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O-Zone: Sign him up

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Let's get to it …

Rog from Sta

Z - Taylor, McCoy, Jim Bob, Pederson - Too many roosters in the hen house? How does this work without confusing Lawrence?

I suppose this concern is understandable, but it feels a bit like worry for worry's sake. Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson indeed hired Press Taylor as offensive coordinator, Jim Bob Cooter as pass-game coordinator and Mike McCoy as quarterbacks coach. All four played quarterback either in the NFL or collegiately. All have coached quarterbacks in the NFL. And all have been an offensive coordinator in the NFL. And developing quarterback Trevor Lawrence indeed is the priority for the franchise, and Lawrence is a primary reason for hiring that level of offensive brainpower and experience. This franchise currently has a very quarterback-centric feel. As far as the foursome's presence being "too many roosters in the hen house …" sure, maybe. Or it could have been the case that hiring only three wouldn't have been enough. There's no reason to believe all four won't be of like approach when it comes to quarterback play and offense. That's certainly the case with Pederson and Taylor, for example, having worked together five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. So long as the roles and communication are clear, this shouldn't be a problem. Like so many situations in life and the NFL, it will work and be a good situation if the people involved are good. If not …

John from Green Bay, WI

I know it's forever off, but how cool is it that the Jaguars are playing in the Hall of Fame game?

The Jaguars indeed will play the Las Vegas Raiders in the Pro Football Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio, on August 4. This will be two days before former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli is enshrined in the Hall. Jaguars fans have waited a while for the moment. So, not incidentally, has Boselli. How cool is it? How cool will the weekend be for Jaguars fans? Supercalifragilistichumongous? Very? Or something.

Gary from St. Augustine, FL

Hall of Fame Game, baaaaaaybeeeee. I am Canton, Ohio-bound in August.


KC from Orlando, FL

KOAF - Can teams start trading for players that are liable to become cap casualties, or does that have to wait when the signing period begins in two weeks?

Such trades can be discussed and agreed upon at any time. They can – and usually are – reported upon and treated as done deals by the media. They typically aren't finalized until the start of the new League Year for what are essentially bookkeeping reasons.

Joe from Jax Beach

EVP … hahahahaha.

I don't get it.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, what's an example of the current coaching team acting more professional versus past regimes?

The Jaguars' current personnel at tight end, for starters.

Zac from Austin, Tejas

What makes older NFL games *visually* look more gritty and in your face? Right now, I'm thinking of the short video of Fred Taylor CBS tweeted out. It just looks different. I'm not sure what I'm trying to describe. Maybe it looks less sterile? Can you figure out what I'm trying to say?

The NFL absolutely was a different game in the 1990s. It was more physical, and defenses were certainly allowed to hit freer than is the case in this era. Perhaps that explains the difference. Or perhaps not. One or the other. Ish. Or something.

Keith from Saint Augustine, FL

John, you are funny even if there are those who fail to capture your subtle humor. As far as being a "goober," I say nay. You are a man men admire and women adore (and this includes the Culligan girl).

Good eye.

Adrian from El Paso, TX

Do you see the NFL/CBA putting caps or making changes to the way organizations restructure contracts? The New Orleans Saints just went from broke to buyers in free agency at the drop of a hat and I feel like that's a slippery slope the Los Angeles Rams started and will hurt the parity of the league.

The Saints reportedly recently restructured three contracts to create $34 million in salary-cap space. That leaves them a projected $40 million over the salary cap for 2022, so they hardly became "buyers" with the transactions. I do not expect the NFL to put caps or make changes to how their contract machinations work. The league has used this system for upwards of 30 years, with similar angst and complaints expressed each offseason. What the Saints have done this offseason isn't new. Teams restructure to get to the cap every offseason. It can be argued either way whether parity in the NFL is real. Teams with great quarterbacks that build well around those quarterbacks typically have a chance at extended runs of success, and teams without that formula typically struggle or are far less consistent. I also don't know that it's accurate to say the Rams have hurt the NFL's parity in any significant way. They have been in the Super Bowl twice in the last four seasons years and won it this past season, a season that featured an exciting postseason but that didn't feature particularly great teams. Maybe they'll trade their way to a dynasty. They're far from that at this point.

Bob from Sumter, SC

I'm guessing they Jaguars re-sign left tackle Cam Robinson and draft edge defender Aidan Hutchinson of Michigan. Sign a free agent wide receiver and let wide receiver DJ Chark Jr. walk. Use Round 2 pick on a wide receiver. Then again, what do I know?

Pretty much as much as anyone else.

John from Jacksonville

Hutchinson will be a bust after watching him get manhandled by Georgia. Michigan does not play enough talented teams it's easy to look good against mediocre teams. Georgia linebacker Nakobe Dean will be the best player in this year's draft class hands down; size aside, he plays way beyond his physical size and analytics and a tape measure can't and don't measure heart and the will to win. Mark it down. Save this. Hutchinson will be Taven Bryan 2.0.

Hutchinson can't be remotely compared to Jaguars defensive lineman Taven Bryan because Hutchinson will be a top three selection and Bryan was a late first-round selection; a late first-rounder missing is dramatically different with different ramifications than a Top 3 selection. Either way, I doubt I'll save this. Not that I don't value your one-game assessments over the assessments of those who take a broader view. Belieeeeeeeeeeeve me, I do. I just don't really feel like it. (And Go Dawgs, amirite!? High five!)

Brian from Gainesville, FL

Big O, I'm not here to attack Cam Robinson, but all your readers who only cite the one sack allowed and five total penalties seem to ignore that he graded out pretty poorly in run blocking. He's not elite. But the money to keep him will be. My problem is if the Jaguars re-sign him, they likely won't take someone like Alabama left tackle Evan Neal with the first pick. So that means that they likely will take one of the pass rushers. Neither of those guys are as good as the pass rushers that have been taken high in the last several drafts. Just feels like the dominoes from keeping Cam will be a lackluster first-round draft. I wish this was easier.

Hey, one not really fer Cam … and one fer wishing someone else's job was easier …

Jeremy from Billings, MT

O-man, I am all in on the idea of signing Chicago Bears and former Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson if he isn't franchised by the Bears. He has been incredibly productive his whole career despite playing with subpar quarterbacks the entire time. Not to mention after a season of dropped balls, Trevor deserves someone with sure hands like A-Rob. Not to mention his ability to win 50/50 balls would pair perfectly with a quarterback that likes to be aggressive downfield.

… and one fer Robinson.

_Steve from Wallingford, CT         _

Saints restructure contracts to save $34 million … what even is the point of a cap if there are loopholes to free up millions on millions?

The NFL's cap, while not a "hard cap," forces teams to restructure and not re-sign players. It can force decisions into the future, but decisions must eventually be made. This isn't to say teams can't find ways to re-sign and retain some players – or even many players. But it does effect decisions – even if those decisions are only about depth and so-called less-premiere positions. Teams can restructure their way out of cap situations for the short term. In the long run, it hurts depth and limits teams' availability to sign and retain the free agents of their choosing.

Crash from JAX

O Man! When are we going to play a game in Dublin, Ireland? Where do I sign up? Barmaid! A Guinness for me and O Man!

Crash is "all in."