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O-Zone: State your name

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Dennis from Palm Coast, FL:
John, a couple of the coaches have referred to Phase 1 and Phase 2. What are those phases and is there a Phase 3?
John: "Phase 1" and "Phase 2" refer to the first two phases of the NFL's offseason program. In Phase 1, players can strengthen and condition as well as continue rehabilitation. Phase 1 lasts two weeks and begins in April. Phase 2 is a three-week period that includes individual instruction and drills with no live contact and no team offense versus team defense. The Jaguars are currently in Phase 3, which is the on-field portion of the offseason and which consists of three weeks of organized team activities and a three-day mandatory minicamp.
Preston from Waterbury, CT:
I think it is really cool that the NFL and Yahoo partnered for the Jaguars game. Do you anticipate live streaming games to become more common soon? I think it is a brilliant idea.
John: You're referring to the NFL's announcement Wednesday that the Jaguars-Bills game at Wembley Stadium in London in October will be streamed exclusively on Yahoo! Inc. properties. This is significant because it will be the first time an NFL game has been shown in that medium. I do expect it will become more common, and I think pretty much everyone figures live streaming will be a part of the NFL's future – as it will be a part of the future of most prominent sports. What isn't as clear is what form that will take. We seem to be at the cusp of great change in how we consume sports and other live events, and it's safe to say wiser heads than mine will be shaping that future.
Donnie from Melbourne, FL:
Just saw Shadrick has an article on the homepage. I thought you might need this:*
John: Good point.
Big Dog from EverBank:
What's the word on Neal Sterling? I know he is from a small school but physically, the guy looks like he has the tools to be a productive player in the NFL. What say you o-man?
John: I'd say you pretty much have a handle on the word on Neal Sterling. He indeed is a small-school guy from Monmouth who has the physical tools to play in the NFL. I expect the Jaguars will get a better feel for how those skills will translate to professional football come training camp and the preseason. I also expect there's a pretty strong chance he's on the roster this season, which will give him a chance to develop and get acclimated to the NFL. With a smaller-school guy, it could take a year to get a full grasp on his potential. That's OK. That's the normal course.
Chris from San Marco:
Greg Olson makes it sound as if difficult offensive concepts overwhelm Blake Bortles and that the offense this season is going to be overtly simple. Am I way off base or just taking the article you posted too negatively?
John: Both.
Jon from Nijmegen, Netherlands:
Mr. O, wondering your thoughts on Austin Pasztor's move to guard. I am a UVa football fan and I always thought he fit the role of a road-grader guard and not necessarily a tackle. I know from college he was a physical beast with a hockey mean streak. To me, that says guard all the way. Regardless, if a starting tackle in the league is now in competition for guard it speaks volumes about the depth built over the last two years.
John: My thoughts are that Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley addressed this pretty well this week. Pasztor indeed has been moved to guard after starting at right tackle the past two seasons. Bradley said Wednesday Pasztor appears comfortable there, adding that it won't be until the pads go on in August that the team really gets a feel for how he's doing in the transition. Bradley mentioned the possibility of Pasztor being a swing player at guard and tackle, and that's notable. As you say, if you have a player backing up guard and tackle who is a capable starter – yes, that speaks volumes.
James from Jacksonville:
With Gus saying they are moving Austin Pasztor to guard, where does that leave Zane Beadles or A.J. Cann? How do you see this adjustment working out for us?
John: Moving Pasztor to guard means he is competing at the same position as Beadles and Cann. I expect one of those players to start – probably Beadles to start the season. Pasztor has been mentioned as being able to back up both tackle and guard. Either way, the adjustment has the chance to make the offensive line significantly deeper – and therefore, better – than before.
John from Jacksonville:
John, why in the world is Poz wearing long sleeves in this heat? #DTWD
John: One of the many things Paul Posluszny and I have in common is we are each "100 percent man." We both have ways of showing this. One of his is wearing long sleeves in the heat. I'm trying to remember mine.
Matt from Baltimore, MD:
I can't believe people are still complaining about this. Of course, those who don't want to say Duuuvallll would say something like "Jag Nation," the most overused unoriginal phrase ever said to talk about a fan base. The first time I heard a fan base being referred to as "x-nation" was with the more popular teams in all sports like the Yankees, Lakers and Cowboys, who literally have fans all across the nation (a lot of them bandwagon fans) in very large numbers. The reason people like saying Duval – as has been mentioned a number of times by yourself and fans writing you – is it is unique, and original. It identifies with the fan base. The term separates us from them. If you want to you use "x-nation" go hop on another team's bandwagon.
John: Jag nation, #FirstCoasttillwedie … whatever. #DTWD. More than one thing can be cool, right?
Thomas from Jacksonville:
I know the question arose about Marcedes Lewis' job security after we signed Julius Thomas, but I'm glad the team kept him. I think the addition of Thomas could benefit Lewis since the expectation is to use more two tight-end sets. With all the different ways we'll be able to attack a defense, I'm excited about watching it all come together. And as always #DTWD
John: I was in favor of retaining Marcedes Lewis throughout the offseason. I'm always in favor of keeping good players on the roster, even as backups. Players get hurt in the NFL and when they do, having backups who can play at a high level … I don't know, that seems like a good thing.
Mason from Palm Beach, FL:
I've read that Blake Bortles looks a lot better in OTAs with his mechanics and there has been sort of a "buzz" around him. But how has his decision-making looked? I know there's not too much of a takeaway from OTAs and he's learning a new playbook. But have there been signs that he has improved in his pre-snap reads and comfortable with NFL speed? I think this was an area he knew he needed to improve. Thanks, Papa O!
John: Bortles has looked fine in those areas, but your statement that "there's not too much of a takeaway from OTAs" covers the topic pretty well. His decision-making appears fine and he appears comfortable with NFL speed, but he's not seeing anything close to game conditions or game speed. We won't see anything tangible on those fronts until the regular season.
April from Pooler, GA:
With newly acquired Jeff Tuel and Stephen Morris likely battling for third quarterback on the depth chart, do either of them still have practice-squad eligibility, and do you think the odds are stacked against Morris because he is a 'Jedd Fisch guy'?
John: Both Tuel and Morris have practice-squad eligibility remaining. The odds aren't necessarily stacked against Morris, but he will have to learn an entirely new offense this season, which theoretically could be more difficult than last season when he had the advantage of having been in then-Jaguars offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch's system for two years while playing for Fisch at the University of Miami.
PK from Jacksonville:
Maybe Ed from Ponte Vedra just hates that no one is yelling St Johns 'Til We Die at Jags games? The team is housed in Duval, so why not embrace the home of the team? Can we all pitch in and send Ed some DUUUUUUUVAAAAAL and #DTWD swag to get him in the spirit?
John: I fear the ship has sailed on Ed and Duuvaal. The thing is, that's OK. One thing about #Duval is as long as you're a Jags fan you *can
all get along. Even those who resist.
Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL:
Au Contraire – I love it! OK – You win! I'll leave it alone... You are my exclusive source for NFL info.
John: I think we need two forms of identification here.

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