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Unhipcat from B-bar-h, CA

Hi, John. I'm just trying to get it clear in my mind. Do the Jaguars have first dibs on every player who's waived? And if that's the case, can I conclude that the Jaguars chose to not place Collin Johnson on the practice squad? Thanks.

The Jaguars indeed have first dibs on all players waived through Week 3. But no … you can't conclude at the Jaguars did not choose to place second-year wide receiver Collin Johnson on the practice squad. The New York Giants claimed Johnson, which means he went directly on their active roster. That prevented the Jaguars from being able to put him on their practice squad.

Don from Marshall, NC

Terry Robiskie just made it clear he will never be a head coach. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes. No class. Jaguar fans better hold on to their hats the cheap shots will continue until this team starts winning. Go Jaguars!

You're referencing former Jaguars running backs coach Terry Robiskie saying recently that the Jaguars had tried to "blackball" former running back Leonard Fournette, adding that the team didn't legitimately try to trade him before releasing him last preseason. Robiskie also said it wasn't the general manager, head coach or owner trying to "blackball" Fournette. This is honestly tricky to decipher, but Robiskie's gist seemed to be that many people around the Jaguars talked poorly about Fournette's behavior here. That's possible, because people around the NFL – as in most professions – talk to other people around the NFL. When behavior isn't great, word gets around. But considering the number of trades former Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell made during his tenure involving players such as defensive end Calais Campbell, quarterback Nick Foles, cornerback A.J. Bouye – to name a few – for late-round draft selections … well, to think that Caldwell didn't try to trade Fournette without compensation doesn't quite make sense. But who knows? It's a weird league. Strange stuff happens all the time.

Mitchus from Duval

It seems the demise of CJ Henderson was a bit overstated.

You are correct, sir.

Gary from Wesley Chapel, FL

The NFL "investigating" Urban Meyer's comments about vaccinated vs. unvaccinated players being a factor in making roster decisions is ridiculous. It's the NFL's own rule that distinguishes between vaccinated vs. unvaccinated players! If two different players of equal ability, at the same position, come into contact with the same person w/Covid-19, the unvaccinated player will be unavailable for at least one game. And the vaccinated player might not even miss one game. It's simple logic based on the rules. What is there to even investigate?

The NFL Players Association is the group reportedly investigating Meyer's comments, not the NFL. The concern from that group seems to be whether the Jaguars released/waived players based on vaccination status. The Jaguars according to reports released/waived just one unvaccinated player among about more than 20 roster moves, so there's that. But yes … given the punitive nature of the rules regarding unvaccinated players, it does defy logic to think that teams wouldn't at least consider vaccination status when discussing roster moves. The Jaguars clarified this this week, specifying that no roster moves were made based on that decision.

Scott from Jacksonville

Morning, John. I used to work for a company that was more concerned with how they looked than with being honest in their dealings, and it occasionally got me in trouble. I thank God that I now work for a company where honesty is encouraged (Baptist), and people are not punished for admitting mistakes. Count me as one who appreciates Urban's honesty.

Head Coach Urban Meyer indeed has been strikingly forthcoming and transparent about multiple issues in eight months with the Jaguars. It has been something of a revelation. It also has drawn some criticism, presumably because observers/media/fans are unaccustomed to such transparency – and because Meyer is going to draw controversy whatever his actions. But yes … the honesty is refreshing.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

Oh, yeah … they can run out of the shotgun. They did that a lot with MJD when Jack Del Rio was coach. The Colts had Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. They used the shotgun draw to take the bite out of the pass rush. I miss those days. Do you remember those days when the Jaguars were running out of the shot gun. Do you remember those days when you were with the Colts?

Do you remember that time in Jaws? When all those people got eaten by sharks? I remember that.

Bruce from Green Cove Springs, FL

I remember when the NFL awarded a franchise to Jacksonville. Wasn't supposed to happen – we were too small a market. Throughout the last quarter century, that has been the mantra – the Jaguars struggle because they are in one of the smallest markets. Well, guess what? The 2020 census shows that Jacksonville is now the 12th largest city in the country. Owner Shad Khan's efforts to improve the team and the facilities, and to redevelop the downtown area, are making him look prescient. Smart man. Very smart.

Anyone believing Khan is anything but smart hasn't been paying attention.

Nathan from St. Augustine, FL

Hey, John. I remember when teams would use the third preseason game as the "dress rehearsal " game and play the starters the entire first half and sometimes start the second half to get a feel for coming back out after halftime. This year with three preseason games some teams sparingly played starters like the Jags, other teams starters didn't play at all this preseason. My question is does training camp condition players enough to play four full quarters in September heat? Or could fatigue be an issue for players in the first few weeks as they get in full game condition and teams maybe have to sub players more than they would like to ideally?

The Jaguars actually played starters pretty extensively, with quarterback Trevor Lawrence playing eight series over the first two games – and with the starters playing the entire half in Week 2. As for your question, I don't know that players are ever fully prepared for game conditions these days because training camp by necessity features so much non-contact work. I will say the Jaguars' 2021 Training Camp was difficult by this era's standards – on a par with the 2017 camp under Head Coach Doug Marrone, which also was very difficult by this era's standards. I would be surprised if the Jaguars played a team that seemed more conditioned and more ready for the heat. We'll find out soon enough.

Robert from Fernandina Beach, FL

I am certain you have considered this and that is why I am asking - how do you think Gene Frenette would fare on the moon?

Longtime Florida Times-Union sports columnist and Northeast Florida cultural – and fashion – icon Eugene P. "Gene" Frenette would fare fine on the moon. He would, of course, take giant steps. And he would hope his legs didn't break. I understand there are some who say he's wishing his days away doing this. His thought it's that it's the price he pays. I tend to agree.

Vanawsum from Blountville

Thank you for everything you have done for Jags fans. You are great for fans that can't be in Jax every day. You get crap every day in the comments section, but you don't listen to those guys. You mean a lot to some of us. You have made my every day a little better showing up everyday for how many now? Thanks for all the info, wit, laughs, and time. You've made all the bad times seem a little better. That's all. Just wanted to send you a personal thanks. How many days is your streak now? Lol

Thank you. What streak? What's a comment's section?

Al from Orange Park, FL

John, what can you tell us about our new tight end? What would your tight end depth chart look like now?

The Jaguars this week signed tight end Jacob Hollister, a fifth-year tight end who previously played with the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. Hollister had been with the Buffalo Bills after signing with them this past offseason. He appears to be a logical addition, considering the Jaguars need for another receiving tight end and considering he has shown flashes in that area in recent seasons – catching 66 passes for 558 yards and six touchdowns the past two seasons. I would expect the Jaguars to keep four tight ends on the roster – Hollister, James O'Shaughnessy, Chris Manhertz and Luke Farrell. Remember: tight end is realistically two positions: blocking tight end and receiving tight end. Manhertz will be the starting blocking tight end in that scenario. Hollister has been in Jacksonville two days, so I would expect him to be behind O'Shaughnessy at first. Stay tuned.

Adrian from Frimley

... So what happens in year 6?

Drinks and dancing? Good conversation with friends? The possibilities are endless.