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O-Zone: No argument here

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Scott from Palm Coast, FL

Unlucky or losers?

There's a third option that perhaps is more fitting, and that's that the Jaguars are a young team still learning how to win. That's a frustrating answer for fans during a four-game losing streak. The reason it's frustrating is it is pretty much the same answer – and same theme – that has been repeated after all five Jaguars losses this season, including the last four. All five losses have come in the final minute, and a play or two was essentially the difference in at least four of the losses. Key red-zone turnovers made a huuuuge difference in three losses – at Philadelphia, home against Houston and Sunday against the New York Giants – and red-zone failures also cost them dearly in a Week 1 loss at Washington. The Jaguars have led in every loss this season, and they have led in the second half of every loss except one to unbeaten Philadelphia on the road. Are they unlucky? Yes, but it's correct to note that you make your own breaks in the NFL. Are they losers? Well, they're not winning. But mostly they're continually close and "just missing." It feels from this point they're a young team on the verge of figuring things out. That's certainly what they believe. At some point, they must prove that to be true.

Jonathon from FAIRBANKS

Well, I smell a first-round pick between Nos. 1 and 5.

This very much remains to be seen. If you believe this team is incapable of figuring how to turn this and win close games, then yeah … the Jaguars probably will finish with one of the NFL's worst records. And yeah … if you believe such things are "just the Jaguars way," you certainly think that. But this team is doing enough good things – taking enough leads, moving efficiently enough offensively, staying in enough games – that it's reasonable to think that may not happen.

James from Socorro, NM

The Jaguars are 0-5 in one score games. The New York Giants are 6-1. The difference between a good team and a bad team.


Robert from Moorpark, CA

Interesting that the Jags are the only team with a plus-point differential despite being 2-5 and third place in the division. Does that say anything about this team? Are we closer to righting the ship than fans think? Or, were the wins over the Los Angeles Chargers and Indianapolis Colts just outliers and there's nothing worth noting?

Everything's worth noting in the NFL and all games count. Had the Jaguars lost those two games, after all, we damned sure would all consider them 0-7. What the point differential says as much as anything, I suppose, is what we all know – that the Jaguars have looked really good in two games and that their losses have been maddeningly close. This means they have been a play or two from winning a lot of games. Does this mean they are close to breaking through? Or does it mean they're a team that simply loses closes game? Either could be true. My sense is they will break through. Stay tuned.

Edward from Los Angeles, CA

This franchise has a long history of booting good players and fan favorites out of town when they're in their prime. That is all, just wanted to drop my complaint in the box. At this point, I hope J-Rob runs for 250 against us in December.

One not fer the trade …

Brandon from Omaha, NE

Hey, O. Could the Jags have retained running back James Robinson for the remainder of the season to maintain depth at an often-injured position, let him walk in free agency once the season is over and receive a compensatory pick of equal value that was received in the trade? It seems like the best of both worlds or am I missing something?

Teams receive compensatory selections as part of unrestricted free agency. Robinson is scheduled to become a restricted free agent after the season. That means he will be able to negotiate and sign with any team and with his "original team" – formerly the Jaguars, now the New York Jets – having the option to place one of multiple "qualifying" offers (tenders) on him. Those tender offers guarantee the player a certain level of compensation and guarantee the team a certain level of draft pick if the player signs elsewhere. Why didn't the Jaguars do this with Robinson? They didn't see him as integral enough to their plans next season to guarantee the compensation involved. They believed the best scenario to get value for Robinson was this trade. Bottom line on this issue: Many observers fans saw Robinson as far more valuable than the Jaguars saw him. Maybe they're right. Maybe they're wrong. But that's why the trade happened.

Liam from Glasgow

With the Colts switching off another failed quarterback experiment, it's highly likely they fire Head Coach Frank Reich at or before the end of the season. Do you see a scenario in which Reich comes across to the Jaguars, and if so in what position and would another voice be of benefit to Trevor? Thanks Zone!

The Colts under Reich have a history of playing well at the end of seasons to make playoff pushes. Because of that, and because he's a well-respected coach – and because Colts Owner Jim Irsay doesn't tend to fire coaches quickly – it's not safe to assume Reich will be fired at or before the end of the season. Reich does have a relationship with Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson, having served as offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles when Pederson was the head coach there. As to whether that would ever happen here, and how that would look … staffs change all the time in the NFL. Predicting how a head coach who still has a job might fit on a theoretical future staff is way beyond this senior writer's meager abilities.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

Are you looking forward to the London trip and game?

Sure. Why not?

Bill from Jax

John, how come it takes so long for news to show up on the Jags website? I saw several other sites that posted the J-Rob trade before we had anything up??

It is the policy of to post news regarding transactions when transactions become official. While many sites on Monday reported that the trade was going to happen, the teams announced the trade Tuesday afternoon. That's when reported it. It's not ideal, but that's the policy.

Tim from Ways, GA

With the trade of Robinson are we now going to see the appearance of Snoop Connor or is he still going to sidelined? If it is the latter, why is he being sideline through the 1st 7 weeks?

Pederson said Wednesday rookie running back Snoop Conner now will get an opportunity. A rookie fifth-round selection, Conner was inactive for the first seven games because he wasn't determined to be ready to be one of the three active backs.

_Nathan from Utah, US _

Zone, in your opinion did the Jets get one over on the Jaguars? The San Francisco 49ers gave up a second, third, and fourth and a fifth for McCaffrey. How does that compare to the number pick McCaffrey was drafted? I would have thought Robinson's production warranted at least a fourth rounder. Are you saying that the niners traded for "Christian McCaffrey," while the Jets traded simply for a "running back."

They're really not comparable players. Christian McCaffrey, when healthy is a game-changing and Most Valuable Player-level player. He has 50 touchdowns in 65 career games. When healthy, he's special. The compensation for Robinson was about right. Could the Jaguars have gotten a fourth-rounder from another team in another circumstance? Perhaps. Maybe. Who knows? But in no way did the Jets "get one over" on the Jaguars.

Steve from Sunroom Couch

Dear, John. If I were one of the top prospects coming out of college next year, I would let the Jaguars know I wouldn't play a down for this team.

That would be silly, pointless and unreasonably risky. But you be you.


There is someone on a Jax sports blog that claimed that Travis Etienne Jr. being a first-round pick cost the Jags the game by fumbling at the goal line against the Giants and that because of that fumble what he did before like scoring a touchdown or going for a 49-yard run to start the second half didn't matter. He fumbled and didn't recover it. He is a first-round pick they claim and he does not deserve a break because of it. Is this person right? If not, what would be your counterargument?

I wouldn't argue on a Jax sports blog. I would busy myself with more important things. Like Minesweeper, maybe. Or pretty much any Solitaire. I also see Benson is on Crackle these days. I've been meaning to catch up.