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O-Zone: Thinkin' on it

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it . . . Al from Orange Park, FL:
I have a lot of faith in Caldwell so far, but I thought several of the Sunday cuts were QUITE surprising. Your thoughts?
John: I wouldn't call any of the moves shocking, though – like many – I was a bit surprised at the release of Kyle Love. I figured Love was the sort of space-eating defensive tackle the Jaguars needed in this system, but Caldwell said the presence of six players who can play on the interior – including Sen'Derrick Marks, Roy Miller, Abry Jones and Brandon Deaderick – enabled the team to release Love and address other areas of the roster. Caldwell said the Jaguars were concerned about getting more players who could contribute on special teams, and that Love's roster spot enabled them to do that. Aside from that, I wasn't shocked at any of the releases. Will Ta'ufo'ou was ahead of Lonnie Pryor at fullback and while Pryor was a fan favorite, it's tough to keep two players at that position. Jordan Shipley was pretty clearly the fourth of four receivers, and with newly-acquired Will Blackmon able to return punts, it made sense to go another direction there.
Coco from Jacksonville:
I definitely trust Caldwell and want him to do his things, but wasn't Blake one of our best special teamers?
John: He was, and that was the other release that surprised me a little. I asked Caldwell about it during his conference call discussing the moves Sunday. He said the acquisition of safety Winston Guy of Seattle made the move possible. Guy also is a solid special teams player, and gives the Jaguars another player who can play either safety position.
Ken from Lakewood, NY:
what is ow listed as d. robinson? I get how he's going to be used but for fantasy leagues he needs rb or wr designation. can roster be changed to reflect this?\
John: Ha. Ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha. HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA . . .
John from Elizabeth City, BNC:
Ah, the old D. Smith confusion . . . LOL. My question was referring to releasing Daryl Smith – a very good veteran linebacker. Saying we want to get younger at linebacker, cutting Daryl Smith for younger guys, then cutting younger linebackers and signing veteran linebackers with less production is what doesn't make sense to me.
John: That's a little different, and yes, the release of Daryl Smith is probably the hardest offseason move to understand. The crux of the decision to release Smith, remember, was that he was entering his 10th season and had missed all but two games last season. Even the veteran linebackers the Jaguars are signing are significantly younger than that. I've said before that of all the players released Smith is the one I would have re-signed, but the idea was to be younger and have roster flexibility with players the team perceived as durable. Smith didn't fit that.
Mike from Atlanta, FL:
Test email from iPad mini. I could get used to this? It's pretty light.
John: #Standunited
Nick from London:
Could you please explain how an undisclosed draft selection works? It can't stay undisclosed forever, after all.
John: Typically undisclosed means that the selection is contingent on how the player performs after he is traded. The level of draft choice often isn't known until the following offseason.
Lee from Jacksonville:
Blaine's status versus Kansas City in Week One is vital to our overall season. If we can go at least 2-2 through our first four games, with Justin Blackmon coming back in Week 5, I really think this team can make some noise. Your take?
John: The team wants Gabbert to start. If it didn't, he wouldn't be starting. At the same time, they are capable of moving the ball and executing the game plan with Henne at quarterback. The Jaguars would love to be at least 2-2 through four games, but you don't risk a players' health to get there.
Ewilliams from Santa Cruz:
On what day can the Jags sign players to the practice squad? Any thoughts on whom they may select?
John: They could do it starting at noon on Sunday. They signed seven players, all of whom spent the preseason with the team: Defensive back Marcus Burley, defensive end Ryan Davis, wide receiver Jeremy Ebert, offensive lineman Drew Nowak, wide receiver Tobais Palmer, quarterback Matt Scott and defensive back Steven Terrell.
Clarence from Jacksonville:
Hey big O: Do You Believe We Should Have Kept Matt Scott on The Practice Squad?
John: No Doubt.
Terry from Brooklyn, NY:
Should the Jags look at Brady Quinn, since he has never played for a good team? I think he would be a great pickup and cheep.
John: I don't care what kind of bird sounds Quinn spends time mimicking. I don't see him being signed by the Jaguars.
Derek from Griffith:
People forget Gabbert has a good set of legs under him. Pretty sure he could convert on third-and-6 if he chose to. Plus, didn't he run a faster 40 than Tebow at the combine? Just sayin'.
John: Gabbert is mobile, and that was one of his auxiliary attributes when the Jaguars drafted him. It's not fair to imply Gabbert is a more dangerous runner than Tebow, however. I'm not a huge believer that Tebow is an NFL quarterback, but you can't deny his ability to make plays running.
Willis from Jacksonville:
Do you need a permit to fish in a retention pond? #shadricksightings
John: Here we go.
Redmond for Jacksonville:
So john what are reasonable expectations for a top ten pick going into the 4th year of there career?
John: That he knows the difference between "there" and "their" – and when to use "his."
Jerry from Section 205:
Moodachay, darling, moodachay... Thank you for all the joy and pain. Jaxson's jump, Mojo's rush, make us stand and cheer. Cecil's TD catch, Scobee's extra kick, made us cheer some more. My heart says, "moodachay!"
John: #Moodachay
Carey from Warner Robins, GA:
O-man, I really loved G-Brad's attitude coming into this season but I have to admit I was skeptical as to how genuine he really was. After seeing the last press conference, I am a believer and have climbed aboard the Gus Bus. Go (new) Jags! #cultureshock #competition #MANCRUSH!
John: #Moodachay
Doug from Jacksonville:
The only thing as a fan I hate more than admitting "Jus' Pimpin' Shadrick is right is when "Business card says Ring of Honor" Boselli is right. In your postgame video after the ATL game Boselli predicted a big number of player changes. Lageman even pressed him on the number a little bit. I didn't go back "to film," but I am sure you were agreeing with Boselli.
John: My mind is usually a blur when I'm around Boselli, taking a day or two to become "unfogged." I also don't know that I understood all of your email, though I admired the effort. I believe I said the Jaguars might claim six or seven players. They claimed seven, so . . . so far, so good.
William from Savannah, GA:
I can only imagine how many e-mails you got about Andre Branch surviving the cut. Based on his productivity, the coaching staff must like his work ethic, his quick first step, and his God-given athletic ability - all of which says "upside." If this is true, would the Jaguars bring in a special coach or mentor to hone his technique? I ask because Branch reminds me of Tony Brackens with his athletic ability. In fact, why not bring in a Tony Brackens to mentor him?
John: I've never heard anything to indicate that Brackens is anything but happy at his farm in Texas, and as talented as he was, former standout players don't necessarily make the best coaches. But whatever . . . the Jaguars have a defensive line coach Todd Wash, and Gus Bradley also has expertise in the area. They are capable of bringing along young players. As for Branch specifically, Bradley said Friday he liked Branch's approach the last few weeks of training camp, and that Branch was challenged by the coaching staff. We'll see how he responds.
Earl from Las Cruces, NM:
Mr. Ozone, I just realized that I have tuned in every day since the draft and 50 players have come and gone. Maybe I should have waited for the movie to come out.
John: Oh, I don't know – it's been a pretty interesting book so far, an offseason of pretty intense transition and significant change. The final chapter hasn't been written, but if the past offseason is indication, if you wait for the movie you're going to miss a lot of the meat of this story.
Ryan from Jacksonville:
Do you think if Tebow goes to the Canadian Football League because no NFL team will take him at QB, that sports media will finally stop talking about him?
John: No, although I don't know that Tebow is the automatic fit in Canada that some believe. The CFL is about spreading the offense out and throwing the ball all over the field. That hasn't proven to be Tebow's strength. Yet.
Charlie from Jacksonville:
John: No.

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