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O-Zone: Someday soon

JACKSONVILLE – Look-ahead Wednesday …

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Elisha from Deerfield Beach, FL

Based on the Jags' current rate of progress, what is your season record projection for the team?

I projected before the season the Jaguars had a chance to win six-to-seven games. I figured they probably would win one of the first three and go forward at about that pace. They did not win one of their first three games. Based on that, I figure now they have a decent chance to win between four or five games for the season … somewhere in there. They were better in Week 3 than in Week 2 and better in Week 2 than in Week 1 – and there's every reason that trend can continue. The next two months still could be tough. The schedule gets rocky in late October and early November. But could an improved Jaguars team look a lot better and string some victories together in the season's final weeks? Yes, I could see that.

Paul from Washington, D.C.

What would the Los Angeles Rams say if a team offered to trade an underperforming outside linebacker, an average tight end and a third-round draft selection for Jalen Ramsey? The only way the trade made sense is if the Jaguars cashed in on the two first-rounders. Can any outside observer say the Jaguars won the trade?

I will first note here you seem confused about what the Jaguars received as compensation from the Los Angeles Rams in the 2019 trade for cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Your question implies that the No. 9 overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft was part of the deal, which was not the case. Therefore, Monday's trade involving the player the Jaguars selected at No. 9 – cornerback CJ Henderson – in that sense had nothing to do with the Ramsey trade. Here's what the Jaguars did in fact receive for Ramsey: the No. 20 selection in '20, the No. 25 selection in '21 and a '21 fourth-round selection that the Jaguars used to move up in that draft to select defensive end/linebacker Jordan Smith. They used the No. 20 '20 selection on linebacker K'Lavon Chaisson and the No. 25 '21 selection on running back Travis Etienne. So … did the Jaguars "win" the trade? No, and they probably weren't going to "win" the trade in terms of on-field value because generational players such as Ramsey are rare. This is one reason I thought then the Jaguars should have told Ramsey to keep resting his back early that season until he was healthy and that he was going to play for the Jaguars or no one. But the team felt it no choice but to trade him. As for how much value the Jaguars actually get from the Ramsey trade … that largely will depend on Chaisson's development and how Etienne fares following his return next season from a Lisfranc injury. We'll see.

Duval Doom



Tom from Mandarin

Would it be possible to place Urban Meyer on the practice squad until he learns how to operate within the NFL rather than like the NCAA?

No. Practice squads are limited to players, though the NFL in recent seasons has allowed veteran players to be on the squads whereas they were previously limited to rookies and players with limited experience. Coaches can't be on practice squads.

Howard from Homestead, FL

There have been times in other sports when a league will step in and take over the operations of a club because it is so ineptly run. Should the NFL adopt such a policy, and would the Jags be a candidate?

No, it should not – and no, they would not.

Tim from Twenty Mile from Ponte Vedra/Jax

Asking again after Agnew's latest dynamic display? Why aren't Jags working him into the passing game?

Jaguars wide receiver/returner Jamal Agnew only recently in his NFL career transitioned fully to wide receiver after originally being a cornerback. I don't doubt that the Jaguars will look for ways to get him involved in the offense. But he's not yet one of the three or four best receivers on the roster.

Biff from Jacksonville

Jags win Thursday night. Am I crazy to see this team on the cusp of turning some type of positive corner?

That's not why you're crazy.

Zac from Austin, Tejas

I know you at least have the right sentiment - but I'm definitely tired of being told "be patient" and insinuating that I should be content in losing games now in hope to have a winning season (in two-plus years?) I don't tolerate that as a competitive person and I bet neither does anyone on the team.

I don't believe fans should be content with losing. Nor should they be patient. I do believe it will take time for rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence and this team to reach a point where they're consistent enough to win enough to contend for the postseason – and I believe that timeframe is relatively normal considering where the franchise was when this regime and quarterback arrived. This doesn't mean anyone around the Jaguars is OK with losing. It doesn't mean anyone should tolerate it. It does mean there might be some losing until there is winning. It's OK for fans to get upset with it. And to be impatient. It's also OK to understand that you don't go from 1-15 to the Super Bowl just because you have a competitive drive and fire.

Tom from Jacksonville

Perhaps the Gators we are drafting are spending too much time with their local connections and not enough time growing up. Why not draft guys from other parts of the country to minimize the bad influences?

The Jaguars draft players from all over the country.

Jay from Westside

What's it going to take, O, for the Jaguars to pull through and get a W?

Fewer turnovers and more big plays when the opportunities arise. The Jaguars aren't good enough to win with a lot of mistakes and a lot of opportunities missed.

Logan from Saskatoon

Fun game to play - which was the worse 2020 first-round pick? Henderson or Isaiah Wilson? The Titans were heavily criticized for the Wilson selection, but at 29 is much less damaging to a franchise than pick No. 9.

That's not a fun game to play.

Brad from Spokane

"I don't believe in subjectivity," Meyer said. "I believe in, what's your record? Every man's got a record. What is it? You are what your record (is). If you lose a lot but you have a lot of potential, that's not real good." Trevor has nine turnovers in three games and is on pace to throw 40 interceptions this season. Hall of Famer Peyton Manning holds the rookie record with 28 set in 1998. How does Urban reconcile his statement with Trevor's performance?

I don't know that he has to "reconcile" anything. Your "question" implies that Meyer should, what? Bench Lawrence because he's 0-3 and has thrown some interceptions in his first three games? That he should play C.J. Beathard at quarterback against the Bengals Thursday? Would that be reconciling?

Torin from Lawrenceville GA

John, thinking about the Agnew "Kick 6" and the Justin Tucker game winning FG, If this was an end of game situation and the FG could tie or win the game, would it be legal for the defender like Agnew to jump up and swat the ball before it crosses the goal post?

Yes, so long as he is in the field of play.

Sam from AB, FL

I am not an Urban Meyer "fan" or "hater." I watched him for most of the game against the Cardinals Sunday, and he basically just kept to himself. I assume he was talking into his headset, but no interactions with players or coaches on the sidelines. Again, not saying that is "good" or "bad" but do you agree it is atypical and have any wisdom on the issue?

I have seen different NFL coaches handle game day different ways, so there really isn't a "typical" when it comes to this. It is the role of a head coach is to manage game situations and to communicate with many people – assistants, replay advisors in the booth, etc. – and Meyer communicates with those coaches via headset. Meyer depends on assistants to coach individual players in terms of situations during the game, which is why he doesn't communicate with players much on the sideline during the game.

Gary from Suffolk, VA

More of a comment than question. I am old enough to recall when the New England Patriots were awful, old enough to remember the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' fans sporting trash bags on their heads. My point is that all franchises are different and it takes time to build a winning one. We had success early on ... it will get better. It takes time and the right folks in the right positions. Hopefully one day, that will be us. GO JAGS!!!! DTWD.

Bless you, Gary.