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O-Zone: Once again

JACKSONVILLE – Happy New Year or whatever.

FWIW, there's a lot to cover today. News happened Tuesday. Why wait?

Let's get to it …

Dave from Jacksonville

Serious question: Why has Shad made this decision? This is a situation where the fans' wishes match what any objective observer would say is the smart football decision. I don't believe Mr. Khan is stupid. I don't want to believe a conspiracy theory that he is not committed to winning. So, what is it? He just really likes these guys because they are nice? They give him nice Christmas gifts? Is it because their contracts are guaranteed so he doesn't want to waste more money?

Confusion over this issue is common among Jaguars observers right now. Anger and disappointment also are out there in the wake of Owner Shad Khan's announcement Tuesday morning that he is retaining General Manager David Caldwell and Head Coach Doug Marrone for 2020. Many fans had concluded change was necessary, and it was therefore inevitable those fans would dislike this decision. There's a lot to discuss with this topic, and I'm sure we'll get to it all in this O-Zone and the ones that follow. But to address your questions … no, there's no conspiracy theory and Khan absolutely wants to win. And Khan is worth billions, so Christmas gifts have nothing to do with it. Khan made this decision because he believes this is the best way to proceed for now – and he believes Caldwell and Marrone can get better results in a structure that doesn't include former Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin, who was relieved of his duties in December. Do I expect all fans to like Khan's approach? No. Do I expect all fans to like this answer? No, but that's where we are as one Jaguars decade turns into the next.

Chris from Nashville, TN

Khan's decision to retain DC and Marrone was simple ... no one else in the league wanted the job. They'd rather go to Cleveland or Washington. Says a lot about the state of the franchise. Happy New Year, O.

Try again, but sure … Happy New Year.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

It was smart for Khan to have one-on-one meetings with players. I assume that if veteran leaders would have told him Marrone was a problem, there would have been a change. Sounds to me like Marrone never lost the locker room and players feel like they play better under him as coach.

Khan indeed met with Jaguars players one-on-one Monday. I wasn't privy to the discussions, but it's completely unsurprising Marrone never lost the locker room.

Jaco from New York

What's the definition of insanity? Just wondering for a friend.

The definition of insanity is: The state of being seriously mentally ill; madness. It's not what you think it is, even though many people also think that.

Chris from St. Augustine, FL

A little confused by Shad's reasoning. The franchise needs a serious rebuild and we are fortunate to have four first-round picks in the next two years. Seems like the perfect time to bring in a new team (general manager/head coach). Do you sense there is any concern in the organization that allowing the current regime to play out their contracts through next year will lead to short-sighted decision making that could seriously imperil this rebuild? For instance, trading away valuable picks to take a risk on a "win-now" prospect. As a fan, that is my primary fear going into the next year.

First, the contracts of Caldwell and Marrone run through 2021. As for your question … I don't get the sense that the organization is concerned about that; if that were the case, the organization would have gone in a different direction. I have a strong sense that many fans and observers believe your concern is valid, and I understand that belief.

Clayton from Gambier, OH

I love the Jags. I always will. I hope next year doesn't result in another double-digit loss season. That said, our owner does realize that if the product is not good, that people won't show up, right?

Yes. There never has been confusion about this.

Matthew from Washington, DC

Who's a worse owner – Daniel Snyder or Shad Khan? Unless of course the decision to keep an inept head coach and a worse-than-inept-general manager is all part of a grand insidious plan to demoralize the fan base and create low attendance to justify his future decision to move the team to London.

You're entitled to your opinions on Marrone and Caldwell, but your assessment of Khan's motivations couldn't be more incorrect. He wants to win. Very much. All you need to do is be around him on game day to know this. As far as the Jaguars and London, that's not Khan's plan. He has invested enormously in downtown Jacksonville and the Jaguars' stadium – and plans to continue to do so. That would not be happening if there was some insidious plan to leave town.

Jeffrey from Atlantic Beach, FL

"It's my belief that this is not the time to consider an overhaul of our organization." How many double-digit losing seasons will it take? As a 12-year season ticket holder I know the answer for me is today is time for change. The only way to show enough is enough is to not support the team, I'm sure my money won't be missed or even noticed but not sure how else to show my disapproval.


Justin from Iowa

If Marrone were to make changes on his staff, when would those normally happen? Certainly he has to entertain the thought of replacing Wash, doesn't he?

Coaching-staff changes likely would happen within a few days of the end of the season. No, he wouldn't have to entertain the thought of replacing defensive coordinator Todd Wash. The perception of many fans that Wash is a problem isn't shared by Marrone.

Bill from Jacksonville

Shad Khan in 2017: The past four years haven't been good enough, so I'm bringing in Tom Coughlin." Shad Khan in 2020: "Tom Coughlin was the entire problem. Dave will lead our team." I must be missing something. What am I missing, John?

Caldwell's not leading the Jaguars; Marrone and Caldwell are leading the Jaguars. Other than that … yes, that's how it is.

Garrett from Edgewater

I find myself confused, zone. On the one hand Shad Khan's statement says that the 2019 season was unacceptable. I agreed with this. It was. But, on the other hand this man is setting himself up for more of the same. This is the perfect opportunity to restructure the entire team. We have draft picks for the next couple years, and a mystery at quarterback that our current staff has managed to bungle pretty well. A new staff would bring a breath of fresh air and a change to the system. Instead we're just in line for lore disappointment next year. I like Dave and Doug. I really do. But they have messed up too many times for me to support them staying

So, one not fer Marrone and Caldwell … but not too much fer Marrone and Caldwell …

JT from Fort Worth, TX

Not a popular choice, but I think it's the best for now. I'd like to see a fresh general manager, but that would mean they both need to go then. Marrone hasn't really been given a fair shake.

… and one kinda, sorta fer Marrone and not kinda sorta fer Caldwell.

ZJ from Denver

Well, Khan has no one to blame but himself when this team wins less than six games again next season because he apparently has no idea how football works or how to run a winning organization. I'm fine with keeping Doug because he came aboard 2016-2017. What I can't understand is, why Caldwell somehow got a break and most blame went to Coughlin when he has failed on more than 75 percent of his draft picks (including 95 percent on first and second rounders – linebacker Myles Jack is slowly turning into an overpaid, bust). His free agent signings from 2011 to 2016 were all garbage, too. Sooo, why does this guy get another chance? Khan, thank you for guaranteeing another losing season and two blown first-rounders in May. One fer no end to our losing in site! Wooh!

Caldwell wasn't controlling football decisions from 2017-2019, and the Jaguars in no way shape or form have failed on 95 percent of first- and second-round draft selections during his time with the team.

Jim from Jagsonville

How does it feel to know you were right and the national media got the story wrong? All the abuse you take on here, turns out the KOAF knows what he's talking about! Be sure to let the wife know you were right at least once. In Khan We Trust!

Was I right? Perhaps. It happens a lot. I don't keep track.