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O-Zone: Shooting star

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Tim from St. Pete, FL:
John: I know it is dangerous, but I was reading some of the national sports media articles about the Jaguars. One mentions the sack woes of the Jags (neglecting, of course, to mention last year's seventh-ranked 45 sacks) and blamed it on the fact that we haven't had a double-digit sack guy since 2006. That begs a question: is the total sack number more important or is it critical to have the dominant LEO pass rusher in Bradley's scheme?
John: Reading national articles on the Jaguars isn't dangerous. Reaching for the last piece of bread when "dining out" with Boselli and Shadrick … now, that's dangerous. In fact, reading national articles on the Jaguars can be enjoyable as long as you understand they're typically limited in accuracy and depth. As for the article you read, the fact that it didn't mention last year's 45 sacks isn't unusual. A lot of people missed the fact that the Jaguars' pass rush improved, and if you're trying to argue that the Jaguars need a pass rusher, then the general lack of sacks over the past several seasons is an easy narrative. Ideally, you would love to have a double-digit sacks player. Those are typically players who can force turnovers and they also force offenses to double team or chip them. That makes entire defenses better. In Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley's scheme, you probably would like to have several players capable of double-digit sacks (though all would not likely achieve the total) and have a bunch of guys swarming to get to a high number as a defensive line. Then again, that's good in any defensive scheme, isn't it?
John from Boynton Beach, FL:
Boselli will shade EverBank Field by standing on one of the light towers; only we will still be blinded by the brightness of his glory.
John: Or so he says.
Patrick from Merced, CA:
If the Eagles by chance do start Tim Tebow and he becomes a success do you think the Jaguars will wish they had him for a backup quarterback?
John: I'll assume facetiousness here, but whatever … No, I don't think even if that happened that the Jaguars would wish they had Tim Tebow as a backup quarterback. Who knows? Tebow might well fit snugly into Chip Kelly's offense in Philadelphia. And he might become a bona fide NFL quarterback. Shoot, maybe he'll even get a commercial endorsement or two. That doesn't mean any of those things would happen with the Jaguars.
Elvis from Syracuse, NY:
I've been on our site, like, every day and it seems nobody want to talk about the secondary. I'm hearing a lot of good things about Blake Bortles, the O-Line and D-Line – and the receivers are looking impressive as well. But the secondary was our concern, too; with the new additions do you see any improvement?
John: We've talked about the secondary some, but you're correct – not as much as some of the other areas. Overall, there's a very good feeling about the secondary -- perhaps as good of a feeling as there is about any Jaguars position group. It may not be the best position group on the roster. That would still have to go to the defensive line assuming Roy Miller and Sen'Derrick Marks are healthy. But in terms of having depth and quality young players, the secondary looks good. That's particularly true at corner, with Demetrius McCrary, Davon House, Aaron Colvin and Dwayne Gratz, all of whom drew praise during the offseason. The safety position on paper isn't quite as deep, and third-year veteran Johnathan Cyprien will be a major training-camp story because he must improve. But overall, the feeling is that secondary is a group poised to make a significant jump.
Jon from Nijmegen, Netherlands:
Not a question, just a comment regarding the cover/canopy from an engineer. It's the NFL; anything can be done with the right amount of money. However, I think the best bet would be some geometric canopies made out of carbon-fiber-laced material. Then perhaps some strategic openings from below and you would get a chimney effect that would get people out of the sun, with a breeze and preserve the idea you are outside. Not to mention the exorbitant cooling system that might be needed.
John: I've got a fan in the garage. It doesn't oscillate, but it tilts a few degrees either way. I'll see if I can dig it out.
Mike from Waynesville, NC:
John, my wedding is this Friday. During our preparation, I suggested Jaguar colors and she agreed. Needless to say this will be one of the few Jaguars weddings in Panthers territory. Any advice you can throw my way to show my Panthers friends the error of their ways and more importantly surviving the day?
John: Is it a full open bar?
Brian from Greenwood, IN:
Don't forget Hines Ward as a college quarterback who transitioned to another position.
John: Ward indeed played quarterback at Georgia as a sophomore, but was primarily a wide receiver in his final two collegiate seasons. That's not to say I wouldn't have forgotten him if he had played quarterback more. I am certainly capable of such an error, but it's not really right to call Ward a "college quarterback" who transitioned after making it to the NFL.
Alex from Austin, TX:
Sup, O-Man! I recently read your article about players who could break out and had a question: if you could only choose one, who is the most likely to break out? I've been big on Allen Robinson since he got hurt. I honestly believe if he wasn't injured he would have broken out already. If I remember right, Bortles YPA dipped heavily after his injury. There's my guy, who you got?
John: I'm big on Allen Robinson, too. I mentioned players such as Aaron Colvin, Telvin Smith and T.J. Yeldon in the article you cited, but I'd pick Robinson first because the position he plays means a chance at big statistics and because I think he'll be a major part of the offense. And, of course, he's starting to show athleticism, strength and aggressiveness that will make him a tough matchup.
Duran from Rapid City, SD:
Clearly, David has never been married. Establishing dominance over your wife is accomplished by tactfully getting your wife to do what you want while at the same time having her believe it was her idea in the first place. It's done by "looking at the menu" and – if questioned – having the ability to divert her attention to a different subject fluidly enough that by the time she remembers the "I-don't-remember-what-you're-talking-about" card is playable. It's more mental than physical, at least with wives anyways.
John: If that works for you, go with it.
Sam Akel from Orlando, FL:
No question, just a statement. I met Fred Taylor last year at the Jags-Steelers game. He was carved out of granite. I dare someone to call him Fragile Fred to his face.
John: That probably doesn't happen much, and if it does, the people saying it don't have a firm grasp of reality. You don't run for as many yards as he did in as many seasons as he did for as long as he did if you're fragile.
Chris from Jacksonville:
So, am I the only one around here that pictures Gwen Stefani every time you say "No Doubt"? Did I just show my age?
John: No doubt. No doubt.
Eric from Yulee, FL:
I have a few questions about our linebackers group. I hear a lot of talk about Dan Skuta being the first real fit at "Otto" and I was wondering if the coaches had the same feel about Dekoda Watson this time last year. What happened with Watson and why didn't that work out? Also looking at Bleacher Report's list of top 4-3 outside linebackers I noticed free agent Geno Hayes is ranked No. 16 one spot higher then Telvin Smith. I was just curious as to why Hayes was let go, and why hasn't he been picked up yet? Could it be a possibility he comes back as some depth to our linebacker group?
John: I sense a lot more confidence in Skuta than I did this time last offseason. One reason is Skuta was on the field throughout the offseason whereas Watson had a sports hernia injury that kept him out until training camp. Even without the injury, Skuta is a more unknown entity and the optimism around him is real. As for the Bleacher Report ranking, I can't explain that. The Jaguars opted not to re-sign Hayes (he was not let go) because they like Telvin Smith at outside linebacker and Dan Skuta at the Otto. They also feel better about the young depth at the position than many observers feel, and I don't get a sense that re-signing is something that will happen.
Emiel from Jacksonville:
Just to keep the Beatles talk going, I saw a picture on Twitter of Paul McCartney wearing a Jaguars hat. Maybe playing games in London isn't so bad.
John: Johnny was a schoolboy when he heard his first Beatles song …

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