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Tony from St. Augustine, FL

O, it seems like it's time for Jaguars offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to reassess his game plan when running back Leonard Fournette is healthy. If we come out aggressive with the pass early, there will be some big running lanes for Leonard later in games. We seem to get to conservative with him in the lineup. What say you? #DTWD

This has become a hot topic this week, with a common perception being that Hackett game plans more aggressively with quarterback Blake Bortles when Fournette isn't in the game. My first thought is how fortunate we are to have so many offensive coordinators among the readership; we are truly blessed. A second thought: I would caution against buying too much into the conclusion that Hackett is always more aggressive with Fournette out, just as I would caution against buying too much into the idea that the end-all for the Jaguars is to come out throwing aggressively. Yes, Bortles has had some good games with Fournette out – and yes, Bortles and the offense were successful last week throwing early and often against the Patriots. But, remember: the Jaguars are going to game plan based on the strength and weaknesses of their opponent and what they think will work against that opponent based on the Jaguars' personnel. There are going to be weeks when that means running a lot more than they did Sunday against the Patriots. Remember, too: the Jaguars won 12 games last season emphasizing running. A lot. I agree that the Jaguars could pass more on early downs with Fournette playing, and I believe the Jaguars will try to do so. But running is not a bad thing for this franchise, and it's not something from which I expect it to stray too much.

Josh from Lynchburg, VA

I watched the game at my local cigar shop. In the third quarter some guy walks in off the street, glances at the television and states "Blake Bortles is the worst quarterback in the NFL." I can't remember if BB had two or three touchdowns under his belt at that point in the game, but I just rolled my eyes and said, "No, he's not" and kept watching. Some people will never learn and that's OK. They'll find out next time their team plays ours.

The good thing about what the guy said? It doesn't matter one iota.

JT from Fort Worth, TX

So proud of Bortles. He has taken a beating and just brushes it off. This feeling has been a long time coming, John. GO JAGS!!!!!

I got a lot of these in the immediate aftermath of Jaguars 31, Patriots 20. And it's logical that a sizeable section of Jaguars fans feel proud of Bortles. He has been through a lot during his time here. Some Jaguars fans have been solidly for him throughout his career; he also has won over a large number by how he has handled criticism and adversity. He is an easy player to support, and he very much embodies what this team has become about. So, one fer Blake? Yeah. He has earned that.

Daniel Jersey City, NJ

O-Man, I think that might have been his best game ever. What do you think?

Tink's? No doubt.

Scott from New York City

Was the no-call holding on Waddle after the Fowler sack/fumble legal or did the refs just decide to eat the whistle on the play with the ball on ground?

Once a ball is fumbled a player can hold another player to prevent him from recovering the fumble.

Paul from Saint Johns, FL

I seem to remember Josh Wells getting dominated by opposing defensive linemen when he filled in at right tackle last year. Is there any hope that he will be at least serviceable at left tackle? Left tackle is the harder tackle position, isn't it? At this rate all starters will go down with a season ending-knee injury. It ain't looking good, O!

Wells' issues when he has had them indeed have been with physical pass rushers as opposed to rushers who emphasize speed. He appeared to handle Patriots end Adrian Clayborn well. That's a good sign because Clayborn brings some power with his rush. We'll see how Wells fares on this front moving forward.

Paul from Jacksonville

The biggest impact of Sunday's win could be that the road to the Super Bowl might go through Jacksonville instead of Foxborough. No doubt that we will see the Patriots again this postseason.

There always is a doubt about playoff matchups, but there absolutely were postseason overtones to Sunday's game. There's a long way to go in this season, but the Jaguars essentially have a game-and-a-half lead on the Patriots because they're a game ahead in the standings with a head-to-head tiebreaker. But remember: even if the Jaguars happen to be in the conversation for home-field advantage there's no guarantee their top competitor for the spot will be New England. Kansas City looks very strong. As does Cincinnati. And Denver. And so on.

Sid from Sidsonville

I am wearing my No. 5 jersey all week long. #DTWD

You go, girl.


This team can beat anybody!!!

Absolutely. That has been the case for a while. The Jaguars, remember, advanced to the AFC Championship Game last season. You don't do that unless you can beat anybody in the NFL. But while they were capable of beating a Super Bowl team last season, they didn't actually accomplish the feat last season. Now, they have.

Brandon from Asheville, NC

I don't think the Patriots were ready for our offensive game plan. I don't think I was ready for our offensive game plan. Did you expect that game plan? That was a treat to watch.

I can't say I "expected" the Jaguars' game plan Sunday. I can tell you it didn't surprise me all that much. The Jaguars, remember, were aggressive throughout a 45-42 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in a Divisional Playoff in January. Also, this is a more experienced offense now. That enables Hackett to use more of the playbook, and it allows Bortles to get to more reads in the offense and therefore utilize more options in the offense. I can't say I expected the Jaguars to be throwing from deep in their territory in a late-game, four-minute-kill-the-clock situation with an 11-point lead, though. Hell, nobody does that.

Bob from Greenville, SC

Pretty good decision not to trade Dante Fowler, huh?

It was a-ight.

John from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Will we hear any more teams say make Bortles beat us?

The Jaguars certainly hope so. This isn't to say that the game plan the Jaguars use Sunday will work in every situation, but Bortles and a maturing group of receivers certainly showed again on Sunday that simply making them the Jaguars throw is not an end-all strategy for success.

Ross from Mechanicsville

I've been holding this since January! I'm a teacher and for one of my last tests of the year last year, one of my students wrote for extra credit. ... "Miles Jack Wasn't Down." They got the extra credit! Finally, that bad taste is gone from January. BB5 played like a man possessed ... as did the entire team!!

Does spelling not count when it's for extra credit?

WarRoom from Jacksonville

Why-oh-why didn't the Jaguars draft Mahomes(My Holmes)? An injury-prone running back was a better option?

This email actually came during Sunday's game. I am not making this up because you can't make things like that up.

John from Jacksonville

Donte Moncrief is terrible. Utterly so. Cut him immediately and go sign any random practice squad player from any team and we have an automatic improvement. I'd say trade him, but I don't think his value is much greater than a sack of empty peanut shells or a wad of chewed bubble gum as best.

This is a silly, uninformed incorrect assessment of Moncrief. Hopefully, for your sake you understand this.

Steve from Hilton Head, SC

Hate to say it. The Jags are the best team in the league.

I don't hate to say it. I had the Jaguars ranked No. 3 in the rankings last week behind New England and Philadelphia. Both of those teams lost, so I will have the Jaguars No. 1 this week. They beat Brady and the Patriots, after all. They earned it.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

I'm suddenly unconcerned about the offense. They will have a bounty of weapons when running back Leonard Fournette returns. I don't think there's a better AFC team.

Not right now, there's not.

Glass Half Empty

Zone, how does a team overcome losing their number one running back, wide receiver and left tackle, and still hope to make a Super Bowl run? Is it still possible?

Of course. Most Super Bowl teams overcome at least one significant injury, and many overcome far more than that.

Dan from Rincon, GA

Jerell's right. Blake's complete trash. Not very durable either. Amazing what happens when our receivers don't have a ton of drops.

It helps.

Jerell from Columbia, SC

Blake!!!!!!!! I always knew he was HOF bound!!!!!!! LETS GO JAGS!!!!!!

Ya gotta love him.

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