguars information than this or a team website that's more transparent and find out what they have to say.