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O-Zone: No words

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Robert from Middleburg, FL

This team is done. This regime is done. Zero heart, zero will, zero pride. I would keep about five or six players on this roster and totally clean house from the top down. WE ARE TWO YEARS REMOVED FROM AN AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! How in the world...

This was understandably a common sentiment in the O-Zone following the Jaguars'42-20 loss to the Tennessee Titans Sunday – and had I answered every question I received along these lines, this edition of this column would have been far longer and wordier than anyone wants to read. And I suspect I will continue to get questions until Jaguars Owner Shad Khan either makes a significant change in leadership/coaching or announces he doesn't plan to make such changes. That's the reality when you're 4-7 without realistic postseason chances, and it's particularly the reality when you lose three consecutive games in the division by a cumulative score of 101-36. Sunday was bad for this team on many levels, and I expect that to be a common theme in this O-Zone – and moving forward. The Jaguars are struggling offensively and they have gotten blown out in the second half of three consecutive critical games. They have allowed 200 or more yards rushing in each of the last three games, and they have lost three consecutive division games for the first time since 2000. Those are all troublesome, franchise-shaking, foundation-altering occurrences and they mean Khan must make difficult decisions in the coming weeks. I don't know when he will make those decisions. I also don't know what he will decide. But the topic obviously is going to overwhelm all else around the franchise until he makes the decision public. Whatever the decision may be.

Tommie from Jacksonville

Again, it's time to rebuild this team. I'm over it. Definitely not renewing season tickets.


Dumbo from Duval

What are the chances the Jags win again? Ever?

The Jaguars will win again. I don't know when. But yeah … I get your point. Sunday was bad. The last three games have been bad. All-time low? Maybe. Maybe not. But it is bad. Surprisingly so.

CT from Section 213

If Head Coach Doug Marrone sends quarterback Nick Foles out there next week, things are going to get very uncomfortable.

I expect Foles to start Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at TIAA Bank Field, and I expect there to be boos when he is announced. Fans are frustrated with the team's performance the last two weeks – and there are fans who want to see Gardner Minshew II at quarterback. So, yes … there will be boos. I expect those boos to be worse if things don't go well. Things are bad. When things are bad fans boo. As well they should.

Andy from Alpharetta, GA

I know it's not "the way" … but there is absolutely no reason to not play third-team quarterback Joshua Dobbs, backup running back Ryquell Armstead and every other second-string guy right now. See what you got and get the best pick possible. Yet again.

Hey, one fer Dobbs! But no. You don't play every second-team player to "see what you got," because then it's hard to be competitive enough to evaluate any player.

The Other Michael from Middleburg, FL

Why should we even bother caring anymore?

This is a fair question. Losing sucks. Losing in mind-numbingly repetitive, one-sided fashion for three consecutive games really, really sucks. That's particularly true when the games are as important as the Jaguars' last three games. Why should you care? Because you're a fan and you're frustrated, I guess. That's a bad answer. I don't have good ones right now.

Renee from Jacksonville

John, there should be a coaching change at the end of the season. This is pitiful. Again our defense is abysmal. Our offense is anemic.


Scott from Gilbert, AZ

Zone, hoping you can point out the Jags 2017-2019 picks that played up to their draft position Sunday?

Running back Leonard Fournette, the No. 4 overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft. Not much else. It was a bad performance all around Sunday. It doesn't mean every player stinks in those draft classes, but if you want to marry that idea and keep pounding away, you be you.

Matt from Green Cove Springs, FL

So, Marrone says they want to play defensive end Josh Allen more. Obviously, they don't want to take their other stud defensive ends off the field, so what do you do? Try some fits at linebacker and use that athleticism and aggressiveness to help with the missed gap assignments. I know it's waaaaay easier said than done, but it has to be something they've considered.

Perhaps they've considered it on some level, but not enough to do it. The Jaguars have been insistent that rookie Josh Allen will play defensive end in this scheme, and I don't get a sense that will change this season. They appeared to play him in the big-end spot in place of Calais Campbell some Sunday, an effort to get Allen more snaps and to get Campbell some rest. I would look for more in this vein.

Kyle from Orange Park, FL

Ramsey was correct about everything he said. You are an idiot. And who do you think they hire? I say Lincoln Riley. But what about GM?

If I'm an idiot, why do you care about my answer?

Andy from Alpheretta, GA

Seriously, and I'm legitimately asking ... why is it so dang hard to defend a screen?

Pursuing too hard, rushing the passer a bit too recklessy, but fair question. It shouldn't be as hard as this team makes it sometimes.

Holding on Third-and-Long

Do you think Shad will understand why the stadium isn't full next home game?

But of course. Khan never has been confused about this issue.

Rob from Pittsburgh, PA

John, the Jags need to draft a corner, a middle linebacker (put Myles Jack at will, where he was better) and draft a defensive tackle with first three picks of the draft. The free safety play has to get better and the depth at safety too can't rely on undrafted guys too play when a guy is injured.

Jack never has played weak-side linebacker for the Jaguars, though I understand why people assume he would play better at that position. And I'm not sure I want to see the Jaguars ignore interior offensive line and tight end in the draft. As far as not having undrafted guys playing when players are injured, that's NFL reality. Some of your depth probably is going to be undrafted.

Greg from Section 122 and Jacksonville

So, can we PLEASE fire someone now? I mean this is literally a dumpster fire, 28 points in nine minutes. I can't wait to hear the coach-speak after this week. It is like they set a goal to see if they can play even WORSE than the week before. And to think we thought this team was playoff bound. We are more like rebuild bound with our current situation. Better to make changes now and get started early.

I have no idea what Khan will do as far as the coaching staff. But I don't know that there's necessarily a big advantage to "getting started early." You can maybe get an idea of who you want to target, but you can get an idea about that without making a change with five games left in the season.

Tim from Section 123

Can we play Minshew the rest of the year and see what we have now?

The Jaguars played Minshew II for eight games. They have a good idea of what they have there. To listen to Marrone Sunday, I don't sense he has plans to play Minshew. Perhaps that will change. We'll see.

Geoff from Pensacola, FL

When do we stop blaming the defense? This offense and our new "franchise QB" are a joke. No defense can be successful when they are constantly on the field.

There is plenty of blame to go around. I agree that the offense did not do enough in the first half to get a lead when the defense was holding the Titans relatively in check. I expected Foles and the receivers to be effective. That has not been the case enough.

Erik from Jacksonville

John: This is the perfect end to the Jag's playoff hopes and season. Their inability to do anything positive on both sides of the ball is baffling considering the talent. I guess all the true fans can look forward to is playing spoiler to other teams looking to get into the playoffs. That's what the fans have grown accustomed to about this time in the season anyway. So let-down. Again.


Richard from Jacksonville

Is Jaguars center Brandon Linder able to block anyone without committing a holding violation?

Yes, though it didn't seem that way Sunday. In fairness to Linder, his second holding penalty Sunday – one that negated a huge run by Fournette – looked like a marginal call.

Michael from Orlando, FL

"There are no words..." "O, the humanity...". Granted it is only a football game, but it feels appropriate in this context.

Sunday was bad. The two games before were equally bad. It's bad. No doubt.

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