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O-Zone: Really good

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Chris from Mandarin

John, I have the feeling Trevor Lawrence is gonna be able to pass for 235 yards in his sleep. Things are about to be real interesting around here.

This references a recent O-Zone question about expectations for Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence as a rookie. The question focused on Lawrence possibly throwing for at least 4,000 yards in 2021, which would mean averaging about 235 yards passing a game. While whether Lawrence indeed could do that mid-slumber is debatable, it is a very reachable plateau for NFL quarterbacks who stay healthy and play consistently throughout a regular season. I expect Lawrence to be around that number as a rookie because I expect the Jaguars' skill players and offense overall to function at a relatively productive level this season. That won't be the standard for Lawrence's entire career, but it is a reasonable expectation as a rookie. And yes … that is supposed to be the difference between the pending Lawrence era and past Jaguars eras – i.e., consistent quarterback play around which you can build consistent, productive offense. That's what you expect in the long-term when you select generational quarterbacks No. 1 overall.

James from Texas City, TX

What is the status of Dylan Moses? Is he expected to rehab for a long period, or will he be expected at full strength for training camp?

Dylan Moses, who signed with the Jaguars as a collegiate free agent following the 2021 NFL Draft, participated in the team's '21 offseason program in May and early June. While Moses – who played collegiately at Alabama, sustained a serious 2019 knee injury, he played during the 2020 season – though he reportedly wasn't quite the same player following the injury as before. The Jaguars clearly hope that can change, and it very possibly could change, but I've heard nothing to indicate he won't participate in 2021 Training Camp.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL

I always liked Ryan Fitzpatrick's quote, it was something to the effect of, "Unfortunately, I chose the one career, where going to Harvard hurts."


RVJAG (former ticket holder) from North Augusta, SC

I realize that you can't see everything from a photo or film clip, but it seems like Lawrence squats when he is throwing the ball. It looks like he is not taking advantage of his 6-feet-6 height. Am I off base?

Lawrence bends his knees when he throws. Does it take an inch or two off his release point? I suppose. But at 6-6 with long arms – and with presumably good pocket awareness – I don't know that it's going to be a major issue.

Matthew from Fort Worth, TX

Once upon a time, I had a steak. What had ye?

Calzone from Sbarros at the Avenues.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

O, do you have any honest presupposition for how Urban is going to fare this season?

My "honest" expectation (as opposed to my dishonest one) is that Urban Meyer will fare fine as a head coach in his first NFL and first Jaguars season. I anticipate there will be a couple of instances when "NFL situations" – i.e., different rules or circumstances than he faced in college – cause hiccups. Those hiccups will be a subject of great focus, criticism and concern when they occur because of Meyer's profile, but they happen with coaches transitioning to the NFL from college – and it's not a tragic circumstance unless the coach/staff fails to learn and adjust moving forward. Overall, the only way to judge how Meyer fares is how the Jaguars fare. I expect the Jaguars to be improved in 2021, to be competitive in far more games than last season and to push for a .500 record. That might not thrill some fans, but it would be major progress and a good start to the Meyer/Lawrence era.

Zach from Palatka, FL

When is your 10-year mark? If it already passed can you lie and say it's next week?

The current O-Zone streak began August 8, 2011.

Scott from Jacksonville

Running every day? Aren't you supposed to give yourself days off from exercise so your body can recover? I've never really tested this personally. I mean, every day is pretty much a recovery day for my body. But you run, right? Wouldn't running every day be a problem?

I have either run three miles or done 3.5 miles on the NordicTrack every day since December 2014. I doubt this is ideal. It's what I do. It's not a problem except in the way that compulsive repetition is always something of a problem.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

Jaguars fans worry about tight end because they've never really had a good receiving threat at the position and have seen too many times secondaries crowding the receivers not respecting the threat at tight end. However, much of that was with one maybe two receiving threats. They have a plethora of threats at the skill positions now. They will stretch the defense horizontally and vertically. A receiving tight end would be a great bonus, especially in the red zone but it seems like it won't be much of an issue this year.


Crash from the Westside

Is the Culligan Girl the new lead singer for Gene Frenette's Blues Band?

This is a good, timely question. Longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette indeed heads one of the area's purest blues bands – the aforementioned Gene Frenette's Blues Band. Because Gene handles vocals, lead guitar and the occasional Mississippi sax, hardcore GFBB followers – "Geners," as they call themselves – long have wondered if Gene might someday bring a female singer into the fold. And a female singer indeed would serve as a complement to Gene's raspy, drowsy baritone. To this date, it has not happened – and I have heard nothing to indicate such a move is forthcoming.

Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL

Do you think that college football players getting compensation will affect the graduation rate? It is not all that good now – about 46 percent. I just hope these kids take (and pay attention to) math courses, because now, as student athletes, they will have to deal with some real-life issues like income taxes. NFL teams preparing for the draft may now have to consider whether a prospective draftee owes the IRS …

My guess is a few football players will run into the occasional issue regarding taxes, and there's little question adding significant money to a college player's life will be as complicating in some cases as it is helpful. Either way, I doubt it will significantly help or hurt graduation rates.

Al from Orange Park, FL

Please explain to me the rationale of publishing an article titled, "Final analysis: On the rookie QB" on July 6? Final? Please ...

"Final Analysis" is a series we do on from time to time. It's meant to essentially say "the final authority" – or something like that. I don't know that there was a "rationale," or that the title was meant to be anything but a way of introducing the story. Maybe we can just read it and enjoy the offseason? Maybe?

TC from Kingsland and Section 124

I have a nickname idea. We had Thunder and Lightning, so how about TnT for Trevor n Travis? We even have an AC/DC song for every time they get a touchdown. TnT watch me explode! Easy to scream from the filled stadium. Send this over to the game day production team so they can get started on the graphics for the big boards.

I'll get on it. Or I won't. We'll see.

Rancid from My House

With the NFL moving to a 17-game season will there be an additional bye week? Do you see NFL teams resting starters during the regular season much like in the NBA? Seems like with the addition of one game it opens up the likelihood of more injuries to star players.

There will not be an additional bye week in 2021, though there is an additional bye between the final preseason game and the regular-season opener. I can't see teams resting their starters more than usual because of one more regular-season game, though an extended season likely will lead to more "meaningless" games late in the season that likely will lead to teams resting starters ahead of the postseason. Even though 17 games are an increase, it's not so much of an increase that teams will want to rest players in October/November and risk giving away what could be a crucial game in terms of postseason positioning. And yes … 17 games do mean more chances for injuries. Some teams now will play 21 "real games" to win a Super Bowl. That's a lot, and it will create more attrition.

Dave from Chuluota, FL

On the concerns that a 213-pound Trevor Lawrence might be a little underweight … Trevor Lawrence meet Ben "Smoothie King" Bartch. Next! Also, would you consider weight gained by consuming Sbarro and Taco Bell "good weight?"

God, I hope so.