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O-Zone: The sun is out

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Seth from Jacksonville:
If the Jaguars perform better than expected on offense this season, do we risk losing Jedd Fisch as coordinator with another team picking him up as a head coach? That would be less than ideal, switching coordinators just as Blake Bortles is about to become The Man.
John: Your scenario is possible, but there's little point in worrying about it. Yes, if the Jaguars perform well on offense there is a good chance Fisch will get a head coaching job. In that scenario, Bortles would indeed have to adjust to another coordinator. That's not ideal, but the alternative is that the Jaguars don't perform well and therefore Bortles takes over an offense that's not … wait for it … performing well! That's not a very fun thought now, is it? In an ideal world a guy could have a coordinator his entire career, but this is reality. Most quarterbacks have to adjust to coordinators multiple times in their careers. If the Jaguars change coordinators, Bortles will adjust. He's a professional and it's part of the job.
Joel from Yulee, FL:
Remember when the announcer would say Jooooooeeeeel Smeeeengee!!! whenever Joel Smeenge made a tackle? I loved that. Is there anyone on this year's team who has a name that the announcer could say in a cool way that would get everyone pumped?
John: Will Ta'ufo'ou.
Dustin from Jacksonville:
I just ran across a picture of Wayne Weaver holding up the Jaguars jersey when we were originally granted the team. As excited as I am with the new ownership, if you happen to run into Mr. Weaver in the hall, tell him I said thanks.
John: I don't see Weaver often, but I think he knows he's appreciated by fans in this community. Those were special times and a person who helped get the NFL to Jacksonville against significant odds is a special person.
Billy from East Northport, NY:
As far as short-yardage runners, I'd opt for two most people wouldn't think of: David Garrard and Tom Brady. Brady is 88 of 91 for his career on 4th-and-1 runs. His passing prowess prevents teams from clamping down in the box to stuff the run, which allows him nearly unparalleled success in short yardage/dive situations. Garrard is in the Top 3 of that same list at 92.3 percent. What are your thoughts on the quarterback draw as far as short yardage is concerned?
John: I think it's awesome if it gets the first down.
Tony from Jacksonville and Section 344:
As unrealistic as it may be to repeat the 1996 season I think it's important to point out that only twice in the history of the team have the Jaguars gone 4-12 ('95 & '13). Statistically speaking, 100 percent of the time the Jags have bounced back from 4-12 to have a playoff season. It's basic science, good sir!
John: Hey, one fer science!
Tony from St. Louis, MO:
You often mention Winston Guy or Josh Evans will start at free safety. My question is what about Craig Loston? Is he that far behind them in talent? From what I see he has range and can hit.
John: Loston, a safety from Louisiana State, signed as a rookie free agent following the 2014 NFL Draft – and I probably haven't mentioned him enough when talking about the free safety position. I don't know that it's right to put him in the mix to start yet, but many analysts rated him as draftable and it's not inconceivable that he could impress enough in pads to get into the safety conversation.
Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL:
The July 26 season-ticket-holder event is absolutely a grandiose way to say "thanks" to the fans. When I tell people not living here what the Jags are doing, they cannot believe it. Please thank the organization for me. It is fantastic.
John: Word.
Danny from Jacksonville:
I have two completely unrelated questions. First, is the NFL required to extend the London contract with the Jaguars? I imagine they aren't. Second, what position is Tyson Alualu playing this year? I read an O'Halloran article and was a little confused. Is he playing end like last year, or has he moved back to tackle?
John: The Jaguars are scheduled to play in London for the next three seasons, and there is nothing definite after that. Alualu likely will open the season as the backup five-technique defensive end, but the Jaguars want to rotate their defensive lineman and it's very possible Alualu could have a role at defensive tackle in some situations.
Jonathan from Tallahassee, FL:
I wanted to get your opinion on NFL roster size. I feel like the final roster # of 53 and the game day 46 is too small of a number for the greatest professional sports league in the world. Especially during this heightened awareness of player safety. I think adding two roster spots and making the new limits 55/48 would make a lot of sense. It wouldn't cost much more because these extra two players would be league minimum types. I know the coaches would go for this and I think the NFLPA should push for it. It is just crazy that college teams get 85 scholarships but the NFL only has 53 spots with 46 active on game day. It would certainly help give a couple more starters breaks from playing special teams and may prevent some injuries in the future. Why is there no discussion of this?
John: I sort of feel the same way on this issue as I did on June 29 before you moved.
Levi from Bloomington, IN:
I was at the Jags/Colts game a couple years ago when Blaine Gabbert threw the 80-yard slant to Cecil Shorts III to end the game in a victory. I know it won't rank near the top due to it not having much impact on the season, but boy, that was about as an exciting finish as you can get. I remember being able to hear myself being the only person screaming and cheering like an idiot. I swear it was so quiet the people on the other side of the stadium had to have heard me. Great time!
John: I hadn't thought about that play in a while. I have seen a lot of remarkable unexpected things in 19 years covering this league. That's up there.
Ray from Jacksonville :
John, what are those big long rectangular structures at each end of the stadium? Has there been anything on the website about them?
John: I saw them, too. I have a call in to Lamping. I'll let you know.
Peter from Maribor, Slovenia:
There are many options on who was the best player in the NFL - Barry Sanders, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice - but what about the overall athleticism? Deion Sanders?
John: Sanders was very athletic, and in terms of a combination of quickness and speed, he may have been the best ever. He certainly was the best cover corner I ever saw and also was the most-exciting returner I ever saw. If you include strength and physicality into your athleticism equation, there are many who could match Sanders, but if you want to put the ball in someone's hands in the open field and have them dazzle you, Sanders had few equals.
Bold City Brigade will be traveling en masse to FedEx Field this season. I'm sure there will be other games, but that's the official away game trip for the year. Tell Darius someone will have a beer ready.
John: /Raises hand …
Wallace from Jacksonville:
Sunil from Jax is right - the Jags first playoff win doesn't get the kudos it deserves. In addition to the outstanding plays Sunil mentioned, the manhandling of future Hall of Famer, Bruce Smith, by Tony Boselli was the most memorable to me. Tony made Bruce look like just a journeyman defensive lineman that day! Do you think that game solidified Tony's reputation as one of the very best left tackles in the game at that time?
John: Without question.
Jonathan still stationed in South Korea:
I was jogging around yesterday at my base in Yongsan Korea and I didn't see any scoreboard. Epic failure.
John: Be patient.
Don from Macclenny, FL:
I noticed when I logged on to view the live cam they have covered it with something. Exactly what are they watching on those video boards that they don't want people to see?
John: The "official word" is they're preparing content for when the boards go "live." I've heard rumors that there also is footage involved of me working out and "pumping iron" in my "Sun's Out … Guns Out" black sleeveless T. We can't show that online. The site can only handle so much traffic.

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