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O-Zone: Not likely

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Josh from New Milford, CT

Is there any point in worrying about Lawrence's accuracy this season? I know some of the misses were a product of miscommunication, but he is high often. Also, thoughts on the miscommunication? Why are the receivers and Lawrence so off the page on so many critical plays?

I don't know if there's a point to fans and observers worrying about rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence's accuracy this season. Why worry about something you can't control? Should the Jaguars and Lawrence worry about it? Yes, and they should constantly work on it – and it almost certainly will be an offseason priority, particularly for Lawrence individually. Lawrence is hardly as inaccurate as many observers believe – and I don't see this issue derailing his career. A lot (though not all) of the accuracy issues this season have come from working with receivers struggling to get open, which can greatly affect a quarterback's confidence and accuracy. But he also hasn't been as accurate as is necessary. As for why Lawrence and the receivers struggle to communicate on key plays, new receivers and a rookie quarterback and a coaching staff constantly trying to find creative ways to get new players the ball in positions to make plays … well, all of the above. And then some.

Mike from Duval

I wasn't expecting a good season, but I was hoping for identification of building blocks and improvement through the season. I don't know one thing the team does consistently well. Can you give me some hope?

Can I name one thing the team has done consistently well all season? Not really. The Jaguars overall have played some good defense against the run and rushing the passer at times. They're at least marginally better in those areas than last season.

Chris from San Diego, CA

Last year, Gardner Minshew II had nearly the same talent or worse at wide receiver. His passer rating and QBR was much better than Trevor's and the offense did not look this inept. Were we unfair in our analysis of Minshew?


Daniel from Pace, FL

With the poor performance by the team, do you see them struggling to even get mediocre talent in free agency or keep any of our decent talent? Sure, players like money but they want to win, too. It's starting to look like it will be a 100 percent rebuild by the time we even sniff a winning season.

I haven't the foggiest idea who the Jaguars will target in free agency this offseason, but there are pieces in place – particularly at quarterback and a few on defense – that will make the Jaguars perfectly compelling. And Owner Shad Khan never has been hesitant to pay players his football people believe should be targeted. Will it be a complete rebuild before a winning season? Compared to last season? Yes. Compared to now? A little, but not complete.

Mike from Saint Augustine, FL


I don't know.

Austin from Jacksonville

Tell Chris Claybrooks he has fans. He put himself on the line to get that ball and we appreciate that. Do you think he will be here next season?

Jaguars second-year cornerback Chris Claybrooks should have fans. He's a former seventh-round selection who grinds and works every day to play in the NFL. I expect he will have a chance to be here next season.

Andy from Alpharetta, GA

It shouldn't be this hard. Unbelievable. So, so tired of this.

You are far from alone, Andy.

Mike from St. Augustine, FL

Ever notice how we move the ball in hurry up? Even though our players are slow? Ever wonder why we don't give hurry up a try before we go down two and a half touchdowns?

Head Coach Urban Meyer said after Sunday's loss that you'll probably see the Jaguars go more up tempo and use more run-pass-option concepts offensively moving forward. The Jaguars indeed had some success with this Sunday. The good thing about tempo is it's really cool when it works and can strain a defense. The un-good thing is when it works the drive ends quickly and your defense is back on the field just as quickly. That can have disastrous effects on "complementary football."

JT from Palm Coast, FL

The Jaguars truly are everybody's "get right" game.

Lately? Yeah, pretty much.

Art of 118 from Jacksonville

Why do we give away yards on kickoffs? And when will we get rid of stupid players causing stupid penalties?

I think you're asking why kicker Matthew Wright is kicking off for the Jaguars rather than punter Logan Cooke, who has the stronger leg of the two; it's to save wear and wear and prevent injury to Cooke. As far as your second question … when they get better players than the ones committing the penalties.

Chief from Biloxi, Ms

With this kind of discipline and poor coaching Jags going nowhere.


Jeremy from Gilbert, AZ

The Jags offense is flat-out broken. It's just pathetic to watch. Other than James Robinson, there isn't one player who should be guaranteed a spot on the 2022 roster.

Lawrence will be the Jaguars' quarterback in 2022 and I expect multiple offensive linemen to return as starters, including guard Ben Bartch. And center Brandon Linder.

Johnny from Cedar Rapids, IA

This team makes me hate Sunday football!


Mike from Atlanta, GA

Are Lerentee McCray and Roy Robertson-Harris aware that they can't jump offsides on a punt attempt or jump over linemen on field goal attempts? It might be worth it explaining the rules to them. Because if they already know these things none of this makes any sense.

… also fair.

P-Funk from Murray Hill

So ... using your hands in an attempt to block a kick is a penalty now?

Robertson-Harris was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct for leverage trying to block a second-quarter field goal. Leverage means using your hands to leap or push up off an opposing lineman to block a field goal or extra point. It led directly to the Falcons' second touchdowns. And yes … it's a penalty. And it has been for a long, long time.

Earl from Middleburg, FL

It's plain as the nose on anybody else's face than yours. This team doesn't even try to prop up Trevor Lawrence! They're done for the season, hoping for a team (or practice squad) to get pocket change. Are you kidding me? Just one damn comeback? A close comeback? Entire organization is so corrupt, including you that watching five plays, five plays!! A joke should make people laugh. Hold on, they do laugh. Gross misconduct with paychecks cashed? Unbelievable.

What you have just seen is 2-9 getting the best of a man.

Sascha from Cologne, Germany

Hey, John. I am just a fan, not an expert and I know you disagree on this one. But Jawaan Taylor is a bust as a second-round pick. I can't remember a game where he has not at least one or two big penalties. He just got beat too often. They should give Walker Little a chance even if he's a left tackle.

Taylor is not an awful right tackle. He has strengths as a run blocker, though he isn't as reliable in pass protection as would be ideal. But there's no question he just has way, way too many penalties. He's in his third season now and it remains an issue. I don't sense that a change at right tackle is imminent.

Dan from Jacksonville

Hello, Mr. Z. I've been a 10-year season ticket holder, and after today's game I finally realized that Jacksonville is where talent comes to die (or go in a coma). We don't know how to manage what we have. So my question is: If former Jaguars wide receivers coach Keenan McCardell were still here, would the WR room be as incompetent?

I don't know that coaching is a significant factor in the play of the Jaguars' wide-receiver corps this season. Other than the fact that it's always coaching in the NFL, of course.

Zach from Ponte Vedra, FL

Are they embarrassed John? Please at least tell me they're embarrassed.

To be 2-9? To have lost three games consecutive games and to have trailed by at least 17 points in all three games? Yes, many involved with the Jaguars certainly are embarrassed.

David from Eau Claire, WI

Another sad game where they don't show up and shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly. 2-15 seems I like a real possibility.

I don't expect the Jaguars to go 2-15. That's because despite being a mistake-ridden, penalty-prone team – and despite not having offensive weapons to score in the 20s – this seems to be a team that can put good performances together once every few weeks. I expect them to put together a good performance a couple of more times this season. But yes … if they play every game as they did Sunday, 2-15 is a possibility.