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O-Zone: Memory served

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Eric from Columbus, IN

It's hard to imagine you can have a historically bad defense (six straight 30-point games) while having a great defensive coordinator ... or does this team have one of the three worst defensive rosters in NFL history?

It's actually not hard to imagine having a poor defense in the NFL without it being poorly coached. It's particularly not hard to imagine that happening if a team's defensive personnel isn't good enough in some critical areas. As far as the historical thing … eras change, and circumstances change, which means calling anything from any particular era "the worst ever" is more hyperbole and "hot take" than a useful point in a reasonable discussion. But if you're analyzing the defensive roster, consider: The Jaguars started one player in a 39-29 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers Sunday who was on the roster last season, and that was defensive tackle Taven Bryan. They started one player Sunday – Bryan – who they drafted before this past offseason. Do they have one of the worst defensive rosters in NFL history? No, but it's awfully hard to argue it's a particularly good defensive roster. But yes … by all means: It's coaching. As it always is in the NFL.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

Unless he lights it up and gets into contention, he ain't it. Defense … yes, but that first quarter is not good.

I'll interpret here. You're saying that unless Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II starts playing better and gets the Jaguars into playoff contention, he's not the long-term answer and the Jaguars need a quarterback. And you're saying that while the defense wasn't good Sunday, the first quarter and early second quarter – with the Jaguars going three-and-out on four consecutive possessions, with Minshew not throwing a completion during that time and with Minshew's indecision in the pocket causing several sacks – were examples of Minshew really struggling and perhaps not being the answer. If that's what you're saying … yeah, I get it. He must play a lot better soon.

Lance from Lebanon, TN

Are you still sure this team could beat any college team? I can think of a couple that would clobber us!

No, you can't.

Jacob from NY

Hey, John. Only reason I missed the game was I had to work a shift in the Emergency Room. Unfortunately not enough time to come up with really cool burns. Just wish this team was competitive, seems like they only are when down several scores. What needs to change?

My bad, Jacob; if I had feelings, I would feel terrible. I wish the Jaguars were competitive, too. What do they need to be better? Better quarterback play, stouter defense in the middle of the line and a more consistent pass rush – with some improved coverage and playmaking behind it.

Zah from Austin, Tejas

Oh wow, there's a comment section under these. My life was significantly better when I didn't know about it.

What's a "comments section?"

David from Ada, OK

I get not liking the players, coaches or general managers, but I think it's ridiculous to keep bashing Jaguars Owner Shad Khan. I mean … how many guys do you personally know with an engineering degree end up building a $8 billion company from a $50,000 small business loan and $16,000 worth of savings? And not some overnight company, but making bumpers? Most of my engineer friends are having a hard time finding a job that doesn't suck. You think Shad wants to lose games and not realize that he will then be losing money? You think someone is going to work that hard to make a financial empire just so he could burn away his profits in football? Rich guys are not all lazy fat guys just sitting around counting his cash. Some work hard at what they do. You think someone like that's going to give up?

Fans bash Khan because they're frustrated by losing, and because frustrated fans don't always use logic when bashing things. But no … I don't think Khan is going to give up, and I certainly don't believe he is in any way bad for the Jaguars or their fans.

Jake from Cary

I think Jaguars General Manager Dave Caldwell unfairly gets a bad rap. If you look at his body of work, he's done an exceptional job of identifying Pro-Bowl level talent, especially in the later rounds (which presumably is harder than finding it in early rounds). For example: wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. (second round), wide receiver Allen Robinson (second), defensive end Yannick Ngakoue (third), linebacker Telvin Smith (fifth). He's also drafted multiple first-round Pro-Bowl players – i.e., cornerback Jalen Ramsey, defensive end Josh Allen. He has separately attracted myriad pro-bowl level players drafted by other teams, such as defensive end Calais Campbell, defensive tackle Malik Jackson and cornerback A.J. Bouye. He's a top-notch general manager, and he'll get this turned around. He just needs more time and patience! Go Jags, and one for Dave!!

Hey, one fer Caldwell!

Sascha from Cologne, Germany

Hey John, is James Robinson the latest proof that you should never ever draft a running back early in the first round. There are plenty of All-Pro backs not drafted in the first round but this should definitely show a team there is no need to within the Top 10 or so. What do you think?

There are exceptions to every rule, but that rule about not drafting a running back in the Top 10? Well, let's just say that the exceptions to that rule are rare.

Wade from the Westside

If you were the Jags' general manager, how would you approach the next draft? Would quarterback be the No. 1 priority, or would you load up on defense?

Quarterback would be the No. 1 priority.

Marcus from Jacksonville

John, is arm strength something that can be developed? I know some quarterbacks are naturally more gifted in that area, but it seems like something that could be developed in a quarterback that lacks it. I mean, I don't think Minshew is the answer, even if he develops his arm strength, I'm just curious.

It can be improved. Whether it can be developed from liability to strength or even adequate is another question.

Claudio from Barcelona, Spain

Hi Mr. O! That was the prettiest lost game since Week 2. We are the best team on losing really hard. And now the hard part of the schedule! Oof...

Yes … oof.

Ryan from Detroit, MI

Zone-man, what do you think the Dallas Cowboys would give us in trade for Minshew? I think he could do pretty well with all the talent that would surround him there. And I'd love to increase our draft capital to make a run at Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence or Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields.

The Jaguars could maybe get a fifth-to-sixth-round selection – probably not enough to gain significant draft capital in any run at any of the projected top quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft. Remember: if the Jaguars don't hold the No. 1 selection following the season it could be impossible to trade for it. If the team holding the No. 1 selection wants a certain player, it's quite possible that nothing will prompt them to trade.

John John from Daytona Beach, FL

Hey jobn. If u look at trends. There is still hope this year. The beat a tough colts team in the opener and they should have beat the evil titans. Sure they lost 6 games in a row. But they were all against horrible teams. Cant yah see it they played down to the competition. if my calculations are correct. The schedule being what it is. It is time for them to play lights out the rest of the way minus a collapse against houston. At 9 and 7 they should get into the playoffs. And with only good teams they should run the table and win the super bowl. Or an i wrong?

Offered without comment.

Michael from Fruit Cove, FL

Everyone involved with this team said all offseason that they're trying to win and they're going to be good. Khan said it. Caldwell said it. Marrone said it. And you did, too. Everyone outside of the building said this team would be really bad. What did you guys see that everyone else didn't that made you all sooooo wrong???

Check your eyesight, Michael. Or your memory. And check the attitude at the door while you're at it. I never, ever, ever said the Jaguars were going to be good this season. I thought they would be better than this and I said I thought the ceiling was about six or seven victories – and I said a lot would have to go well to reach that level. But I did not say or think they were going to be good. I write enough stupid things; I don't need to be misremembered.