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O-Zone: Louder and louder

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Mark from Green Bay, WI:
I notice some defensive coordinators coordinate from the sidelines and others work from up in the booth. Why is this? Does it make a difference?
John: Offensive coordinators also vary in approach on this front. It's really a matter of personal preference. Some coordinators prefer the big-picture, eye-in-the-sky view from the press box with the ability to sit in a slightly calmer environment and make play calls. Others prefer being on the sidelines where they can speak face to face with players between series. There's no right way or wrong way. New Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Wash said Friday he plans to work from the sidelines.
John from St. Louis, MO:
Leonard Floyd or DeForest Buckner?
John: Right now, Buckner.
Bill from Orange Park, FL:
I'm a twenty-one-year season-ticket holder. Forgive me for not being thankful for Mr. Khan. While he has stuck by the commitment Mr. Weaver got from him to keep the team in Jacksonville, he has also raised ticket prices, given us four of the five most losing seasons in the history of the franchise, shipped 13 percent of our regular-season games to London for "financial stability" and he has made a half a billion dollars in four years on this deal. But hey … he's still in Jax! I guess Team-Owned Writers are going to Team-Owned-Write. That being said, I am VERY THANKFUL that we have a team.
John: I can't control what you're thankful for, and Shad Khan certainly isn't keeping the Jaguars in Jacksonville to get people to thank him for it. Khan also doesn't keep the Jaguars in Jacksonville because of a commitment to Weaver; he keeps them here because he believes in the city. As far as your list of grievances, all NFL teams have to raise ticket prices from time to time; it's the nature of the world we live in, and … well, as far as the other grievances, it's been pretty well-documented here that Khan is trying to do what he can for this team on and off the field in the long run. Finally, while I don't know who owns what, I do know that Khan has shown a remarkable commitment to this city, this team, this community and this fan base. That's true no matter who's signing whose checks.
Jim from Nottingham, UK:
Being realistic, who do you lock in a room until they sign for you on that first day of Free Agency?
John: Olivier Vernon.
Aaron from Jacksonville:
First, happy offseason. Second, I think Dave [Caldwell] has a plan. I remember last year ... "Oh, Greg Olson is going to stink … Our wide receivers are too young … We need a veteran presence!" All of us who said that got proven wrong by the offense in 2015. I think the coaching staff knows what they're doing, as does the front office – and they work closely together so they can meet those needs in terms of both talent/scheme on the defensive side. I'm optimistic! Do you think there's potential for a defensive turnaround akin to the offensive turnaround we saw this season?
John: I'd be disingenuous to say that the Jaguars absolutely planned to be 5-11 in 2015 and that the plan called for the defense to be qui-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ite as bad as it was this past season. But generally speaking … yes, there has been a plan for the offense to begin maturing in 2015-2016 and for the defense to be a major focus once the offense was built. Can the defense improve in 2016 as much as the offense did last season? Yes. The catch is the offense needs to continue to improve next season, too. As much as it improved last season, it wasn't yet good enough.
Mike from Des Moines, IA:
Honestly, I am quite relieved Wash is the new defensive coordinator. He will be running Gus Bradley's scheme, which I like. Due to that and the fact that Gus looks poised to be more involved, it strikes me as really just a shifting around of duties. Continuity will help this team a lot. Also, I can't believe some fans want Jim Schwartz. He created the environment in Detroit that led to him no longer being with the team. Does anyone remember when he tried to fight Jim Harbaugh for shaking his hand too hard postgame? That's a guy who would never coach for me. When there is no added value to making a change, then change doesn't make sense. Thoughts?
John: I've worked with and around a lot of good coaches in two decades. I've never worked around Jim Schwartz, so I don't know whether he would have been a good thing for this team or not. I know I wish I could get as excited as a lot of people do about the impact of offensive and defensive coordinators on teams' fortunes. It would give me something solid to hang on to when the world spins out of control. Overall, I couldn't agree more that there's no sense in change for the sake of change – though judging by the past few weeks around the NFL, it seems few owners agree.
Preston from Oakville, CT:
O-Man, I like the deal for Gus. It's the same kind of "prove-it" deal that Dave has made for some players that have worked out quite well (i.e., Marks and Miller). One thing I'm quite baffled by is how many people thought Gus Bradley AND Dave Caldwell could be on the hot seat. I understand Bradley, because the wins haven't come as much as we want, but how can anyone say Dave Caldwell hasn't made this team DRASTICALLY better? I guess I'm just not convinced that their fates are tied together.
John: Me, neither.
Marty from Jacksonville:
O-man, don't you think people put too much emphasis on who our defensive coordinator is? I know coaching is important, but I will bet that if we carry out the expected upgrade to our defensive roster, by this time next year, people will be all stressed out at the possibility of losing Todd Wash to another team.
John: I got emails in 2013 about people being afraid of the Jaguars losing Jedd Fisch as offensive coordinator. I'm not writing this to denigrate Fisch. I'm just writing it.
Gary from Jacksonville:
Ryan O'Halloran this week described the Jaguars' defense as a "lousy defense." Since you spent time with the local paper, what do you think about him being so descriptive? I thought the papers had to kowtow all things Jaguars in this town.
John: I guess I don't really think describing something as lousy is all that descriptive.
Kevin St. Stephens, SC:
Isn't the Todd Wash that is being hyped as the next defensive coordinator the same Todd Wash that has coached the defensive line for the past three years and not been able to apply consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks? Why give him the keys to the mansion when he can't keep the tool shed straight? How can he be expected to improve the entire defense when he can't even provide an average defensive line that has arguably some of the best talent on that side of the ball?
John: The Jaguars' defensive line registered 45 sacks in 2015. As far as the line having arguably the best talent on the defensive side of the ball … well, I agree that Jared Odrick, Tyson Alualu and Roy Miller are good players, but with Sen'Derrick Marks and Dante Fowler Jr. out – and with Andre Branch and Chris Clemons struggling at the Leo positions – it's probably not fair to portray the line this past season as particularly talent-laden.
Dwayne from Jaksonville:
Does Dave Caldwell still have that dummy draft war room for snoopers? Do you think J.P. Shadrick will ever figure it out?
John: I doubt it.
Mike from Jacksonville:
Hey O, what is your take on Vernon Hargreaves III? I loved how he played in college, but he seems very undersized for a corner in our system, especially to be drafted with the No. 5 overall pick. I personally would rather have Ramsey or Bosa.
John: I personally think the Jaguars will end up agreeing.
Lance from Lebanon, TN:
With the Super Bowl rapidly approaching, do you think it will ever be played on a Saturday night? There are many of us who can't watch due to having to work early Sunday night/Monday morning. How cool would it be if the Jags played in the first Saturday night Super Bowl?
John: No, I don't think the Super Bowl ever will be played on Saturday night.
Adam from St. Johns, FL:
So, when are we aloud to disagree with the plan? When are we allowed to say the plan is not working? The Jaguars were on a three-year plan, and now they're on a five-year plan. Just perpetual losing. Is winning games ever in their plan? I wish they'd let us know, because this is expensive. I'd like to take a break, then sign up when we're actually trying to win.
John: Alan, fans are "aloud" to disagree with whatever they want.

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