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JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Kevin from Duval:
If offensive line is viewed as the Jags' top weakness, why hasn't anyone talked about the Jags drafting Brandon Scherff?
John: A few reasons. One, while Scherff – an offensive lineman from Iowa – is considered a first-round talent and perhaps the draft's best offensive lineman, he isn't really considered by many to be a Top 5 selection. Two, the Jaguars signed Jermey Parnell at right tackle in free agency and he will start at that position. Finally, the Jaguars' approach this offseason on the interior of the line apparently will be to add depth in later in free agency or on Day Two or Day Three of the draft.
Steve from Nashville, TN:
Can you help us understand why (Colts Head) Coach (Chuck) Pagano would want to coach this year without a contract in place for next?
John: Who says he does?
Scott from Chelsea, NY:
If the Jags "start" three corners, which linebacker position would come off the field?
John: First, don't worry too much about who starts and who doesn't. With as many packages and personnel grouping as teams use these days, most teams want to have 13 or 14 starting-level players on offense and defense. More specifically to your question, nickel packages with three cornerbacks are almost as common as base 4-3 schemes with three linebackers these days. For the Jaguars, the Otto linebacker usually comes off the field in passing situations.
Brennan from Jacksonville:
Remember that 80-yard slant from Blaine Gabbert to Cecil Shorts III to beat the Colts in 2012? That was Sergio Brown who gave that play up.
John: Thanks.
David from Monterrey, Mexico:
If I live in Mexico and I want to watch the Bills versus Jags game, I know I will have to watch it digitally. But is there going to be a cost or membership to be able to watch it? We do not get the service of Game Rewind in Mexico as it is unavailable. I would hate not being able to watch the game.
John: The NFL announced this week that the Bills-Jaguars game will be available digitally worldwide. Beyond that, there aren't a lot of details yet determined. The plan is for you to be able to watch it. The service/distribution system by which you will be able to do that is not yet known.
Jason from Falling Waters, WV:
The Jaguars have now six backs. (Denard, Toby, Storm, Bernard, Will and Bradie). Why does everyone want the Jags to spend a second-round selection on a running back? They should use it to upgrade the team's biggest weakness, that being one of the worst offensive lines in NFL history. It shouldn't be this complicated, O-man.
John: The Jaguars have five backs: Running backs Denard Robinson, Toby Gerhart, Storm Johnson and Bernard Pierce and fullback Bradie Ewing. Will Ta-ufo'ou was not offered a tender before the start of the new league year and is now a free agent. As far as addressing the offensive line, my guess is the starting line is on the roster now, though there could still be veteran competition brought in in free agency. I'd be surprised if a second-round draft selection is used on that position, but we'll see.
Scott from Plant City, FL:
I have been a Jags supporter since Day One, growing up in Duval, seeing the team awarded to the city. I normally agree that if you can trade back to acquire more picks, that is surely the way to go; however, If Leonard Williams is as good a prospect as people claim he is (i.e., people that say they have gone to his Pro Day and combine workouts), is the probability of landing a couple of potentially good players better than landing a face-of-the-franchise-caliber talent on the defensive side of the ball?
John: Therein is the draft-day dilemma of every general manager with an early first-round selection. You need premium players and the chances of drafting a premium player is theoretically greater early in the draft. The other side is that two first-round players – or a first-rounder and a second-rounder – can help build a roster. I agree with you in this case, though: I'm for staying at No. 3 if you think the player is special; the Jaguars need difference-making talent.
Joe from San Antonio, TX:
If Kevin is not alone he is certainly in a tiny minority. If Andrew Luck keeps up this kind of production for a lengthy career he will be a lock for the Hall of Fame...especially when you look at the overall talent level he is playing with.
John: We're referring to Kevin's contention Friday that Andrew Luck is overrated. Yeah … he's good. Really good. I don't think there's going to be a whole lot of debate on this.
Adam from St. Johns, FL:
To Tyler regarding Jordan Palmer: "Those who can't, teach." JP's ability as a player doesn't affect his ability to teach BB5 concepts and fundamentals. What separates guys like JP from AR, PM and TB is that those guys can apply those concepts when the bullets fly. We all hope BB5 as able to do that as well.
John: I honestly have no idea if Jordan Palmer can coach or not, but there's certainly no reason to think he can't. When he was in Jacksonville as a backup in 2012, he came across as intelligent and knowledgeable about the position, and if I had to guess I'd guess he eventually becomes a pretty darned good quarterbacks coach. The thing about this conversation is there's really no need for a conversation. Who Blake Bortles works with in his own time is his decision; Bortles trusts Palmer and wants to work with him, so that's what's happening.
Sid from Jacksonville:
Is it possible for the Jaguars to ever be the best team in the NFL? I'm reading about the compensatory- pick-selection process and it just seems like the NFL rewards good teams with more picks. The good teams get better, which makes the parity of the NFL even greater. I'm very frustrated and I love the Jaguars but it just seems like the NFL as an organization does not want the teams like the Jaguars to succeed.
John: Of course it's possible for the Jaguars to be the best team in the NFL, but let's not overstate things here. Compensatory selections don't keep a team from being elite, and although they are designed to counteract the negative effects of free agency on teams that draft well, they are far from a guarantee that good teams will stay good. A team such as the Lions, for example, likely will get a compensatory selection next offseason for the loss of Ndamukong Suh this offseason in free agency. The best compensation they can receive is a third-round selection. The Lions certainly will benefit from the selection, but a third-rounder hardly is guaranteed to fully offset losing a player of Suh's caliber.
Jim from Jacksonville:
All of this talk about Dante Fowler, Jr. brings up some concerns. As a Florida fan, I've watched him all of his college football career and I will tell you with all honesty he is not the dynamic, pure pass rusher we need. If we draft him will it be for his coverage/versatility abilities?
John: While coverage ability and versatility are valued, the Jaguars would be drafting Fowler or any of the pass-rushers being mentioned in large part for their ability to rush the passer. One thing to remember is that it's very difficult to gauge pass rushers on how they performed in college. College offenses are significantly different than NFL offenses with fewer quarterbacks taking straight drop backs; the spread, quick-release nature of many college offenses has had the effect of making two already-different games even more so. It also has made pass rusher a more difficult position to scout. You have to project how skills will translate, and many NFL people believe Fowler's skills translate well to the NFL.
Luis from Jacksonville:
O, I am tired of media not giving the Jags the coverage they deserve. A lot of people said it's because we don't win, but I am not buying that. The Jets and Browns are equal or worse than us and they show up on ESPN/NFL Network every day.
John: No team "deserves" coverage; networks and other media outlets cover teams based on perceived interest. The Jaguars went 3-13 last season and play in a small market. Why in the world would ESPN, NFL Network or any other national network spend much time or resources covering them? Cleveland and New York are bigger markets with larger fan bases and the Jets and Browns have had their fair share of drama this offseason, so of course they're going to get covered. But I don't completely agree with your premise, anyway. NFL Network and ESPN have had reporters embedded here in recent drafts and free agency periods; so when events merit, they cover the Jaguars. When the Jaguars start winning consistently, they'll get covered more and discussed more nationally.

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