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Art from Drexel Hill, PA

One primetime game? How does a team grow their base without exposure? If I was Khan, I'd be pissed at this happening every year.

The NFL announced its 2021 schedule Wednesday, which meant it released the Jaguars' 2021 schedule – and I perhaps unsurprisingly received multiple emails upset that the Jaguars received just one prime-time game. While this was disappointing to Jaguars fans, it wasn't surprising. Yes, the team expects to improve moving forward with Urban Meyer as head coach and Trevor Lawrence as quarterback. Yes, the future appears bright. Yes, with that brightness should come more national attention. But remember: This is still a small-market team that went 1-15 last season and has made one playoff appearance since 2007. National, prime-time games in that sense must be earned. I'm sure Jaguars Owner Shad Khan isn't thrilled with just one prime-time game, but you know what? If the Jaguars win under Meyer with Lawrence at quarterback, the national attention will come. You grow your fan base with exposure, but you get that exposure from winning. Even with a potential superstar rookie quarterback, that's the path.


Hi, John. I do not feel unconfident predicting the Jaguars sitting alone atop the AFC South after Week 1.

The Jaguars open the season at the Houston Texans, so yes … they could win that game and be 1-0. The Indianapolis Colts open at home against the Seattle Seahawks and the Tennessee Titans open at home against the Arizona Cardinals. Yes, first place is a possibility. Why not?

Andy from Edmonton, Alberta

Hey O, with the announcement of the Jags and Falcons hosting games in London next year, any idea why they selected the Tottenham Stadium? With it not being at Wembley, Khan seemingly isn't in line to secure more revenue from surrounding sales at that facility. You always say London is critical to the Jags sustainability, so do they earn less by having the game at Tottenham? I would assume the team is compensated appropriately by the NFL regardless of the venue. Would it simply be that Khan is out some extra money from what would be Wembley concessions, parking, etc.? Thanks.

The Jaguars want to maintain a presence in London moving forward. The league had an agreement to have two games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium this season. This was a way to make both happen.

Biff from Jacksonville, FL

Jags/Dolphins in London. The marketing for this game should be fun, with two Florida teams playing across the pond. Two teams with young, promising quarterbacks. But I have to wonder, bringer of joy, if this team becomes what we all hope it can be with Trevor Lawrence at the helm, the fan tolerance for losing a home game every year will surely become more of a negative talking point. Can you see a future where the Jaguars' success keeps all eight home games at "home"? I'm on my way, O. I'm on my wayyyyyyy. Home sweet home.

I don't yet know the future of Jaguars London games because that future is not yet known. Khan to this point has wanted a presence in London, with one reason being it is key to the Jaguars' local revenue equation. Circumstances could change where that's not the case. We'll see.

MrMakersMark from Sec 408 Row A

Mr. O, I too will jump on the "Why is the Miami game going to London?" bandwagon. Seems that there are still Jaguar fans out there that would have loved to see this in Jax and a little revenge for last season. Do the West Coast teams (San Francisco and Arizona) get a pass on London games or something? As a season-ticket holder, I am fine with ONE game in London, but this was a bad choice by the NFL. Thanks for what you do.

The Dolphins-Jaguars game is in London because it worked for the schedule, and because the Jaguars were one of two teams that agreed to play a home game there and allow the league to have two games at Tottenham. I don't get the sense there was anything beyond that, particularly anything untoward.

Michael from Middleburg

After reading your replies to letters the last couple of days … why are you so supportive of the Tebow fiasco? How can you not see this is only a distraction for the team and another reason for the other teams to once again see the Jaguars as a laughingstock? There absolutely is no benefit. Needless to say, it prevents the possibility of a young decent player on the roster.

I'm not supportive of the Jaguars signing Tim Tebow. I'm not particularly against it. I would correctly be described as not caring that much about it. A big reason is when I think about the Jaguars, I think about the team as opposed to what is or isn't being said about the team on Twitter or on other forms of media. On Twitter and national media, this is a big story. I get that. It remains to be seen if it's a big story for the team because it remains to be seen if Tebow will even make the roster. I expect he will compete and be the fourth or fifth tight end and I expect him to work very hard and get some notoriety, but I think it will be a longshot for a player his age to make the team. As far as preventing a young, decent player from making the roster … I've covered enough training camps to know there at least a dozen players at the end of pretty much every roster in every camp with little or no chance of making the team. Considering Tebow's history as an elite athlete and high achiever, the gamble on him figuring a way to contribute is a better risk than many of the "end-of-the-roster" players I have covered in two-and-half-decades.

Fred from Naples, Florida

Hey Zone, have you seen Boselli lately? I can't find him on the website anywhere; not in any video either? This could be the longest vacation in history. Is there a rift between he and the Jaguars?

While his vacation indeed has reached historical proportions, there is no rift between former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli and the franchise. The only rift is between Boselli and the senior writer.

David from Maplewood, NJ

Zone, I love how in the same column you imply that the Tebow distraction narrative is overblown but then nearly every question and comment in the O-Zone is related to a 33-year-old former quarterback who hasn't played football in four years and has been signed to compete at a position he has never played in his life. Awesome, I'm sure you are right!

I am.

Andy from St. Augustine, FL

So, I get that you don't think the Tebow issue is a distraction "inside the building," so to speak - but what about in other locker rooms on other teams, and other potential free agents? While I agree that Tebow would have to earn a third- or fourth-string spot as a tight end in camp, what does it say to others looking at the Jags and their shiny new head coach that he has decided that he (reportedly) wants to sign a soon to be 34-year old that hasn't played in a game in nine years and has never played tight end, hasn't had to block a defensive end or blitzing linebacker, hasn't shown he can catch a pass, etc. - rather than sign one of the free agents that actually has tight-end experience in the league? From the tweets and stories I've seen regarding players around the league, this move is seen as favoritism - by signing someone who has no business being on an NFL roster, especially when there are others out there (Trey Burton, Tyler Eifert, Richard Rodgers, Jesse James etc.) that would actually help the Jags and would be a TE1 or at the least TE2. For any future potential free agents, I'm not sure that playing in sunny Florida and not having any state tax is enough to offset a coach who appears to still have the college mindset and reportedly wants to sign someone like Tebow.

How much will the Jaguars be offering free agents? Will the Jaguars be winning?

Steve on his Desktop from JaxBeach

In my humble opinion coaches look at each and every roster spot as potential diamond in the making and don't hand out contracts carelessly. Even the camp 90-man roster. Along those line, it's ridiculous to think that Tebow (or ANY player) would be tossed in there as a gimmick with no possibility of making a contribution. I'm I way off?

The Jaguars aren't considering signing Tebow as a gimmick. They are considering signing him to see if he can contribute and help the team. There's no guarantee that will happen, but that's the reason they are considering it.

John from Jacksonville

Who is Tim Tebow?

Only the best thing ever!!!!