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O-Zone: Mad respect

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Tommy from Nashville, TN

To me, it seems Tom Coughlin's comments do more damage to team unity than the players that aren't there. He continues to misuse his power and continues to be a bull in a china shop. He lacks self-control. We've seen all this before.

Players don't unify with management; they unify with each other – and perhaps with coaches. I suppose I would be much more concerned about this if I thought Jaguars Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin's recent comments regarding attendance in the offseason program would have any sort of lasting effect on cornerback Jalen Ramsey and linebacker Telvin Smith – or if I thought this topic would cause any sort of rift between players and the organization. I don't think that, so this whole "controversy" seems like just another case of people worrying too much about an April/May story that won't resonate much come September and October. Pretty much like every controversy involving NFL voluntary offseason work, I suppose.

Leonard from Jacksonville

O, like a party, what if the Jags opened for organized team activities and nobody showed up because they are voluntary. What then?

That wouldn't happen because rookies almost certainly would attend, but if they didn't? I suppose you would get many people worried about a "lack of commitment." You also would get a lot of people watching the next season to see how the Jaguars fared. My guess is the team would fare just fine if the players prepared well away from the facility and showed up in shape.

Jeff from Jacksonville

Please tell if tight end DeAndre Goolsby is still with team and what chance would he have of making the team if he is still with team?

I checked the roster feature on this awesome free website. It says DeAndre Goolsby is no longer with the Jaguars.

Sea from Jacksonville

No matter who the Jaguars draft, they should have drafted that other guy that played on the side of the team that seemed more appropriate.

You're a few days early.

Otto from Ponte Vedra, FL

John, I'm starting to think we need a dominant defensive tackle in Round 1. We are putting a lot of hope in Taven Bryan. I saw nothing last year from him to garner that hope. Earlier in the process we seemed to be ready to go after a quarterback. Why not try to go after Quinnen Williams? Go Jags!

If Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams is available when the Jaguars select No. 7 overall Thursday, I think there's a good chance they will select him. I will be surprised if he's available there.

Bryan from Oceanside, CA

I don't understand the fans calling for a quarterback at No. 7. In my estimation only 20 of the last 85 quarterbacks drafted in the first round ended up being as good or better than new Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles. The odds are good it would be a wasted pick. This quarterback class seems below average with certainly no sure things. However, the Jags are 0-3 drafting quarterbacks in the first round so maybe they are due.


Jeff from Jacksonville

John, what is the difference between how the right and left tackle positions are played today? Years ago, the left tackle seemed to be a more valued position then the right tackle. Are they of the same value on the field now?

Teams still covet many of the same traits in left tackle and right tackle as they have for several decades – leaning toward athleticism/pass-blocking prowess at left tackle and power-blocking/brawn at right tackle. But while left tackle indeed remains for many the more coveted position, the increase of pass-rushers who play on the left side of the defense – and therefore rush against the right tackle – means a much smaller gap between the two positions than previously was the case.

Brian from Jacksonville

Taylor is another T but, Hock you very much, I'd rather Hock the house! Hock steady. Hock on bro'. #7Hock.

You go, girl.

Jeff rom Atlantic Beach, FL

To "Iron" John who asked "Where is the Jaguars respect to the fans?" I'd say committing to making an NFL franchise work in Jacksonville despite all the unique challenges to make it viable shows a lot of respect. Let's not fool ourselves, Shad Khan could move this team quite easily and in doing so make this franchise worth more and eliminate all the financial challenges. History shows there aren't many, if any, owners that would do what he has so far.

Reader Iron John indeed recently asked, "Where is the Jaguars' respect to the fans?" As you indicate, the respect Owner Shad Khan has shown is a stunning level of commitment to Jacksonville. Khan early in his tenure asked fans to judge him by his actions. Seven years later, his actions continue to reveal an owner doing everything he can to make a franchise stable despite difficult market challenges. Fans not trusting that – or not comfortable with hearing that the market indeed presents unique challenges – doesn't make it untrue.

Jason from St. Augustine, FL

I disagree with the fan who said big leads are better. Of course, we want to win big. But comebacks are exciting and feel magical, like anything can happen. That's as important for a team as anything. And fans start to believe in a guy that can orchestrate comebacks. Our sports teams are like our army going off to battle. We win and lose vicariously through them. The high drama of the nail-biter is exhilarating.

Comebacks are cool. One-sided victories are cooler.

Mac from Jacksonville Beach, FL

It's not the skipping of OTAs that concerns me (though I don't like it). What concerns me is that Smith and Ramsey didn't even respond to Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone when he reached out to them. That's disrespectful and I worry about what that says of the condition of our locker room- especially considering that Smith and Ramsey are team leaders.

First, Marrone clarified this Monday at the pre-draft luncheon when he said he didn't have Ramsey's correct number last week. He said he spoke to Ramsey late last week, and that they had a good conversation. Marrone did add that he hasn't talked to Smith yet this offseason. Marrone didn't sound overly concerned. That's because he has been an NFL coach for a long time and understands these things happen. He also understands this work is voluntary. But yes … if Smith is aware that Marrone was reaching out, he probably could have handled this better.

Matthew from Perrysburg, OH

For which of the consensus top five picks – Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, Ohio State edge defender Nick Bosa, Kentucky edge defender Josh Allen, Williams and Louisiana State linebacker Devin White – do you scrap the team needs board and select should they fall for some reason?

Bosa, Allen and probably Williams.

Sam from Orlando, FL

Winning would help with small-market revenue. Not whiffing on drafting a quarterback for 25 years would help with revenue. Having more than half our first-round draft picks in 25 years whiff does not help with revenue. The team should look at itself and wonder what they can be doing to generate more consistent revenue before holding their hand out.

All those things would help the Jaguars' local revenue equation. But as Lamping noted at last Thursday's State of the Franchise, they wouldn't solve everything. The Jaguars' home game against New England last September was the highest-revenue game in franchise history – and it was the 161st highest-revenue game in the NFL last season. That illustrates the need for the Jaguars to continue to make up ground in terms of facilities to produce revenue.

Blues Man from Jacksonville

I get what Iron John was saying about Lamping, local revenue, etc. I hear it the same way, to be honest. Lamping lauds how last year the Jags' revenue grew, but like he does every year he always says the word BUT. Sometimes I get the feeling they slowly and methodically building a case to relocate. Mayor Curry states he was a little surprised at the timing of the stadium upgrade comments from Lamping, though at some point he was expecting it...meaning later. Though I think Lamping is doing a great job, he always makes me feel as though it's never going to be good enough. This is not a rant or complaint, just an observation.

It's not a slow and methodical case to relocate. It's a steady and necessary reminder that the Jaguars as a small-market team that already is well behind the much of the league in terms of local revenue must constantly work to come even close to maintaining pace in that area.

Mark from Prescott, AZ

John, Do you have any idea why having prime-time games is so all-fired important to some people?

I assume people perceive them as a sign of respect, and people love to react – and overreact –at the first inkling of disrespect.

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