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O-Zone: Straight face

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Gabe from Chapel Hill, NC

Why has Coach Meyer had all of these "celebrity coaches" come to practice? I'm genuinely curious.

Well, as long as you're being genuine … Head Coach Urban Meyer indeed has had multiple prominent names visit Jaguars practices during 2021 Training Camp – Steve Spurrier, Michael Irvin, Jimmy Johnson, Dabo Swinney and Lou Holtz among them. There are a few reasons for this, one being that he likes those people. He considers Spurrier a friend and considers Johnson a mentor. Johnson, Holtz and Irvin are also compelling speakers. Meyer said Spurrier didn't speak to the team during his visit to TIAA Bank Field this week, but that he plans to have Spurrier attend Jaguars games as his guest, too. As for why Swinney attended, word is he used to coach a player or two on the Jaguars' current roster. I may need to Google this to figure out who.

Cole from Jacksonville

Do you think the coaches instructed quarterback Trevor Lawrence to not scramble in the preseason? I know the pressure was getting there pretty quickly, but I was surprised he didn't tuck and run on a couple plays. Perhaps it speaks to the poise that he has and that he's not afraid to stand in the pocket. I also noticed Gardner Minshew II did not scramble. Since you are a running fool these days, does the O-Zone need to run some scramble drills with these guys?

I understand the instinct to overanalyze this because the interest in and concern over Lawrence is so high. But, remember: Lawrence played two series in Preseason Week 1 loss to the Cleveland Browns Saturday. Two series. He played 15 plays and threw nine passes. That was it. This was his first time playing against NFL competition. He was getting used to NFL pace, new teammates, the NFL game and a slew of other NFL things. If he held the ball too long on a play or two and didn't leave the pocket on another play or two … well, those are wrinkles and "learning stuff" that are to be expected. And guess what? There will be a lot more of those things moving forward. But no … Lawrence was not told by coaches not to leave the pocket. He said later he was just reacting to what he saw. And no … you don't want me running scrambling drills with Lawrence or Minshew. The reason is that I'm strikingly athletic. You don't want to crush Lawrence's confidence so early in his NFL career.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, although it has been exciting chatting about first-round cuts for the first and last time ever, can we talk about what we should hope to see on Monday?


Cortez the Killer from Campeche Bay, Mexico

Hey O-Zone, I'm thinking a record of 5-12 with a Top 10 draft pick on a lineman in 2022. To me that would be progress as long as the quarterback position looks to be in good hands.

I think the Jaguars could inch to about your victory projection in 2021, but yes … if the quarterback position is in good hands by season's end, then 2021 is a good season.

Matty from Saint Augustine, FL

Mac Jones looked good this week. Justin Fields looked good last week. Lawrence looked decent last week. Seems like this rookie class of quarterbacks will be great. Here's hoping for the best draft we have ever had! We need/deserve it! And so does Shad!!! #DTWD

You go, girl.

Red from O-Zone Comments Section

John, you're obviously enamored with A J Cann as an offensive lineman. Will you be greatly surprised if he's not a Pro Bowl selection this season?

I'm not "enamored" of Jaguars veteran guard A.J. Cann. And I would not be surprised if he is not a Pro Bowl selection this season. In fact, I would be (pleasantly) surprised if Cann makes the Pro Bowl this season. I don't know that he's a Pro Bowl-level guard. I do believe he's a very competent NFL interior lineman and don't believe he's a bad player. Many Jaguars fans disagree with this last belief. So be it.

Mike from Navarre, OH

Patrick Mahomes threw 10 completions on 18 attempts for 78 yards and an interception in his first extended action in the Kansas City Chiefs' Week 2 preseason game. Does this mean the Chiefs should be worried? Does it mean their game plan is flawed? Does it mean their coaches are utilizing him wrong? Does it mean he isn't what they thought he was? Should they bench him? Oh wait, it's the preseason, isn't it?

And you know what? I'm sure there are Chiefs fans blaming coaching and the offensive line and wondering if Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid is the right guy for the job. Fans fan. It's what they do. Even Chiefs fans.

Tim from Fernandina Beach, FL

John: Jason of the North Pole committed pure heresy. There is nothing the Culligan girl can't do. Blocking an NFL end is child's play compared to the pompoms.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

JT from Palm Coast, FL

John, I read a piece from DiRocco and Jihad Ward and it made me think. What is the funniest thing you have seen at camp so far this year? I think that you need a good amount of lightheartedness to build that chemistry that we all want for the team.

I took this picture of longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette early in Jaguars 2021 Training Camp. I thought it was pretty damned funny.

Cristiano from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Are you OK, Johnny-O? The guy mentioned the Culligan Girl and you didn't answer "I have no idea..." Just checking.

What are you talking about?

Scott from Jacksonville

When a team plays an away game, when do they typically travel to the other city? The day before the game? A couple of days before?

This varies. Teams typically travel to an away game the day before the game and return home immediately after the game. In some cases, when a team is travelling from one coast to the other, the team will leave two days before the game – so, on a Friday for a Sunday game.

Tudor from Saint Augustine FL

This is exactly why the Tebow thing always drove me nuts. If it was ANYONE else that worked equally hard all summer to make the roster and sucked in such an epic fashion when the lights finally came on, and then was cut that following Monday, nobody would even acknowledge that person existed on the team. But because its North Florida's favorite bible salesman, he's been cut and people still can't shut up about him. SMH

Tim Tebow is a popular figure. He won a Heisman Trophy and is admired by many Jaguars fans – and many casual fans. He tried to make the Jaguars' roster after a long absence from the NFL – and tried to do so at a new position. It was a story. And it would be strange if people weren't curious about it and wanted to talk about him. He likely won't be a topic much longer. Be patient.

David from Ada, OK

Since preseason does not affect the regular season, I have decided to knit myself a beer koozie for the remainder of the preseason. I imagine it will require many test beers.

Good plan. Stay strong.


Hey O-licious, haven't heard much about Carlos Hyde. In your practice recaps, typically hearing about ETN, Mr. Robinson and occasionally some of the other backs, but not Hyde. I think it's a forgone conclusion he is our third back, but with his previous history here in Jax, little worried. How's he been looking? Any thought about keeping one of the younger guys, or do you think he has earned a spot, or is just Urban's guy?

Hyde, a veteran running back who signed with the Jaguars as an unrestricted free agent in March, has looked fine in camp. He perhaps hasn't had as many standout plays as rookie Travis Etienne Jr. – but Etienne's style is based on speed and quickness so he is going to standout more in non-padded work than Hyde, who is more of a workmanlike, hit-the-hole back who uses some more and vision to succeed. I believe he will be on the team and backup Robinson – not because he is Meyer's "guy" but because he is one of the three best backs in camp.

Wade from Westside

C'mon Man, how can Urban stand there with a straight face and not proclaim Lawrence the starting quarterback? The players, the media and the fans all know Lawrence is the chosen one and the most capable of dragging this woeful franchise out of the NFL basement. What gives?

Meyer wants Lawrence to earn the job. He eventually will earn the job. I expect that will be soon.