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O-Zone: No time to talk

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Brian from Gainesville, FL

Big O, I know there is an upcoming quarterback controversy about whether to bench Gardner Minshew II for Nick Foles. As much as it's a good problem to have, it is in fact a problem. Here's my question: if the team decides to go with Foles, would that not cause the almost certain long-term future of the team to be stunted in his development? This isn't college. They're not about to run a two-quarterback system. I just hate to see the team feel compelled to play the guy making all the money over the guy who looks to have an elite-level ceiling along with a bunch of years in front of him.

If the Jaguars play Foles over Minshew, it won't be because of salary. It will be because they believe he gives them the best chance to win this season. As far as stunting Minshew's development, sitting wouldn't necessarily help him, but it wouldn't have to limit his future success. Those are questions that will be debated in the coming weeks, but they won't decide the issue. It will be the decision of the head coach, and Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone will make the decision based on what he believes will give the Jaguars the best chance to win that week.

Rusty from New Iberia, LA

I seem to remember there being some unknowns about Nick Foles at the beginning of the season. He played well in Philadelphia but was surrounded by great talents such as tight end Zack Ertz. He didn't play so well for Kansas City or the Rams. Are we sure that going back to him would be the best option? Could he even perform at the same level as Minshew?

Do we know that Foles is the best option? Absolutely not. Can he perform at the same level as Minshew? Absolutely.

Unhipcat from Carlsbad, CA

O. That's a real bummer about Marqise Lee. He just can't seem to catch a break. Valuable and hard-working player. Hoping (against hope?) he can come back healthy.

The Jaguars placed wide receiver Marqise Lee on injured reserve Tuesday with a shoulder injury, a move that ended his season and perhaps his Jaguars career. It indeed is a bummer for a player who was far more valuable than many fans and observers realized. Lee made a remarkable return this season from a devastating knee injury that cost him last season. Here's agreeing with you – and hoping he can come back healthy.

Art from Drexel Hill

I feel bad for Marqise Lee because he seems like a good guy, but re-signing him looks as bad now as it did then.

Lee is a good guy. He's also a tough guy. Re-signing him didn't look bad when it happened if you understand his importance to the team and his strengths. He hasn't contributed since he re-signed because of injuries, not because of ability.

Nick from Cooper City

At what point do we start to consider Minshew the greatest Jaguar of all-time?

Not until at least Sunday.

John from Jacksonville

We accomplished the expected – but still difficult – task of winning our last two games and evening our record to 4-4. Now comes a very significant test with a division opponent. I consider it somewhat a do-or-die moment as the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts are hot and have the edge for the division title and wild-card spots. A Jags loss would be somewhat a nail in the playoff coffin. I consider this a must-win and quarterback Gardner Minshew II's biggest game of his rookie year. Any words of wisdom from the king of all that is funk?

I thought when the Jaguars slipped to 2-4 that they had to win their next three games to have a good chance at the postseason. While thinking that, I also thought that beating Houston in London was the most-important and most-difficult task of the three. I still feel that way, and still believe Sunday is a must-win situation if the Jaguars are to have a good chance at the postseason.

Paul from Jacksonville

Minshew is on pace to match Peyton Manning's rookie touchdowns record while throwing a fraction of the interceptions Manning threw his first season. It's a shame he probably won't get the chance.

Would it be a shame if Foles is better? Would it be a shame if Foles leads the Jaguars to the playoffs? Either way, stay tuned.

John from Lake Asbury

John, we will soon have two good quarterbacks available. When a starter is declared, other teams will be game-planning for his specific style, strengths and weaknesses. Do you think that there could be plays designed using the other non-starting quarterback to mix things up and throw the other team off their game plan?

Not of any significance.

Mike from Section 122 and Port Orange, FL

It is that time of the season for my annual gripe. Why do you persist in calling the London game a home game? It may be classified a home game but it is a money game for the franchise and is robbing the season-ticket holders of a home game. Every year I feel cheated of a home game, and I have been a season-ticket holder from year one and have missed only two home games in 25 years.

I call the London game a home game because it's a home game on the schedule and because the Jaguars receive revenue based on it being a home game. I call it a home game because its presence on the schedule helps the Jaguars continue to call Jacksonville home. I also know it irritates you, which isn't why I call it a home game but which I certainly consider an "added benefit."

Dan from Birmingham, AL

If you thought the season would have been a train wreck if Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette only had one touchdown through seven weeks, I'm curious what you would have assumed about the season if I told you that through eight games Fournette would only have one touchdown AND Foles would be knocked out in the first half of Week 1?

A bigger train wreck.

Phil from Woodmere, NY

Regardless of what happens this year, is there any way Foles is on the team next year without a major injury to Minshew? I don't see a path to that happening other than Foles winning the Super Bowl. If they stick with Minshew this season, inserting Foles next year is simply stunting the development of your long-term quarterback. If they roll with Foles this year and we miss the playoffs, he won't be able to get out of town fast enough. If he makes the playoffs and lose, everyone will say Minshew should have been out there. This seems like an all-or-nothing proposition for Foles playing and keeping his job next year. Am I misreading the situation?

Foles won't be traded this season. It's not out of the realm of possibility that he could be traded in the offseason. That wouldn't be a salary-cap crippling move. As far as how the rest of this season will play out, there are so many possible scenarios it's hard to break them all in one answer. But I don't agree that the Jaguars missing or losing in the playoffs with Foles at quarterback would be an automatic disaster. What if the Jaguars are 4-5 and Foles quarterbacks them to a 5-2 record and they miss the postseason? What if he gets them in the playoffs with a 6-1 record and wins twice before losing in the AFC Championship Game? Maybe some people would say Minshew should have been playing, but that would be a pretty impressive performance.

Kyan from Iowa

I noticed rookie edge rusher Josh Allen only played 25 snaps against the Jets. Is this just because in our base defense we have Yannick Ngakoue and Calais Campbell at end? As productive as he has been, I feel they should get him on the field more. Could Calais play inside more often or is he not built as much as defensive tackle Taven Bryan to hold down the middle?

Campbell is capable of playing the middle in passing situations, but it's more difficult to ask him to do so in the base scheme. When the Jaguars were struggling defensively early in the season, part of the reason was Campbell was playing too much on the inside. He's good there, but he's better when he doesn't have to play inside often. Allen right now is playing in nickel situations. He has been remarkably effective there for a rookie. Perhaps it's OK to let him play that role and become great there before rushing to change what is going well.

Keith from Section 436 Since 1995

Not talking about the draft before Halloween is cool. I like it

I rarely talk about it before January anyway, but I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. You just keep being you.

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