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O-Zone: Tempting offer

JACKSONVILLE -- Let's get to it . . . Mike from Louisville, KY:
I read the question where someone said switching sides for a tackle is like switching sides of the plate in baseball. I've talked to college offensive linemen who feel it is not difficult to do especially as good as Joeckel is.
John: I've asked Tony Boselli about this twice in recent weeks. Each time he has said very plainly that he doesn't believe Joeckel will have any issue whatsoever making the switch. Boselli's view is that while a right tackle might struggle to play left tackle, a left tackle – because of the agility and athleticism needed at the spot – can make the transition quite easily. That's particularly true of a good left tackle, and there's every indication Joeckel fits that description. Despite my general lack of interest in most things Boselli has to say, on the subject of playing left tackle he is a pretty convincing and reliable source.
Bill from Jacksonville:
With regard to Blackmon, do you think that winning - and thus keeping him despite his behavior – is more important than how they play the game?
John: This is professional football.
Bud from Jacksonville:
Why do people think Blaine is going to win the starting job? I think Matt Scott has a great chance of winning it. Even Rodgers. What do you think, John?
John: I do not think either Scott or Rodgers has a "great chance" to win the starting job. The reason for that is simple. The Jaguars did not draft a quarterback in part because they didn't believe the quarterbacks available in the draft had a great chance to compete for a starting position. Neither Scott nor Rodgers was drafted, so by definition they aren't perceived to be as good as the quarterbacks who were drafted. Having said that, young players very often prove to be better than they were perceived during the pre-draft process and competition often produces results that were different than people expect. That means Scott and Rodgers have a chance to compete and earn what they earn. But to tell people that Scott or Rodgers have a "great" chance to start next season would be misleading.
Jeff from Jacksonville:
This has to be the fastest that I have ever seen all of the new draft picks signed, including the first pick. What made the process go so quickly?
John: They haven't signed, but no doubt, that would have been really fast.
Jim from Jacksonville:
Denard Robinson = poor man's Tim Tebow. What does he bring that Tebow did not? Or is it that Tebow's circus sideshow is something that no team wants to deal with? Sorry for the Tebow question but genuinely curious as to why you would pick Robinson over Tebow.
John: Tebow wants to play quarterback. Robinson is playing running back. Robinson is much, much faster. Much.
Justin from Jacksonville:
You didn't mention Lonnie Pryor in your answer to Sean's question about running back depth. I know he is an undrafted free agent rookie and also listed as a fullback, but as a 'Nole fan I think he is the perfect replacement for Greg Jones. He loves the game, has real power running, can catch out of the backfield and has been a devastating blocker for FSU. I was screaming at the TV for us to draft him in the seventh round but am happy to see Caldwell saw his potential and will give him a shot.
John: The question was about running back depth, and I answered with the idea that Lonnie Pryor will play fullback. My guess is he makes the team and is the fullback.
Stephen from Glorieta, NM:
I like Matt Scott's attitude... Brash? The coaches are saying they want competition. I wouldn't want a player that didn't want to move up and take somebody's job. This is supposed to be the pros, right?
John: Let's not turn Matt Scott's attitude and tweets into a "thing," at least not yet. He seems like a confident kid who wants to come in and compete. That's what he's doing. Anything said or tweeted will mean nothing compared to how he plays, competes and plays moving forward.
Mike from St. Augustine, FL:
There is a case of Magic Hat on the floor in front of you, you are tied to your chair and you have 30 seconds to convince a terrorist that Matt Scott could make the roster, go. (This is not a threat, please don't call the police).
John: Is my mouth taped? No big deal, and I'm well-trained for these situations, but I just need to know what I'm up against here.
Joe from Jacksonville:
John, what aliases do you go by?
John: "Corndog Billingsby." Oh, yes, and "Lars."
Dave from Ada, OK:
I know I could probably get this from somewhere else, but since that would take some effort, can you tell me the rest of the significant dates for the offseason from rookie minicamp to training camp? Thanks, OMan.
John: The rookie minicamp is Friday through Sunday and open to the public. The Jaguars then have their organized team activities May 13-15, May 20-21, May 23 and June 4-7 before a veteran minicamp June 11-13 that essentially marks the close of the veteran portion of the offseason. The rookies then can continue working out at the facility for two weeks, and training camp opens in late July. The OTAs and veteran minicamp practices are not open.
Jeremy from Andover, KS:
Does the Jags' staff ever take a break and go out on the field at EverBank to throw the ole pigskin around? I know I would if I worked there. Or wait, never mind, your naps would keep you from knowing if this happens or not.
John: Huh? What?
Jack from Jacksonville:
The troubling thing about Blackmon is not that he screwed up (more than once) but that he has so much riding on the line. Dude has to get help, but he has to make that decision himself. Otherwise, I fear this will be a recurring storyline.
John: True, though I don't think it will occur much more often in Jacksonville. This regime now is giving Blackmon another opportunity. The bucket is not bottomless.
Randy from Oxford, PA:
To sum it up: We will not sign him in a bar; we will not sign him in a car. We will not sign the ex-Jet; perhaps he could become an Alouette. We will not sign him just because we can; we will not sign him John O-Man.
John: Spare time can be a scary thing in the wrong hands.
Charles from Midlothian, VA:
Telling fans the reason no team wants Tebow (Jacksonville included) is because of overzealous fans isn't in your job description, so let me do it for you. Tebowmaniacs are the reason Tebow is out of a job and will never be in Jacksonville. These fans are a distraction to any team and no one wants that for their team.
John: It may not be in the job description, but I've written more than once that the Tebow fan base – and the mega distraction that comes with it – without question works against him, at least to a degree. If he had proven himself to be very, very good then the fan base would be a positive. So long as it's unknown whether or not he can be sustainably good on the NFL level – something he absolutely has not done – then the constant buzz/chatter/implied pressure that his presence brings is simply not worth the headache for many teams. I don't know if that's a factor in Caldwell's thinking, but Tebowmania no doubt makes the prospect of having him as a backup difficult for many teams.
Brian from Charlottesville, VA:
I wrote in this time last year saying that Blackmon wasn't a bad person (due to his bringing the young girl with him to the draft). I firmly believe Justin needs to look in the mirror and decide "do I want to be a bad person in the future?" We're witnessing an example of a young man who's faced with a life-altering decision. Here's hoping he chooses to be a good person.
John: I'm not ready to bring "bad person/good person" into this forum regarding Blackmon. At least, it won't be a central theme here in the O-Zone. Yes, he's at a crossroads in his life and his career, and it's apparent he has made mistakes. We don't know enough about Blackmon or just about any NFL player – or, really, celebrity – to know if he's a good or bad person or not. We just don't.
Taylor from Keystone Heights, FL:
All Hail Oehser...All Hail!
John: Right.
Ivan from Jacksonville:
Hey Ozone, early last Friday morning a young man passed away in a terrible car accident. Can I ask for your readers' prayers for the family of Alex Pepple? He was a huge Jaguars fan and I know he is now watching them from above.
John: Yes, thoughts and prayers to the family and friends.
Winston from Orlando, FL:
John, I'll give you $10 (PayPal) if you let me write the O-zone for a day.
John: No deal Winston. You and your bold, brash talk – although I admit, it is tempting when someone offers me a raise . . .

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