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O-Zone: The central issue

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Let's get to it. Jesse from Panama City, FL:
O-Zone, I was having a debate with a friend about if the NFL did a draft with all teams. My stance is the Top 5 picks would be quarterbacks. He believes JJ Watt would be the first pick. Thoughts?
John: If the general managers of the Top 5 teams knew what they were doing, you would be right. You don't take J.J. Watt over Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning, or Andrew Luck, or Drew Brees, or Philip Rivers, or …
John from Section 113 and Fleming Island, FL:
How lucky are we to have Shad Khan as our owner! What a visionary leader who, I believe, is not trendy, but a trendsetter. It is refreshing to hear him articulate his plans to ensure our franchise remains in Jacksonville and the team is provided every resource to succeed. Especially comforting was his body language and words when dismissing rumors of relocation. No doubt his actions speak louder than any words. Although I was initially disappointed (and concerned) with playing a London home game, it now is clear to me Shad's proactive approach will undoubtedly be mimicked by other owners/teams as the NFL cultivates other markets to expand and grow the game. Let's not deny that when Shad acquired the team, we were in "real-and-present danger" of losing our team. Thank you Shad!
John: Well said.
Stephen from Jacksonville:
Is the proposed indoor practice facility a bad sign for the Shipyards deal? I trust Shad Khan, but I don't trust the political leaders of Jacksonville. I don't believe they (particularly the new mayor) are as committed to the Jaguars as Mr. Khan is to our city. That has me more worried than any London games played now or in the future. Do you have any new information regarding the shipyards?
John: The Shipyards proposal because of its scope and expense is a relatively long-term proposition. Khan didn't want to wait on an indoor practice facility.
Matt from Jacksonville:
"Don't go back to Rockville?" I see what you did there.
John: Thought you might like that. Then again, it's not as though I really need you.
Chris from San Marco:
If a team moves to London permanently, or the league expands at some point, will the Jaguars still play one game per year there?
John: We're way ahead of ourselves with this question. While the league almost certainly would like a long-term international presence and a permanent team in London, my sense is we're a long, long way from that. From listening to Shad Khan Tuesday, it sounds as if he, too, believes the league's a long way from that. As far as how long the Jaguars will play a game a year there, I'd be surprised if there's not some sort of double-digit year agreement soon. Whatever else happens in London, I'd imagine the Jaguars and the league would honor that agreement.
Samwise from Shire:
Do we know how Scobee was told of his trade? I hate when I read an article about how a player finds out news about his career on Twitter, etc. Just wondering how Scobee was told about his departure. The franchise leading scorer hopefully was told in a respectful manner.
John: Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell informed Scobee's agent of the trade Sunday. That's pretty normal protocol. Caldwell and Scobee then spoke that night. I'm sure Scobee was disappointed, but I'm sure he also understood. He knew Myers is really good and he understands the NFL. He also understands he hasn't exactly been kicked to the curb. He has played 11 NFL seasons and has a chance to keep playing at a very good salary. In NFL terms, that's not a bad way to leave a place.
Tyler from Oxford, MS:
Curious about your thoughts/predictions for the running game this year. Do you see T.J. Yeldon or Denard Robinson as a "lock" to start the regular season or do you see the running back position as a "share-the-role" situation? The offensive line obviously has improved, so any of the guys should have some success. Either way, there is a lot of excitement surrounding this team right now. Just ready to get it started.
John: The answer to your question? Both. I think T.J. Yeldon will start the regular-season opener at running back and I envision him keeping that role. At the same time, I think the Jaguars' running-back situation will be a back-by-committee with Yeldon being the feature back on most series, Robinson being his backup and playing a role in other situations and Toby Gerhart playing a lot on third downs and short-yardage situations. The Jaguars have a good situation in the backfield, better than they have had in some time.
Chris from Heath, TX:
If the Jaguars did not have trade offers for either kicker, do you think the Jaguars would have released Scobee in order to keep Myers? If so, kudos to the front office for getting good value.
John: Yes, I do believe the Jaguars would have released Scobee to keep Myers.
BCB Member Chris from Jersey:
Hey Sir John of O! With Julius Thomas now out a minimum of four weeks, and Neal Sterling coming back from his hammy, do you think it's possible they try him out more as a move tight end? I mean, why sacrifice a wide receiver slot-like a guy of Walters' skill when you can simply keep both and move Sterling to a receiving-threat-type tight end at least for the time being? #DTWD
John: Neal Sterling is a rookie who has yet to play a down in the National Football League. I think it is asking a lot to think he is going to change positions to move tight end and make an impact in the first three weeks of the regular season.
Marcus from Jacksonville:
So, does the announcement of the new indoor practice facility mean that we will never see the crazy three-tiered practice facility at the Shipyards? That thing was pretty cool looking.
John: It does probably mean that the practice facility at the Shipyards won't become a reality. But you know what? If/when the Shipyards becomes reality, there still are a lot of things about it that can be cool. And if Khan's history in Jacksonville is any indication, that probably will be cool, too. Hey … two cool things! No waiting!
Lane from Ocoee, FL:
Is there any chance the Jags package the sixth-round pick they acquired in the Scobee trade with another pick and try to get a pass rusher from another team?
John: Teams usually aren't quick to trade effective pass rushers, but we'll see.
Steve from Jacksonville:
Just an observation but with one preseason game to go, it's kinda nice that the conversation is about kickers and mascots instead of inexperienced quarterbacks and questionable O-lines. Just sayin.
John: If there is an overriding takeaway thus far in the preseason, that's it. Yes, there are concerns – as is the case with every NFL team in every preseason. But if the offensive line and Bortles are as good as it appears they may be, then a lot of the other stuff becomes oh-so-much more manageable for the short- and long-term future.
Todrick from Hopewell, VA by way of Duval:
Through Game 3 what would you say is the area of most-needed improvement?
John: Pass rush.
Deric from Jacksonville:
Regarding the Scobee trade, we have heard teams gripe from time to time about player and fan loyalty and yet the players people recognize – the favorites who make the teams recognizable (and sell countless jerseys)— seem to be the victims of the "business" side of football. The more "business decisions" rear their ugly heads in football, the harder it's going to be to build a loyal fan base. There's nothing like seeing your favorite player's jerseys mid-year on the discount racks after they've been shipped off for what (thus far) has not been amazing return on trades.
John: I agree the business side of football is difficult for fans, but I actually don't recall hearing teams gripe about player or fan loyalty. I also don't know that the business decisions will make it difficult to build a loyal fan base. Fans want to see their teams win, and winning more games usually is almost always the reason business decisions get made.
Marcus from Jacksonville:
Why were the Jaguars so convinced Myers would have been scooped up quickly by another team if they had let him go? Since he graduated he was either unemployed (in football at least) or in the Arena League and no NFL team scooped him up then. Was he just flying under the radar or did he have a meteoric rise in his skills? I'm just wondering why they couldn't put him on the practice squad, keep Scobee another year, and then address the position when Scobee's contract was up at the end of this season.
John: We're picking this apart from a lot of different angles. The Jaguars believe Myers is better right now. They didn't want him on the practice squad. They want him kicking. Whatever else was involved in the decision, that's the central issue.

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