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O-Zone: The summing up

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Marc from Orange Park, FL

John: I'll be brief. Saturday was a great day for Jaguars football. A very good coach was hired. The owner went for experience over flash. He realized he doesn't know football and is hiring an executive vice president who does. AND he is going through a right process to look at all candidates before picking the EVP. I saw an owner who was finally listening and learning. This is the best I've felt about my Jaguars in a long, long time. So, how are you?

I perhaps won't be as brief. Saturday indeed was a good day for Jaguars football. If you didn't feel that watching Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson's introductory press conference at TIAA Bank Field … well, if you didn't feel it, I'm not sure what you were watching. Pederson indeed seems to be what the franchise needs following last year's difficulties – an experienced, capable NFL head coach who will have instant credibility and who long ago did the "deep dives" needed to guide a professional football franchise. Pederson has 25 years' experience as an NFL player and a coach along with an ability to lead and set an organizational tone – and those parts of his resume and persona trump all his other strengths – his Super Bowl championship with the Eagles, his reputation with quarterbacks, his abilities as a play-caller, etc. And you're right about Jaguars Owner Shad Khan seeking an executive vice president being a very good sign. He spoke Saturday of the need for a less-flat organization, a different organizational structure and more brainpower involved with football decisions. What Khan decides there will be key, but it sounds like a positive move. As far as me … my back's a little stiff after a long day chatting and writing, and I'm dealing with the usual aftereffects of on-air work with Shadrick. Beyond that, all good.

Earl from Central Middleburg

I like the pick. If you won a Super Bowl, had a pretty decent record without (super)star names, leave Philadelphia with the same wallet you brung, you're a pretty standup guy in my book. Offensive minded has to be a big plus to Duvaal fans. I just can't seem to find any glaring negatives that any other great head coach hasn't also gone through. Naysayers just want a guy that truly doesn't exist. I also don't think we're just settling for second best. You got a good feel on this one, John?

Yes. I liked the idea from the beginning of the search of hiring a candidate with head-coaching experience. It felt as if a "grown-up in the room" was needed. We as Jaguars observers know from experience that good feelings after introductory press conferences don't come close to guaranteeing success. But it's hard to argue with the Pederson hire.

Darion from Jacksonville

Will the Jaguars try to win a Super Bowl in 2023?

Yes. And in 2022. And in 2024.

Conall from Temecula, CA

Let's be real here: You and I, as well as many other fans know it. One winning season in 10 season won't cut it. As well as the amount of questionable decisions (proven by any jaguars fan page). We question Shad and anticipate a listing of the team and new suitor for owner. Any thoughts on if/when we could see a new owner?

Yes, let's absolutely be real. One winning season out of 10 certainly doesn't "cut it," and there's little question Khan hasn't made the right decisions. We know this because the franchise hasn't won nearly enough during his tenure. You and every other Jaguars fan have every right to be question Khan and the franchise – and every decision anyone has made. But I wouldn't spend much time or effort anticipating a "listing" of the team and a new suitor for owner. I don't anticipate a new Jaguars owner during Khan's lifetime and I expect the Jaguas to be owned by the Khan family into the distant future – first by Shad Khan and then by his son, Tony. That's about as real as it gets.

Scott from Casuarina, Australia

What is the structure in terms of hiring an EVP in relation to general manager, head coach and owner? Is it different in each team or a set hierarchy? Was Tom Coughlin an EVP? That didn't work. How will this be different with General Manager Trent Baalke still in the building?

Different teams have different organizational structures. Tom Coughlin indeed was an executive vice president of football operations from 2017-2019. My sense is the new structure will be similar in spirit to the structure when Coughlin held the position – i.e., the EVP over the general manager and head coach, with the EVP reporting to Khan. I also sense the organization will be very head-coach centric with Khan looking for collaboration above all else. To hear Baalke tell it Saturday, the new structure will free him to focus on personnel – i.e., scouting for the draft and free agency. Remember: It's not structure that makes an organization work. It's having the right people in the structure.

Stephen from 113 Jacksonville via Pennsauken NJ

John, I watched the Shad, Trent and Doug show. Blah, blah, blah. They need to understand we are past words and the only thing that matters to the fans is positive progress on the field. The fans are not booking tickets to Glendale, just six or seven respectable wins and a vast majority of competitive games. Is that too much to ask?


Happy Camper from Baymeadows

Fearless KOAF: Even though Mr. Khan looked at sea, I'm pleased with the press conference. Hiring Coach Pederson and bringing onboard an EVP answer the bell. The future is brighter.

I've received a few emails that Khan looked tired Saturday. The man spent the past five weeks searching for a head coach and trying to figure the team's organizational. I was tired following the search. Why the hell shouldn't he be tired after running it?

Kent from Wild Westside of Duval County

Just got done watching the introductory presser for Coach Peterson. I'm ready to run through a brick wall for the guy. Let's go!!! DUUUUUVAAAAALLLL!!!!

You go, girl.

Tom from Loughborough, England

Well, I'm glad the search is over. As a coach, I think on reflection Pederson was probably the safest option. However, I'm still slightly concerned about how Philadelphia drafted in his final years there: Andre Dillard has been beaten to the left tackle spot by Jordan Mailata, who was playing rugby not long ago, and picking Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson was just plain foolish. Obviously, we don't know how much say Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman had in those decisions, but do you think my concerns are fair? The Jags have not got enough production out of the draft in recent times, and that can't continue if they want to compete.

You may be a bit into the weeds on this one. First, it's difficult – if not impossible to fully assign credit or blame to specific draft selections because assessing selections is a team effort with one person eventually needing to make the final decision. Second, the NFL Draft is a percentage game and anyone who has selected personnel either in free agency or the draft has hits and misses. Ozzie Newsome of the Baltimore Ravens might be the most-respected general manager of the last two decades; he selected wide receiver Mark Clayton No. 22 overall in the 2005 NFL Draft two selections before the Green Bay Packers selected quarterback Aaron Rodgers. I saw that Saturday randomly selecting the '05 draft to find an example. There are many others. We don't yet know the makeup of the Jaguars' football decision-making structure moving forward. But the hits and misses of the Eagles' past does little to indicate the Jaguars' future.

Art from Drexel Hill, PA

Doug was impressive. The other two, not so much. Good job by the reporters asking the questions the fans wanted asked.

It was an informative press conference.

Jason from St. Augustine, FL

I think leftwich would have been the better pick had the Jaguars not been such a mess in such a need of a grandfatherly energy like Peterson will bring I think there will come a day maybe when Byron Leftwich can come along and be more seasoned and help A team out of the doldrums like the Jaguars are in now but not this situation and not this time

Im pretty sure you like the idea of Pederson because of his experience and think Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich will be a good head coach in the NFL at some point but that maybe Pederson is the best choice for the Jaguars now at least I think that's what you think and I just wish someone would invent something that would help make a bunch of words and sentences easier to understand maybe someday oh well

Keith from Saint Augustine, FL

I am so happy that we hired Doug Pederson as our head coach and do not care how long it took. Most people today have the attention span of an orangutan with the patience to match.

That's not nice.