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O-Zone: No. 2

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Tommy from Fernandina Beach, FL

O, you keep stating that the Jags made changes by letting TC go near the end of last season. But the results on the field are the same. As a fan, I'd like to see them change things and actually make progress – not regress. General Manager David Caldwell and Head Coach Doug Marrone should have been shown the door as well because a complete fresh start was needed. Both Caldwell and Marrone talked about how much they liked this team, and we should wait before we judge. Based on what I'm seeing, the team is regressing each week. At the quarter pole at 1-3, this pretty much is headed for another double-digit losing season. How is that a positive change from a fan's perspective? It's all about winning and the Jags aren't doing enough of it under this leadership group!

Tommy, I try to answer questions as accurately as I can. Of course people want progress – and Jaguars Owner Shad Khan wants the same thing. But when people say the Jaguars didn't make changes late last season or this past offseason, that's categorically incorrect. Firing Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin late last season was a mammoth change. He made final football decisions around the Jaguars from 2017-2019 and when your final decision-maker changes, things change. Now, it's true that fans don't always see that as change because they don't see behind the scenes of the organization – but it nonetheless is change. Now, as for what fans feel should have happened … that I can't control. And was the change positive from a fans' perspective? No, because the Jaguars indeed are 1-3. It is all about winning and the Jaguars aren't doing enough of it. No one would argue that.

Robert from Orange Park, FL

With the offensive line's focus on blocking Josh Allen, wouldn't that give Chaisson opportunities to make some plays? From watching the games, he appears (or not) to be the invisible man! He is not getting sacks, but perhaps he is defending the run well?

Yes, the focus on Allen is affording rookie K'Lavon Chaisson opportunities. He has a sack through four games. He has two quarterback hits. I expect those numbers to improve as the season continues, though not much. He's a rookie pass rusher. Pass rushers who make immediate impact rookies are relatively rare. Pass rushers who make an immediate impact without an offseason are rarer. (Editor's note: Allen did not travel to Houston and was ruled OUT of today's game with a knee injury.)

John from Jacksonville

Are the Jaguars $20 million under the cap mostly because that was the money set aside for Yan?

It's part of it.

Robert from Orange Park, FL

I wonder how you can keep Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson in the pocket AND get after him with our defensive line and a secondary who so far cannot cover very well for very long? This seems like an impossible strategy for us although I haven't a clue what to do instead...kluur b

I'm worried about the matchup, too, and I'm befuddled as you about how to game plan with a struggling pass rush and a young secondary. #kluurb

Andrew from Matoon, IL

Hey, John: Many NFL teams play on field turf or other brands of artificial turf. We continue to play on grass. With all the games played at our venue, why have not switched to an artificial turf?

Because Florida.

Mike from Neptune Beach, FL

You said Jaguars rookie running back James Robinson can negotiate a new contract following this season since he was an UDFA. Are there restrictions as to the money he can receive like there is for drafted players their rookie year?

There aren't specific restrictions targeted at undrafted free agents, but all rookies fall under the rookie wage scale and rookie salary cap, meaning all teams have a pool of money to pay drafted players and undrafted players. Robinson in theory could have signed a huge contract at the time of his signing, but rookie free agents don't sign big contracts. If teams thought they were worth huge contracts, they would have been drafted.

Chuck from Jacksonville

Hi, John! Just an observation, but why do quarterback sacks rate higher than tackle for losses? Doesn't it take just as much effort and talent for a defensive player to beat a block and tackle a runner for a five-yard loss as it does to beat a block and tackle a quarterback for a five-yard loss? Why count sacks separately? Aren't they all tackles for losses?

Good questions. Fair points.

Ryan from Detroit, MI

Zone - the more you talk about how slanted the rules are towards offenses and quarterbacks - doesn't that mean that Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II performing at a "decent/good" level actually puts him around QB20-30 in this league behind all of the other guys playing at a good-great level this year? Don't get me wrong, I love the kid and his attitude, but I have to compare him against the rest of the starting quarterback landscape in the league. He's fun - but the stats don't stack up.

This is possible. We'll see.

Robert from Middleburg, FL

We've basically had the same GM and coaches for eight years with one winning season to show for it. When is enough, enough?

Doug Marrone has been the head coach four seasons, and David Caldwell wasn't the decision-maker for three of those seasons. When Khan decides.

Eddie from Jacksonville

Would this defense look different with Al Woods, Rodney Gunter and Rashaan Melvin. Seems like fans are forgetting about those three losses before the season even started.

It would be deeper, particularly on the defensive interior. And it would be a bit better.

Eric from Duval

All throughout training camp, I kept hearing how good Luq Barcoo looked and how he was looking better than CJH. Now, Chris Claybrooks is starting over him at CB, who looks terrible. Has Luq's development not progressed to get on the field at all?

Not yet.

Jason from St. Augustine, FL

I wonder if Jadeveon Clowney might have been the missing piece and helped cause disruption. It's one thing to get the cap under control, but it appears the ownership was trying to make up for lost revenue from COVID-19 taking away London games.

It appears your point is that the Jaguars didn't pursue Jadeveon Clowney because ownership was trying to save money because COVID-19 took away London games. I suppose I get the connection, but one didn't influence the other. Khan always has spent big for free agents. The Jaguars haven't always spent that money in the right places during his tenure as owner, but he always has been willing to spend.

Sascha from Cologne, Germany

Hey John, I know it's a bit too early for that discussion but as the GM said they are in win-now mode and it seems that they will not win enough now do you see the GM and staff in Duval next year?

If they don't win more … no. If they do win more … yes.

Doug from Toronto, Ontario

Just so you know I am old and I and I do color my hair. I don't like looking at the gray. I remember the era of the Raiders and Stabler, Biletnikoff and John Madden. If they won the toss they would always receive and nine times out of 10 march the ball down the field and score setting the tone for the game. Why do you think the prevailing thought pattern has changed in today's NFL with deferring?

Coaches like of getting the ball to start the second half so they can score late in the first half and to start to the second half and take control of the game. And because analytics indicates that's the best approach.

Rob from Orange Park, FL

Please tell me we are "tanking for Trevor" and these players could play better if they tried.

I can't tell you that.

David from the Island

Al Davis said the QB must go down. The Sacksonville team got the opposing QB down and almost got that team in the Super Bowl. How long till Sacksonville returns? Do you think Minshew would be "the guy" if the Jags had the 2017 defense?

It will take some draft selections and/or free agents for Sacksonville to return. If Minshew or any quarterback needs a defense to be "The Guy," then he's not "The Guy."

Tammy from Fernandina Beach, FL

Zone, forgive me if I'm mistaken, but I would think the King of ALL Funk would have the ability to recognize the funk in others; thus, am wondering who you think might be the second ranking—although a worlds-apart very distant second—most Funkadelic dude either currently or formerly with the franchise? I'm assuming it's not JP…?

No. Shadrick is not the second-most funkadelic dude in the franchise. The second-most funkadelic dude in the franchise a guy named Ben in accounting. Go figure.