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O-Zone: Sleepy guy

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Michael from Orange Park, FL

I kneeeeew you would say to relax. But that was bad. And embarrassing. Convince me this is not the same old Jaguars.

I suppose some level of angst over the Jaguars' 27-11 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game Thursday was inevitable. The Jaguars indeed did not look good in the game – either offensively or against the run. And yes … I did say to relax when discussing this loss in Friday's "next-day" Ozone. Remember, though: Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence, running backs Travis Etienne Jr., and James Robinson, the top four wide receivers, tight end Evan Engram and three starting offensive linemen didn't play. It was essentially a second-team offense. A bigger concern was the run defense, but four key front-seven defensive players – end Foley Fatukasi, inside linebackers Devin Lloyd and Foye Oluokun and outside linebacker Josh Allen — also didn't play. I've said all offseason I don't believe the Jaguars will be great this season. I don't believe they'll contend for the postseason. I believe they will be improved. We won't know if that's true until they begin playing their front-line players. But that wasn't what was happening Thursday.

Ryan from Reality

So, it looks like once again we spent a lot of money and draft capital on the defense just to continue to not be able to stop the run. I know it's just preseason, but "stop the run" is a pretty basic thing. I expected us to be better. I was very disappointed. Same old feeling. Same ol' Jags.

In what way does it look like that? The "lot of money" to stop the run was spent on defensive tackle Fatukasi and Oluokun in unrestricted free agency and much of the "draft capital" to stop the run was spent on inside linebacker Devin Lloyd. None of those three played against the Raiders. I understand the tendency to be disappointed. And it's fine if you were disappointed. But at least be disappointed for legitimate reasons.

Johnny from Westside

Were you here for Big Bo's selection as No. 1 overall? If so, do you remember what it was like that day? What was the reaction of the fanbase, such as it was at the time? Was there general acclaim, or more like, "a TACKLE!?!"

I indeed was covering the Jaguars for the Florida Times-Union when they selected left tackle Tony Boselli; he was selected No. 2 overall in the 1995 NFL Draft, becoming the first collegiate draft selection in franchise history. The day was memorable because it was the latest first of many firsts that year. I perhaps recall there being some disappointment among fans that the Jaguars hadn't made a flashier selection, but this was before Twitter made the world such a wonderfully interactive place so there was no measurable vocal outcry. Either way, it was pretty much known for several weeks Boselli was the likely selection, so there was no surprise. And Boselli was widely considered one of the top two or three players in the draft, so any anger was muffled. Remember: this was the expansion season and fans were thrilled to have a team. And the franchise hadn't lost a game yet. There weren't a lot of people predisposed to believing everything the team did was wrong.

Chris from Tampa, FL

Well, that should bring the overly optimistic back down to earth for a bit. While this doesn't certainly foreshadow an entire season of ineptitude, it's hard to just wave this off as just being preseason. Once again, the roster just seems overmatched. Better days may be ahead, but it's hard to argue this wasn't an inauspicious start.

It's actually sort of hard to argue Thursday's loss was a start at all. A scrimmage? A practice? Sure, but not really a start.

JohnnyD from Cedar Rapids, IA

This team is STILL SOOOOO BORING to watch. Nothing new here to see.

I agree. The Jaguars were pretty boring against the Raiders Thursday. I'm curious to see if they're just as boring with their best players playing in a game that matters.

Shanghai Stevie Back in Jax

Outcoached. Shad should have thrown the bag at Josh McD.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if a person is being serious. Sometimes you hope for the person's sake, they're not. When someone watches an NFL preseason game and writes in about one coach outcoaching the other … that's one of those times you hope "not."

Nathan from Utah, US

Zone, when does the season start?

The Jaguars open the 2022 regular season against the Washington Commanders on Sunday, September 11. If form holds, I anticipate the sky falling multiple times between now and then.

Tom from Jacksonville

Did you hear the dig by Chris, I mean Cris, Collinsworth about the Jags. And did he mistake Arden Key for a Raider. Does this guy belong in the booth?

I didn't hear Cris Collinsworth say anything bad about the Jaguars on Thursday. He actually was pretty complementary considering the one-sided nature of the game. I did hear him mistake Arden Key for a member of the Las Vegas Raiders when he in fact plays defensive line for the Jaguars. I don't love Collinsworth's style, but "color" analysts have a difficult job and can't be all things to all viewers. He typically is very well-prepared and very knowledgeable and yes … even with that one mistake Thursday, he is one of the better people in his role.

Kevin from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Hi, John. No question just a cool moment from the Hall of Fame game. I was wearing my Boselli jersey and entering the stadium when I hear "Hey, I like that jersey." When I looked up, it was Tony. I was able to shake his hand and tell him congratulations on the Hall of Fame. That made it worth the trip from Jacksonville.

That is a cool story. Enjoy the moment.

Ivan from Hollywood, FL

What's the difference between an unofficial depth chart the team releases and an official depth chart the team releases?

There usually isn't a difference. NFL teams release depth charts in their weekly game release, with the depth chart almost always saying "unofficial dept chart." There's some irony there, I suppose, because what most people consider the official depth chart actually is unofficial.

Bruce from Saint Simons Island, GA

O, Are the Jags going to play Walker only at defensive end? I hope not, since he played well everywhere at the University of Georgia. Looking forward to seeing our starters next week? Meanwhile, the backup defensive players (early) appeared to have never seen a screen pass play! I pray that our starters stay relatively healthy.

The Jaguars plan to play Travon Walker – the No. 1 overall selection in the 2022 NFL Draft – exclusively at outside linebacker early in his career, then move him around in the defense as he gets more comfortable. That makes sense considering his versatility. I do expect to see the Jaguars play all healthy defensive starters in Preseason Week 1 against the Cleveland Browns at TIAA Bank Field next Saturday. I wouldn't worry about the defense versus the screen pass the other night. As Head Coach Doug Pederson explained, there's a lot of game planning that goes into defending the screen pass. There wasn't any game-planning involved Thursday.

Zac from Austin, Tejas

I didn't realize they were in meetings so much. The CBA is mainly regulating field time, but not work time?

The Collective Bargaining Agreement limits on-field time as well as meeting time. Players can be required to be at the team's facility no more than 12 hours per day during training camp, including practice time and meeting time.

Mark from Seminole

Hi John. I understand that overreaction in the preseason is commonplace around here. Perhaps it should be expected as a normal response to abject futility by this franchise for far too long. I also understand the reasoning behind holding your best players out to minimize the injury risks. That being said, as the value of preseason games go, shouldn't talent evaluation be balanced with getting the team used to winning? There is something to be said about heading into the regular season on a little streak to build the teams confidence. What say you?

I say these are professional football players and therefore are good at football. The Jaguars have a quarterback and a head coach who know what it is to win at high levels. I also say winning in the preseason doesn't give professional football players enough in the way of confidence to matter much – certainly not enough for an NFL-seasoned head coach Pederson to overplay starters in early August. Pederson knows how to prepare a team to play professional football. He's not going to act panicky just because his backup offense struggled in August.

Jeff from Atlantic Beach, FL

Wake me up when the regular season gets here.

Will do.