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O-Zone: More than enough

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, I must admit – surprisingly – Urban Meyer is growing on me. Are you growing on him?

It's not surprising Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer is growing on you. He is impressive, particularly as a communicator and organizational tone-setter. It's easy to see why he has won consistently wherever he has worked. I have little doubt he will get "buy in" and commitment from players quickly – and that's perhaps the most important role of an NFL head coach. That buy-in must yield results for players and the team for it to be sustainable, but Meyer almost certainly will get it early. Now, as for whether I am growing on Meyer … I can't imagine that would be the case. Have you seen me? Listened to me? People aren't drawn to this.

Charles from Shelton

Do you get a feeling that the team is done with free agency, or might we expect another signing or two?

NFL free agency pretty much lasts the rest of the offseason and the Jaguars are very much in transition … so yes, they likely will sign more free agents in the coming weeks and months. It's improbable that any free agent would be on the level of last week's signings, so anything after this will be the second wave. Now, as for whether you can expect any more trades

Edward from Jacksonville

Will defensive tackle Taven Bryan be on our 2021 roster? Is he worth anything in a trade? How much do we save in cap space by cutting him?

Probably. Realistically, not much. About $1.2 million.

Billy from Orange Park, FL

All powerful and all-knowing KOAF, seems every day I have to search the website to find the O-Zone to read your brilliant (not kidding) commentary. Please get with your website masters and ask them (no, tell them) to put the O-Zone link at the top of the website right next to "News." Thanks for all you do (and don't do).

While there's nothing I love more than bullying the "website masters," the O-Zone is pretty easy to find on It's right there in the right side of the home page – next to Latest News and Latest Video.

Art from Orange Park, FL

Oman what were the terms of the Malcom Brown trade?

The Jaguars last week reportedly traded a seventh-round selection in the 2021 NFL Draft to the New Orleans Saints for Brown, a defensive tackle.

Nathan from St Augustine, FL

Hi, John. Have what the Jags done in free agency so far changed what you expected the Jaguars to target in the draft next month?

Somewhat. The Jaguars obviously likely will target quarterback No. 1 overall. I expected them to address other immediate needs in free agency well enough to not have to draft for need. As the roster stands now, General Manager Trent Baalke and Meyer must address tight end; Meyer said a move – or receiving – tight end still must be addressed. Assuming the Jaguars don't trade for the position, it appears they will address it early in the draft. Where else could they go? Outside linebacker and perhaps cornerback. I don't know that any position will be a surprise.

Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL

Last year's Jaguars, after the fire sale to reduce our cap hit, ended up producing a stripped-down Honda Civic. Fans want a Ferrari. What the organization now seems to be building is a Ford F150 – not flashy, but solid and reliable. Oh, and a race-car driver in (presumably) Trevor Lawrence.

Bruce has weighed in.

Marcus from Jacksonville

You said on Sunday that you liked the fact the Jags weren't "seeking to make an immediate splash" in free agency and that they were setting a long-term course by following that approach. My question is, was that by design or by necessity? I like the approach, too, because I've seen them get burned overpaying for big name free agents, but I still have to wonder if that was the plan all along. Do you know that this was their approach from the beginning, or is it possible that they made a run at guys like Barrett, Williams, Golladay and others and just couldn't seal the deal?

It was the plan. That doesn't mean the Jaguars got every player they wanted, but the plan definitely was to improve the overall roster rather than seek a multiple top-of-the-market free agents.

Matty from Saint Augustine, FL

Let's get the question out of the way. DJ Chark Jr. becomes a free agent in 2022. Do they sign him early or wait it out? I hope they decide to sign him early over late. But that's just me.

This is a case when it makes sense for both sides to wait a bit. Chark made the Pro Bowl following the 2019 season, but his 2020 season was hurt by his own injuries and inconsistent quarterback play – and this coaching staff has yet to have Chark in a practice or a game. It would behoove Chark to wait and negotiate once he shows what he can do in this offense and it would behoove the team to wait and see exactly what Chark can do in this offense before signing him to a long-term contract.

Terry from Cordele, GA

Ok, thanks for the advice, I have "pumped the brakes" on my exuberance, but this fan is happy. And I suspect that other fans are happy. We will always have the Debbie Downers, but this has been at least an above-average free agency so far. So, what in your pertinent opinion would you like to see the team do to address a need you feel is needed before free agency ends?

Tight end is obvious. Beyond that, this feels like a team that can fill out its roster with savvy drafting.

Clyde from Jacksonville, FL

Do you believe the Jaguars select Trevor Lawrence with the No. 1 pick next month? Seems like the whole world does. If we indeed do, will we make the playoffs in his first season? I haven't been this excited since 1995 to see our beloved Jacksonville Jaguars take the field. Better days are coming. Go Jaguars!

I do expect the Jaguars to select Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence No. 1 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. I think they will be improved, obviously. Making the playoffs will be a high bar. There's no reason not to strive for that bar, but it will be a high bar nonetheless.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

What is your take on the free-agency comments from Urban? I completely agree and think it is absurd to have to spend unholy amounts of money on a player you can't even speak to just so someone else doesn't before you. The film is probably most important, but you can meet five times with a player coming out of college that you are investing fractions of the financial burden on. If we are giving someone significant portions of our salary cap, it sure seems like staff should at least be able to chat with the player. I definitely don't know a far better alternative, but why not have a three-day period of time you can openly meet and speak with players before the "frenzy" begins. It probably wouldn't change a WHOLE lot and players will likely go where they are getting the most $$$, but at least the front office would have a more personal idea of who they WANT to throw career altering money at.

I see Meyer's point, but I don't know that there's a solution to this. In a non-COVID-19 offseason, players and coaches theoretically could meet. The reason they don't is players, agents and teams must act quickly; players want to maximize their pay and teams don't want to get beat out for players by other teams. It's not close to an ideal situation, but it's a situation created by circumstance more than by rule.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

Do you think players have a preference on being drafted 32ndor 33rd? With 32 comes the first-round clout, with 33, you're a year closer to your second contract. Is there a significant pay decrease from the end of round one and the start of round two?

I would assume most players prefer No. 32 because there's a cachet about being selected in Round 1. Agents for the most part would prefer their players be selected No. 33 – provided, of course, the player is eventually good enough to be highly coveted when it comes time for a second contract. Either way, there is not a huge difference in terms of salary between No. 32 and No. 33.

Unhipcat from Carlsbad, CA

Hi, John. in the not-too-distant past, the Jaguars had a tight end problem. Many suggested Blake Bortles, who had lost his starting job as quarterback, move to tight end. So I'm wondering, Gardner Minshew … ya know? He can probably catch but could be a blocking liability. What do you think of my great idea to try Gardner at tight end? I'm thinking Super Bowl.

Please. Stop. Talking.