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O-Zone: No more

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Kevin from Jacksonville Beach, FL

There may be no harm, O. But the talk around the Jaguars should be about the future and Trevor Lawrence along with the draft class of 2021. Instead, Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer and the team have the discussion going around the past, with him and Tim Tebow. Bringing up old feeling both good and bad from Jags fans on both sides of the aisle. This is very unfortunate Since we are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons now. Let's get back to the hope around our No. 1 pick.

Here's what a lot of fans and observers don't grasp, I guess: Just because something is a topic outside the team doesn't make it pertinent – or a distraction – inside the team. Yes, people talk a lot about Tebow. I expect that will be a hot topic again for a couple of days. Yes, that talk has perhaps overshadowed the selection of Lawrence a bit. But Meyer doesn't care what's being discussed on Twitter and on message boards. And while that talk may seem very important – and even dire – in June, it doesn't win or lose games in October. Meyer's focus is on winning. If he believes signing Tebow will help that, that's what will matter. And winning is what will bring the spotlight when it matters.

KC from South Florida

One rookie that really intrigues me is Dylan Moses, who is a former big-time recruit coming out of high school but has had to deal with injuries through his college career. Did he perform during rookie mini-camp, and how did he look? Do you think he has a shot to be kind of a hidden gem from being undrafted?

Moses, a linebacker from Alabama, indeed participated in Jaguars 2021 Rookie Camp this past weekend. With 15-to-18 players participating with no contact, there really wasn't much to gauge when it came to performance. If Moses is healthy, he absolutely has a chance to be a "hidden gem."

Mike from BillMurrayHill

Hi, John. Whatever a comments section is, I am glad we don't have one. Lol.

I don't understand the question.

Steve from Wallingford, CT

When do they decide which divisions play which for the schedule? I remember many years past arguing against the New England Patriots because they always had a weak strength of schedule when announced. Then quarterback Tom Brady goes to Tampa Bay and the Patriots have one of the most difficult schedules and Tampa Bay now has the easiest. Is this determined after the season ends or is it on a predetermined schedule?

The NFL decides its schedule on a rotational basis that's decided years in advance. The Jaguars and all AFC South teams, for example, will play all four teams from the NFC West and AFC East in 2021. The teams also will play the other three teams in the division. The Jaguars' remaining three games are against the 2020 last-place team in the AFC North and West and a last-place team from the NFC. The league decides the schedule for all 32 teams on a similar basis, with the only issues left up to the schedule-makers being the dates and times of the games. Strength of schedule is therefore sort of left to chance and circumstances. If a team is in a tough division or playing a division that was good the previous season, that team is going to have a difficult strength of schedule. Remember, too: A good team from the previous season may have a slightly easier strength of schedule than a weaker team in its same division because the strong team will be playing the weaker team and vice versa. When the Patriots were good and the AFC East was weak, the Patriots were going to have a weaker strength of schedule than their division counterparts that had to play New England twice a season.

Jon from Brentwood, UK

So Zone, the trade of Scott for Houston seems to be getting reported as the Philadelphia Eagles strengthening their secondary with this move. The suggestion seems to be that the Jags have the least good player out of the deal. Can you share some insight on this move please?

I haven't the foggiest idea who got the least good or most good player when the Jaguars traded cornerback Josiah Scott to the Eagles for a sixth-round selection in the 2023 NFL Draft and cornerback Jameson Houston. From the Jaguars' perspective, this is an easy one to analyze: They didn't believe Scott was going to help them much and he's a smaller cornerback at 5-feet-9 than they prefer. They wanted to get something in exchange, and getting a young player and a future sixth-rounder is better than releasing Scott and getting nothing.

Jerry from Italia

I know the schedule is set for ratings/revenue. However, shouldn't the scheduler also look at safety? Continuing to schedule most Florida NFL game at 1 p.m., especially in September and October, seems reckless. I was in the stadium in 2018 during the New England Patriots game and it was oppressive. In your opinion what will happen first, the NFL take the safety of Florida fans into consideration during scheduling games or Owner Shad Khan takes safety into consideration and has some sort of shading installed over the stadium?

The second option likely would be the first to occur because the NFL isn't going to stop scheduling games involving Florida teams at 1 p.m. I don't know when shade will be a thing at TIAA Bank Field, though I expect it will be a major consideration when the stadium is renovated – if renovation indeed is the approach when such time comes.

Will from Jacksonville

Between Trevor Lawrence and Tim Tebow, do you think the Jaguars will lead the NFL in jersey sales this year?

Lawrence because quarterback.

Paul from Saint Johns

I'll take the other side of the Tebow coin and assume he is successful. How successful would he need to be as a TE to quiet the naysayers? Surely just making the team won't be enough...

I don't have a good feel for the naysayers. I don't care much about them because if a sayer is predisposed to saying "nay," goodness knows what it will take to make him stop. If Tebow makes the team and makes some key plays to help the Jaguars win, won't that be enough?

Jon from Marshall NC

I do not know if Tim Tebow can catch or even play tight end. What I do know is there is nobody is going to like tackling this guy in the secondary. He can take care of himself there. He is giving Trevor Lawrence some space I would say! That's a good thing! Go Jaguars!

Hey, one fer Tebow!

Dan from Charlotte, NC

I used to read this columnist every day that was very fond of quoting the late Al Davis, who once famously said, "Just win baby." All this Tebow talk, our rookie running back catching passes in camp, etc.  Is it fair to think none of it matters a damn bit till September 12 at 1 p.m.? Tebow gives his neighbor a camp slot? Don't care why. Just win, baby. Rookie camp? WHO REMEMBERS ROOKIE CAMP EVER!?  This will either work, and we'll cheer or they'll all get fired. Just win, baby.

The NFL is the most popular sport in America. One reason is it has brilliantly built its year-round calendar so that there is an "event" in pretty much every month of the offseason. Therefore, there is interest pretty much year-round. Is it fair to say that some if that interest – and some of the accompanying controversies – have very, very little real effect on the regular season. Yeah, that's fair. But if we weren't discussing Tebow signing and Travis Etienne Jr. running routes in rookie camp right now we would be shoulders-deep in discussions about the many feats of strength and durability of longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette. And goodness knows … we can wait a few weeks on that.

Charles from Riverside

Hello, John. If in fact we now have a secondary capable of handling man-to-man coverage, how does that help the defense? When and why would man to man be preferable to a zone defense?

Man-to-man coverage helps a defense because you can run a variety of blitzes and different rushes in front of it and not have to drop linebackers to help in coverage. It's a similar concept to why teams like to be able to pressure the quarterback with four pass rushers. If you can do that, you free up linebackers to drop in coverage. If you have to help a pass rush with blitzers, then you're leaving fewer defenders in coverage.

Terrance from Northside Duval

John, are you a competitive maniac?

I was. I pulled something. Now, I'm not.