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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Jess from Glen Carbon, IL

Did the Jaguars just trade James Robinson to the Jets for a sixth-round pick? That is such a bad trade. Wow.

The Jaguars indeed reportedly traded running back James Robinson to the New York Jets on Monday for a conditional sixth-round selection that can become a fifth-round selection if he rushes for 600 or more yards this season. Robinson had been passed in the lineup by running back Travis Etienne Jr. and he is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent following the season. He got no carries in a 23-17 loss to the New York Giants Sunday and his workload/productivity had decreased in recent weeks, with little indication it was going to increase. My first instinct is I wouldn't have made the trade because Robinson's short-term value probably is greater than whatever player you're going to get for a sixth-round selection. At the same time, Robinson isn't the fastest back and this offense values/needs speed at the position. The Jaguars also were playing JaMycal Hasty over him. The Jaguars therefore apparently figured it best to get as much as possible for him while they retained his rights. He likely wasn't going to be re-signed in the offseason so getting some value when they could do so made sense in that respect.

Phil from Woodmere, NY

James Robinson averaged 20 carries in our two blowout wins this year. We are 0-5 in our other games. Why did the team move away from this winning formula?

It's a bit of a chicken-egg scenario. Did the Jaguars win easily against the Los Angeles Chargers and Indianapolis in Weeks 2-3 because Robinson averaged 20 carries or did he average 20 carries because the Jaguars were ahead comfortably enough they could run that often? An argument could be made for the latter.

Ryan from Duuuval

What!?!!!?!! A conditional sixth? For a young three-down back with back-to-back 1,000-yard rushing seasons? There are more words I would like to say but they're not fit to print here.

Robinson did not have back-to-back 1,000-yard rushing seasons.

Gerald from Hilliard, FL

Hi, O-man. The Jags traded a top running back is stupid. But if you're going to make the trade, you should get a corner that can cover deep passes. What do you think about the trade?

They weren't going get a quality cover corner (a premium position) for a good running back (no longer a premium position). I don't know that I would have made the trade, but the compensation is about what you would expect for a running back of Robinson's caliber in the last 10 games of a contract.

Joe from Jacksonville

Read a fake report the Jags traded James Robinson. LOL. No way they'd give up their best player for a sixth.

Robinson was a good player and a good story in some dismal seasons for this franchise. He was not the Jaguars' best player.

Sadly ineffective from NYCville

Amazing that we could not leverage more from the Jets. JR is cheap, effective and they have a significant need. Is that really his value?

Give or take, yes.

Paul from Lake City

Seeing a productive, beloved player let go for a third-day draft pick is not one of the more enjoyable parts of the game. Having it happen during the month of football we've been experiencing makes it even less so. One fer Robinson.

One fer J-Rob.

Josh from Yulee, FL

We just traded the most beloved player since Maurice Jones-Drew!! I hope they know what they are doing?? Maybe he was a locker room virus?? That's all I can figure

Robinson was not a locker-room virus. He was not particularly fast, and this offense values speed at the running-back position. He also had been passed in terms of role and playing time by Etienne.

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

The Jaguars blew the J-Rob trade and you still suck.


Roger from Houston, TX

I don't ordinarily complain about bad calls by referees because they tend to balance out over time, but the unfathomable roughing the passer call on the interception play essentially cost us the game.

You're referencing a roughing-the-passer penalty Sunday on linebacker Foye Oluokun that negated an interception by rookie linebacker Devin Lloyd. Although the negated interception occurred in the red zone, the Giants didn't score on the drive. It also was the correct call.

Josiah from Jacksonville

Jaguars General Manager Trent Baalke is STUPID!!! We traded James Robison for a sixth-round pick?!? He is a starting-caliber talent that has always given production when given opportunity. Coach P just doesn't give him chances. Jets are desperate with the injury to Breece Hall. This is the biggest trade blunder in Jaguar history; he is worth a first-or-second rounder for sure.

Kudos for your passion, but he's not. It's a positional value thing, not a Robinson thing.

Demoralized from Jacksonville

Booo! Trading away fan-favorite J-Rob for a back with no hands? Booo! It's like this team wants fans to be demoralized. My hope now is that we can just fire Pederson soon and move on to the next fan-hating regime.

The Jaguars aren't going to fire Head Coach Doug Pederson soon. Or any time soon. Nor should they. Why in the world would they?

Some guy

The fourth-down conversions are costing this team so many points and the D just isn't good enough to get the ball back when they fail.

It's always coaching in the NFL.

Aaron from Atlanta, GA

I appreciate that Doug Pederson is aggressive play-caller. But I don't understand his thought process for going for it late in the fourth quarter instead of kicking a field goal and going up by seven points. What value could he see there? Why not try to score points?

Pederson, as he did after the game, discussed this Monday. The situation was that the Jaguars faced third-and-fourth-and-1 at the Giants 20 with a little more than 12 minutes remaining and leading 17-13. He said the reasoning for going on fourth-and-1 was it was actually fourth-and-about 18 inches. And the Jaguars had been running effectively. And that you ought to be able to pick up fourth-and-less-than-a-yard about 98-to-100 percent of the time. There was also the added element that a field goal would have put the Jaguars ahead by one score (seven points) compared to a touchdown putting them ahead by two scores (likely 10 points). There's also another added element of the Giants only having scored one touchdown to that point. The Giants, as it turned out, stopped the Jaguars and scored the go-ahead and game-winning touchdown on the ensuing series. Had Pederson's decision worked, he would have been gutsy and heroic. Because he didn't, he's an idiot for the day. It's the life of an NFL head coach.

Gregg from Jax

Wash, rinse, repeat …

For the last month, pretty much.

Justin from Jax

Hey, Zone. Do you think if Devin Lloyd continues to play at or near his level of play that he has a real legitimate shot at Defensive Rookie of the Year?

Yes. A big part of that sort of award is statistics and Lloyd already has two interceptions. He's around the ball a lot and seems likely to have a chance at more.

Garrett from Edgewater

Zone, your inbox is truly a dismal, angsty depressing place. Some of our comrades need to learn to chill. Rome wasn't built in a day. Just let Doug do his things this year. The team is clearly better than it has been. Let them grow. Everyone needs to calm down. The record doesn't really matter until next year. Would I like to win the AFC South this year. Yes. But it's all about quarterback Trevor Lawrence. If he's making better plays at the end of the season than he was at the beginning, I'll be happy enough. Do you remember what we were talking about this time last year? It's a stark contrast.

Yes, but it's still frustrating. And losing still sucks. And most fans don't chill. Because why would they?

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

Groundhog Day=Jaguars Sunday. "We'll get it corrected." Although, there will be no consequences for stupid mistakes?!?

I never know what "consequences" mean in the NFL. Public mockery? Loss of a limb? If you bench starters for lesser players, you're often lessening your chances to win. No one wants that. Not players. Not teammates. Or coaches. Or fans – not deep down, anyway. Players and coaches want to do well. They want to win. You coach and prepare and you go play another team of professionals. If you're better and play well, you often win. If not, you lose. Motivating by fear and retribution isn't usually the best approach.

Ray from Newport News, VA

I think I can speak for a lot of Jags fans I am very disappointed with the James Robinson trade. Your inbox is not going to be fun for a few days.

Well, won't that be a change.