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O-Zone: Truly out of control

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Taylor from Raymore, MO:
Why would the Jaguars chase down an expensive running back like Adrian Peterson who is 30? He's one of the oldest in the game! Why wouldn't the team just draft a running back that's 22?
John: I tend to agree, but this has yet to play out. My guess is we'll have a good idea what's going on with Adrian Peterson before the draft in 13 days. Now that he has been reinstated by the NFL, we should get a clearer idea about what the Vikings really will want for Peterson and if they truly want to trade him. I also imagine we'll learn more about the real costs involved of trading for Peterson. I still doubt it will happen, but if the Vikings indeed want to trade Peterson and the numbers are acceptable, then maybe the Jaguars make this move. It's just hard to predict with so many unknowns. Generally speaking, I'm of the school of thought that a running back typically goes as his offensive line goes, and that because of the wear and tear of the position, the younger the better. On that front, I'd say draft a running back rather than sign a veteran. Peterson is special, though, and special often trumps schools of thought.
Nick from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
O wise one, which team in our division has improved the most since the end of last season? Or do you not pay enough attention outside our team to have an educated answer to that? I'd like to think it's the Jags, but I feel like the Colts and Houston have both made solid additions so far also. What say you?
John: I say I pay attention to the rest of the division, but I'm not as big on trying to gauge offseason improvement as many would like. That's because I'm not a huge believer in short-term, dramatic, immediate gains through free agency. Yes, the Jaguars made strides last month. And I do believe Jermey Parnell, Jared Odrick and Julius Thomas should help make the Jaguars better. But the biggest offseason strides come from players already on the roster making strides of development, maturity and continuity. I do believe the Jaguars will improve significantly in that area because of the age of the roster and the fact that the team will be essentially in its third year together.
Lance from Jacksonville:
People are generally happy about the extension of Poz. I don't understand this. Was our defense not on pace to give up a record number of points prior to his injury? Was our defense not better once J.T. Thomas took over at middle linebacker? If I'm nuts, just say so. Won't hurt my feelings.
John: This question isn't what makes you nuts, Lance – but you're not correct, either. The Jaguars struggled early defensively last season, but the significant improvement the unit showed started after about Week 4. That was in large part because the pass defense began playing better. Posluszny got hurt Week 7, and the run defense overall did not play as well after he was injured. Look, Posluszny is what he is. He's a good run player, a very good leader and he's smart. He's the kind of guy you want on your team and in your locker room. He's not exceptional against the pass. Is he going to make multiple Pro Bowls at this stage of his career? Probably not. Is the team better with him than without? Absolutely.
Mark from Green Bay, WI:
Where's the 2015 schedule. I need a 2015 Jaguars schedule. How can I plan my J-Ville trip without the damn schedule?
John: Wait a few days. Reports are the schedule will be released Thursday – or maybe Wednesday.
Eric from Orlando, FL:
I don't see a scenario where we take anything other than an edge rusher in the first round. Caldwell said he needed three drafts to rebuild the roster. In his first two drafts he took left tackle and quarterback in the first rounds. The third piece to the puzzle is an elite pass rusher, and this draft is rich with such prospects. Caldwell did his homework and had an idea of what would be available this year. Any other selection just wouldn't make sense.
John: That's my thought, too. I think there will be temptation to take a wide receiver. Amari Cooper is awfully safe and Kevin White is awfully talented. But for all of the reasons you cite, pass rusher remains the favorite as far as this senior writer sees it.
Patrick from Jacksonville:
If you had to project the lineup for Week One, what would the depth chart be for the secondary?
John: Demetrius McCray and Davon House at outside corner with Dwayne Gratz backing up both positions and Aaron Colvin starting in the nickel … Johnathan Cyprien and Sergio Brown at safety with Josh Evans backing them up.
Joe from San Antonio, TX:
Does losing players due to retirement count towards compensatory picks? (I'm thinking of the Steelers here)
John: No.
Jim from Jacksonville Beach:
John, we better help prepare the Jags faithful for what will be written by the national media after the draft. If we stay at three and take Leonard Williams, they will say it was a luxury pick for a team with too many holes elsewhere to ignore need. If we take Dante Fowler Jr., they will talk about how we passed on the safest pick in the draft and build their storyline around our past busts. If we take a receiver they will talk about how we passed on a possible franchise-defining 15-sack per year Pro-Bowl talent like Fowler. The national media needs a punching bag to justify their existence, and as you said, we'll continue to be the easy target until we start winning. Just hoping your readers are prepared in the interim, 'cause if we stay at No. 3 there will be no right answer regardless of what we do.
John: Sure, I guess. I also guess I'd say don't worry so much about the national media. What they say or do is beyond your control and doesn't matter all that much. Remember, when the Jaguars win – and they will win – the national media will praise. Until then, not so much. It's not complex. It's probably not fair. It's just how it is.
Bo from Dresden, NC:
Do you think there is a player at No. 3 that the Jags won't listen to trade offers for?
John: No.
Adam from Section 124:
FWIW, you might want to point out to Charles from Virginia that a perfect score on the Wonderlic would be a 50 - not a 28.
John: I deal with readers reading what they want to read all the time, so I suppose now it's Charles' turn. When discussing the Wonderlic in a recent question, he said that because quarterbacks such as Drew Brees and Peyton Manning got a 28 on the test, perhaps 28 was the perfect score for a quarterback. What he absolutely did not imply or say was that 28 was the best score you could get on the test.
Carl from Jacksonville:
That interview from TPC with Blake was music to my ears. Seems his mind is in a perfect place as far as being focused on the process and enjoying it. It's hard to make an argument on why he wouldn't develop into at least an upper third quarterback in the NFL. Now, let's get this running game going and all of a sudden Blake is a serious threat with play action with his mobility and ability to throw well on the run. Toss in Julius Thomas and a guy in Allen Robinson who is an already proven chains mover, and you're cooking a little bit. Am I crazy?
John: You're not crazy. But I'm not ready to put Bortles in the top third in the NFL yet. Let's let him show he can get a team close to .500 first. I think you'll see strides in that direction this season. You're going to see setbacks, too. It's not a steady upward graph, but strides are an important step.
Bruce from Gotham:
Yes, the Hudson landing was cool, but to me the biggest Boselli moment was when he was the first man to step on the moon. Then came the unforgettable words, "This is one small step for man, one giant leap for the Jags.' Of course, they had to re-edit his words and replace with mankind....but we all know what he really said. #trueamerican #bosellimoments
John: #pride
Mike from Section 110:
Remember the time Tony Boselli showed up at halftime and the Mud Dogs won the Bourbon Bowl, do ya? #TrueAmerican
John: #pride
Brian from Gainesville, FL:
O man, is it true that Boselli's life was the inspiration for the movie Armageddon?
John: #trueactionhero
Dave from Section 410 Jax:
Boselli saves stray puppies.
John: #trueheartofgold
Mick from Virginia Beach, VA:
What about Bo's heroic efforts to win the American Revolution? #truefoundingfather
John: #trueminuteman
Jonathan from 43 Days left in Korea:
Tony Boselli once blocked a round house from Chuck Norris. Forget everything else, that's just wow #wowboselli
John: #truefighter
Eric from Yulee, FL:
Is Boselli running for political office? Or is he going to be the next anchor on NBC Nightly News? #Boselli2016
John: #truecandidate
Terrance from Laurel, MD:
O-Man, it was awesome seeing Jaxson de Ville do his thing with the sticks Tuesday. On the other hand, Gus looked like he could use a few lessons at the TOUR Academy. Why didn't we see you go head-to-head with Boselli on the 17th instead of stand next to me -- the lone Army guy watching from the sidelines?
John: #trulynotagolfer

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