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Brandon from Asheville, NC

This feels like the third season we have had a big need at tight end. Other than quarterback, which we have a good shot at addressing with the first pick, would you say tight end is the one position we have failed at upgrading? Can an offense thrive with poor tight end play?

The Jaguars have had a big need at tight end for a long time, particularly at receiving tight end. While this team historically has had quality blockers such as Marcedes Lewis at the spot, it has long lacked a dynamic receiving option there. I would expect this would be a focus for the front office moving forward. One player to watch is third-year tight end Josh Oliver, who has potential as a receiver but who has struggled with injuries in both of his NFL seasons. He's interesting, but the team probably won't enter the season assuming he will stay healthy. As far thriving offensively without big production at tight end … it's possible. But having it sure makes it much easier, particularly for a young quarterback. (Or a veteran quarterback, for that matter).

Mark from Gainesville, FL

O-Zone, we hear a lot about the Jags' need at defensive tackle, but it seems defensive end will be a bigger need next year. If we move to a 3-4, K'Lavon Chaisson and Josh Allen will move to the linebacker positions. Who do we have on the roster now that can play defensive end in a 3-4?

This is a fair point, and it's more a matter of discussing the issue with different terminology. If the Jaguars indeed move to 3-4 defense from a 4-3 next season – which seems possible and even likely – then the issues the team had at defensive tackle in a sense become some of the same issues at defensive end. Taven Bryan, Dawuane Smoot and Adam Gotsis could be possibilities. Even assuming those players can effectively play the spot, more depth and stoutness is needed – as was the case at defensive tackle in a 4-3. The thought here at the end of last season was the Jaguars needed to address defensive tackle in a big way – potentially in free agency and the draft. That applies to the end position in a 3-4.

Unhipcat from b-bar-h, ca

JOHN! Does this mean the Culligan Girl will be in teal this year?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Zac from Austin, Tejas

Drama sells. That's the only reason that the number of quarterbacks that are a "reportedly better fit for No. 1 overall" are on a steady increase. When there is nothing to write about the No. 1, it's time to start looking and writing about No. 2.

You're referencing the recent increase in analysts discussing players such as Brigham Young quarterback Zach Wilson potentially being a better choice for the No. 1 overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft than Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. This was to be expected. Because the draft is held four months after the end of the regular season, there are weeks upon weeks – upon weeks upon weeks – of buildup to the draft. Analysts look for flaws in players and try to find prospects to push over previously highly ranked prospects. This isn't always for the sole purpose of making news as much as it is just trying to be different and not follow the pack. There's also the reality here that Wilson is a good prospect. So is Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields. They're legitimately good and it's easy to find likeable – and very draftable – traits in each. I suspect there will be a lot of talk about both players before the draft. I also suspect there will be weeks when a lot of this talk goes viral and Jaguars fans get nervous about the selection. I even suspect many fans will get angry with the team for a selection that has not yet been made. I ultimately suspect the Jaguars will select Lawrence. We'll see. Should be an entertaining couple of months.

Reuben from Pikesville

I certainly respect people who have made their careers in football and are paid millions and millions of dollars to evaluate talent. But I also keep in mind that 20 percent of them or so or fired every year. If they were all right all the time every team would go 8-8. The Redskins general manager through much of the century was last seen doing sports talk radio in Baltimore. The current regime has been hired by a man who is unproven in the NFL. I genuinely hope he succeeds, and suspect that he will. But right now, none of us really know if he will turn into Chip Kelly, Nick Saban, or Steve Spurrier.


Jeff from Orange, CA

The Jaguars had the worst record in football last year, I think the second-worst defense and probably bottom five in a whole bunch of other categories. So, if we have the 22ndbest offensive line in the NFL, I think that means there are other places that need to be upgraded. I don't think anyone is saying the O-Line is great, but you can't do everything, right?

I haven't heard anyone around the Jaguars use the word great about anything since Head Coach Urban Meyer was hired. The decision-makers are still in the process of self-scouting and trying to plan for free agency and the offseason. I do think the Jaguars like a lot about the offensive line. That doesn't mean they won't try to upgrade it. It does mean there probably won't be major change there this offseason.

Logan from Wichita, KS

*Raising hand* I am the one that thought/knows the prior regime were idiots. I am, for now, holding out on judging the current regime until moves are made in free agent and the draft. This limbo time is all talk and means NOTHING until moves happen.

Let the record state that Logan is back.

John from Jacksonville

"Are people really serious about replacing Jawaan Taylor after only his second year? Did you see the fish he reeled in? The man's a beast and he can play the drums, too. Jaguars right tackle Jawaan Taylor indeed is all those things – and the idea that he can't be a very good tackle in the NFL is premature, too." You said something quite similar about Taven Bryan as well.

I probably did. Some players take time to develop and reach their potential. Some players don't ever reach their potential. Being wrong about one player doesn't make you wrong about another. But let's not let this anti-Taylor narrative take over: He didn't develop enough between Year 1 and Year 2 as you would have liked. But he wasn't bad. He isn't a bust. He's just not.

Dan from Varna

Sorry Zone, you are very bad man. You purposely chose to answer questions from whiny Jags fans that are complaining about everything. We can't get excited about our new QB, new head coach and our new better, hopefully, team with all this negativity around here daily.

People ask questions. I answer. That's how this works. Maybe it's the question-answer format that's throwing people off. I'm not sure.

Tudor from Saint Augustine FL

This "KOAGF" bastardization is getting very obnoxious. It doesn't work phonetically. As the "KOAF" abbreviation's inventor, I object, your honor!


Jordan from Jacksonville

Since Andrew Luck came out, my favorite quarterback prospects are 1) Trevor Lawrence and 2) Zach Wilson. Any other year, I would be all in on Wilson, but Trevor is the guy. Do you see there being any real chance Jags go Wilson or is it pretty much a done deal that Trevor is the pick?

I believe the Jaguars will select Lawrence. This is not "inside information." It's an early opinion given on February 20. I expect the Jaguars to study and scout all quarterbacks, and I expect they eventually will settle on Lawrence. That's my expectation. We'll see what happens.

Steve from Nashville, TN

When a team wins the Super Bowl who all besides Players, Coaches and Ownership typically get rings or does it stop there?

This depends on the organization. Some organizations give all employees rings, with some organizations giving different rings to different areas of the organizations. Other organizations give rings only to members of the "football" organization. It's a team decision and varies from team to team.

Marty from Jacksonville

John, I know you would agree with me on this, but here goes anyway. In response to those who see offensive line as a dire need, I say, protecting a quarterback actually involves all 21 other players. That's not just the offensive line, but also receivers getting open so he can get rid of the ball, and a defense that keeps us in games, so we don't have to abandon the run. All 21 other players are involved in protecting the quarterback, either directly or indirectly. So upgrading any starting position on offense or defense can improve our pass protection.