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O-Zone: Still thinking

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Brian from Section 234

What's the deal with Trevor? Overthrows, underthrows, reads are taking too long. He doesn't look natural. He doesn't even look close to a first-round pick and hasn't for several weeks. Let's hear the silver lining.

Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence struggled Sunday in a 20-0 loss to the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tenn. – and the reality is he has been struggling for the last few weeks. Period. And you're right that he's inaccurate and appears to have lost confidence, with the two elements likely very much intertwined. While there's no silver lining to how he has played much of the last seven games, that doesn't mean he's a lost cause. Or a bust. Or that he stinks. When thinking about Lawrence this season, I go back to the three games before a Week 7 bye. His passer rating was over 90 in each game. He was confident at the time. The offense overall was establishing an identity with running back James Robinson the focal point and with Lawrence having time to throw – and able to work off some play action, and off some success in the running game. Lawrence's development at that time felt normal for a rookie learning the NFL. Then, Robinson sustained a heel injury against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 8 and the running game hasn't been the same since. Neither has Lawrence and neither has the Jaguars' offense. Perhaps a veteran quarterback working with better skill players could have played better under the circumstances. But Lawrence is a rookie and still developing. I do believe Lawrence is the franchise's future. I've seen nothing to make me think he won't be fine. But the Jaguars need to get stable around him and give him the opportunity to develop. That's not happening right now.

Jason from Green Cove Springs, FL

Can we just go ahead and cut Shenault already? His hands are terrible. He has dropped multiple passes on third down this season and then popped the ball up in the air Sunday to be picked off. He's hurting this team more than helping it.

Jaguars wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr. has struggled with drops this season. He also has seemed to struggle with routes and getting open deep. It has been a tough season for many Jaguars offensive players, Shenault included – and he definitely should have caught a short pass Sunday that turned into an interception when it bounced from his hands. I don't think the answer is to release Shenault. Not yet. It seems he would be better with faster receivers around him so he could work underneath and be more of a "weapon" player than a true receiver. Perhaps that's his future. Stay tuned.

Renee from Jacksonville

John. Of course the officials are not biased.

They're not. Why would they be? The Jaguars are 2-11 and have had one winning season since 2007. Why would they care enough to be biased?

Eric from Columbus, IN

I was reflecting back on the Colts game and how we played in spite of the horrible start. Compare that to the last few weeks and boy, does it feel like the rails are coming off this thing…


Captain Bob from Fernandina Beach, FL

John, I have never seen a first-year NFL coach attacked so relentlessly as the media has attacked Urban. His team's performance indicates he hasn't lost the locker room and the results have been what one would expect with the team's talent. So what is motivating these attacks? Are NFL writers opposed to college coaches? Matt Rhule wasn't attacked like this.

I don't sense any vendetta or "motivation" in the recent reports about Jaguars Head Coach Urban Meyer. Was there skepticism among many in the NFL – and among many in the media – that he could succeed? Sure. That was a storyline. But many of the stories about Meyer are from very credible media who from this view seem to be simply doing their jobs and reporting what they are being told. No bias. No "attacks." This doesn't feel like that. Sorry. It just doesn't.

Sean from Jacksonville

A slightly different take on Coach Meyer's situation. Folks should be careful what they're wishing for. If Urban is fired, who do we get? Is the next man up going to be a marked improvement? If not, are those same people going to cry about Urban being fired? As the old saying goes … out of the frying pan and into the fire.

One pretty much fer Meyer …

Justin from Iowa

_For Jaguar fans to be looking toward the draft in November or December is nothing new. In past years, we'd have this glimmer of hope that maybe a star collegiate player will help our squad. It just feels different this year - not even the thought of a top draftee sounds any good, because we know what sort of dysfunction they're coming into. I just can't imagine we will draw many free agents either, none with any character at least, not while UM is creating all the headlines for the team, and none for positive reasons. It would have to be tough for Owner Shad Khan Shad to pull the plug on something he thought was a home run, but I just don't know what else he needs to see. _

… and one not nearly as much fer Meyer.

Noel from Saint Augustine, FL

The Jags are unwatchable ... not just for football, they are unwatchable as any format of entertainment. It's all crashing down.

It has been a rough five weeks. Sunday took rough to a new level.

KC from Orlando, FL

KOAF - with all of the holes on this team, do you think that the Jags would be better off trading back if they get one of the Top 3 picks to get more assets to build this roster?

It's tricky to know the answer without knowing if there will be a quarterback at the top of the draft teams covet. That's usually what prompts high-profile trades such as the one you suggest. But generally … if you can trade back and get the player you want early in the first round, then yes.

Ben from Jacksonville

Trevor Lawrence has repeated several times in his postgame interviews that we "have the guys to turn this thing around." Does that mean that this disgusting product on offense is all on the coaches? If so, when will they be held accountable?

I wouldn't read too much into such quotes. What's Lawrence going to say? That his teammates aren't good enough? It's something players from struggling teams say after difficult performances when there's little else to say.

Robert from Fernandina Beach, FL

Hi, John. I am not doubting Trevor Lawrence will be a good player, but before he was drafted I went to his college highlight videos, and I honestly did not see what all the fuss was about. Sure, he made some good throws and obviously has arm talent, but I just did not see a whole lot to get excited about. I still haven't thus far this year. Has your opinion of him changed from before the season up to now?

Not particularly.

Drew from Atlanta, GA

The Jags are terrible, granted. We want someone to blame. But honestly, how much of this is simply due to a complete lack of offensive talent? The Jags have been the worst team in the league since the end of Fred Taylor/Jimmy Smith/Keenan McCardell when it comes to offensive weapons. Poor David Garrard had No. 3 and No. 4 wide receivers as his only options. They lack speed and explosiveness on offense. If you watch these games, the wide receivers simply do NOT get open. I have big questions about the coaching and am very disappointed in TL, but I tend to think this is simply a lack of having good enough offensive weapons that can play at NFL speed. What are your thoughts?

Speed and explosiveness at the skill positions are major issues for the Jaguars' offense. They're not the only issues. But they're issues.

J. Hooks from Orange Park, Fl

We suck. All the way around we suck. We have pieces, but fixing this thing is going to take years. I've been pretty quiet about the offensive line, but they are horrible. I watch other games after watching our team play, and other teams make it look so ... effortless. The quarterbacks have time to throw, receivers have time to run routes. Everything is faster and organized with purpose. We don't have ANY of that. This is going to take years.

I don't know the timeline for building the offense. I do think serious pieces are needed at wide receiver and that there will be new pieces on the offensive line. That's a lot of major pieces for one offseason.

JohnnD from Cedar Rapids, IA

You STILL think this team can win a game???? I seriously doubt it!

Hold, please.