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O-Zone: One goal

JACKSONVILLE – Happy Sunday. We are all happy, right?

Let's get to it …

Mike from Atlanta, GA

Do the people asking "why not throw Trevor in" and see what happens remember what happened to Blaine Gabbert? Do you remember, John? I remember, and he was running for his life the moment the ball was snapped, and he never learned how to sit in the pocket and go through reads because of that.

I do remember Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert as a rookie in 2011, and I do remember protection often was an issue that season. And Gabbert indeed did struggle with pocket presence in a big way as a rookie – and into the early part of his second season as a Jaguars starter. But I don't believe it's as simple to say that Gabbert never developed as an NFL starter because of the Jaguars' offensive line at the time. Many quarterbacks have had less-than-ideal situations around them early in their careers and gone on to productive careers as starters. But I digress – and I really don't have the mental energy or the inclination to a deep dive on Gabbert's career on a weekend in late May (or any other time, probably). As far as the Jaguars' approach with Lawrence, it makes perfect sense to not "just throw him in" to a situation where he's being asked to be the focal point of the offense early. He's going to be good. He's going to be a playmaker. He's going to get opportunity to do things "above the Xs and Os." But having a strong offensive line and running game will enable him to grow into the playmaker, focal-point role at his own pace. Think quarterback Russell Wilson early in his career with Seattle. He grew steadily into being the focus of the team to the point that now – 10 years into his career – the team is very much built around him. Will the Jaguars be built around Lawrence more quickly than that? Very possibly, but it's still wise to allow him as much time to grow into the role as possible.

John from Jacksonville

What will happen if world health circumstances prevent the Jaguars from playing the Miami Dolphins? Would the game move to TIAA Bank Field since it is designated as a home game? Surely, there wouldn't be something else scheduled in the stadium that day.

The Jaguars' game against the Miami Dolphins currently is scheduled to be played at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday, October 17. If COVID-19 dictates that it can't be played there – or if it is determined that it can't be played in front of a full-capacity crowd – it indeed will be played at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville. And don't call me Shirley.

Don from Marshall NC

The question is who Tim Tebow is now, not who he was. He never stopped working and he is a grown man now. It's still a long shot he makes the team, but I would not bet against him. Go Jaguars!

Hey, one fer Tebow! Kinda, sorta.

Tony from Perryville, Arkansas

John, what am I missing on Luke Farrell? Why can he not be our answer at tight end? What is he missing that would make the team feel the need to sign Tebow to help at the position?

The Jaguars didn't sign Tebow because of the strengths or weaknesses of any particular tight end currently or previously on the roster. They signed him because they believe it's possible he can be one of three or four tight ends on the roster in 2021 – and as such, that he can help the team. As far as Farrell … yes, he has some traits you like. A fifth-round selection in the 2021 NFL Draft, Farrell didn't have the collegiate production at Ohio State that makes you sure he can be a big-time, multidimensional NFL tight end, but there's no such thing as "sure" in the draft. He has some potential. Let's see how he does. And let's see the same about Tebow, too.

Dwayne from Jacksonville, FL

In all the years I have written to you, I've never gotten a "Correct."

You're right.

Dave from Jacksonville

John, can Tim Tebow become Taysom Hill? It seems to me Taysom Hill was considered Tim Tebow before Sean Payton turn him into Taysom Hill. Now, every team wants one. Taysom Hill. Special teams, catch, block, run and whatever on demand. Can Tim be Taysom?

Hill has become an intriguing, multidimensional player for the New Orleans Saints. His success inevitably will beget some copycats – and I can't help think that Tebow may have been ripe for such a role seven or eight years ago. I do expect Head Coach Urban Meyer to have creative ways to use Tebow. Can Tebow athletically have Hill-type impact? Not having played since 2012, and having practiced just once since joining the Jaguars, I guess that's what we'll be waiting to learn.

Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL

I have no questions, therefore, I am.

So you say.

Rob from Ventura, CA

A couple more days? You are pretty naive about the size of this thing zone. I live in California and Tebow is on Los Angeles radio stations more than the Rams or the Lakers right now. They are sending national media to all open Jags practices and training camp for one reason. Timbow. (New nickname from radio out here). The nation will have daily updates on how he is doing how he is feeling, whether he is making the team, etc. Expect news about Tebow to continue every day for years even after he is gone if that ever happens. Your mailbox will be 50-100 percent Tebow for the rest of your life. The sooner you come to terms with that the better for everyone. You think this won't be a thing for long, you are dead wrong. Should have just overpaid for a legit free agent or kept Eifert. Now it's Tebow time forever.

I'm not naïve. Tebow obviously will be a discussion point, as evidence by the many emails I received before and after the Jaguars signed him this week. And I don't doubt he will always draw eyeballs in an open practice or any game. Where we disagree, I suppose, is the long-term ramification of this – or how long he will be a major story. Remember: Tebow was in camps with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles after the early Tebow Mania era with Denver and the New York Jets. He drew interest but was a comparatively minor story at both stops. And Tebow was a quarterback then. Those stops were more than a half decade ago. Now, with Tebow playing tight end, I would expect interest to remain – but not nearly so much as if he played quarterback. Sure, there will be some interest – particularly considering his age and the fact that he has been away from the game for so long. Either way, the premise remains: If he's good, there will be interest about an interesting story who is surprising people by being good. If he's not good, and not contributing, the situation will resolve itself soon enough. And the inbox won't be all-Tebow all the time for ever. At least I certainly hope not.

Cristiano from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Let me get this straight: Travis Etienne Jr. (however it is pronounced) is walking on your lawn in multiple positions because Tim Tebow is friends with the head coach of the team that has almost no prime-time games?


Jon from Brentwood, UK

So, Zone, who has more chance of making the final roster, Luke Farrell or Tim Tebow?

I'll go with Farrell because he is on a four-year rookie contract whereas Tebow is on a one-year, veteran minimum. And realistically, it's just not known if Tebow can make the transition to a position where never has played.

Scott from Gilbert, AZ

Obviously, the most important aspects of your fourth tight end are a willingness to block, an ability to get on top of a linebacker in the seam and an ability to make the contested catch at the sticks. If he can defy the odds and prove the ability to do that, I have no doubt his skillset will translate to up-back on kick returns, to making the defense at least have to consider the possibility of a double-pass, to playing "H," to moving to fullback at the goal line as you alluded to, and to being one of the more capable emergency quarterbacks in the league (God forbid the need ever arises). Heck, after all the unnecessary grief and subsequent chip he'll be playing with, I bet he'd love to blow somebody up on kickoffs or take out a "hands" guy on an onside attempt. This is not a gimmick or a publicity stunt.

Tebow is here with the idea of seeing if he can help the Jaguars on the field. Meyer wants to win. Anything said to the contrary is conjecture and noise.