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O-Zone: Wait and see

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Michael from Fruit Cove, FL

You said Khan has "supported them financially by giving them anything possible to win." How do you explain the games in London, then? That was a purely financial move that made it harder for the team to compete on the field due to the travel and loss of a true home game. This is the exact opposite of your explanation of why Khan is a good owner. I read this as you saying, "He's a good owner because he's a bad owner." Want to try to explain a little better how the London games fit with your description of a good owner?

Owner Shad Khan's belief is the London games are critical for the Jaguars' financial stability in Jacksonville, and therefore critical to the Jaguars being able to work in Jacksonville for the long term. He's a good owner for Jacksonville in that sense because he's trying to find ways to make the team work in what is perhaps the NFL's most-challenging market. And financial stability ultimately works toward a franchise being competitive on and off the field. Also, your statement that the London games make it harder for the team to compete on the field due to the travel and loss of a true home game – while a commonly-cited theory – is not necessarily a fact. The Jaguars' record in London is not significantly different than their record anywhere else during the past eight seasons, and there was a stretch during the series they were playing better in London than elsewhere. If Khan truly believed the London games worked against the Jaguars' chances to win, I believe he wouldn't play them. Look: I don't love the London game personally. I'm all about what's easy for me, and it's easier for me to cover a game five minutes from my house than an ocean away. But I can't honestly say the Jaguars' record has been worse over the last six or seven years because of the London game. And I've never had a sense that they play worse there than they do at TIAA Bank Field. Either way, you measure an owner by what he's willing to put back into the team in terms of players' and coaches' salaries, training facilities, football staff, etc. On that front, Khan doesn't scrimp – and on that front, he is a good owner.

Billy from Orange Park and Section 123

You don't agree that offensive line is a need. Were you watching the same game as me? The Steelers cut through our offensive line like it was butter. Offensive tackles Cam Robinson and Jawaan Taylor were overmatched on almost every pass play. If you put a "franchise" quarterback behind our line, he'll be on IR after one game. Our offensive line is below average – as the stats indicate.

Do your stats account for the Jaguars running consistently effectively this season? Do they account for the multiple times Jaguars quarterbacks have held the ball too long and been uncertain in the pocket this season? The Jaguars' tackles haven't played as well the last couple of games – the Steelers game last Sunday absolutely included – as they did early in the season, but the reality is this is a very good run-blocking offensive line. It's not overall a bad pass-blocking offensive line and how an offensive line is judged these days can very much depend on the quarterback. A quarterback with good pocket awareness and experience in an offense can hide a lot of flaws and help an offensive line. I don't know that the line has gotten much help around here lately in that sense.

Mr. NFL from Jacksonville

Well, well, well … another Thanksgiving in which the Jags fans are offered garbage for dinner. Your defense of this pathetic coaching staff and inept general manager is about as good as this team is on the field ... inexcusable and embarrassing. The topper? Baloney-Brain now announces that Glennon is the starter??? LOL. Do you think other NFL teams' reporters chuckle when they see you entering? I'll bet anything they do.

You know what? You're right. I am awesome.

John from Jacksonville

My, oh my, KOAGF. Do the Jags have more than a handful of starters left? It seems we are mostly a depth chart and journeyman team now. Some of the "next man ups" have also gone down. This is a coach's 53-card draw nightmare to prepare for games. I know ... injuries aren't an excuse ... blah, blah, blah.

I did a quick count, and it seems likely only eight players who started Week 1 for the Jaguars will start Sunday, with four of those starters on the offensive line. I could be off by one or two. Either way…

Jerell from Columbia, SC

This sorry lot is on the fast track to 1-15 and I must say I love it. Bring on Fields and a new regimen. I just want Dave to know his incompetence this year won't go unnoticed, because of it we are going to land a franchise QB.

Jer-ell!!! Jer-ell!!! Jer-ell!!!

Tom from Charlottesville, VA

A recent article mentioned that Steeler wideouts were running past the defense. When drafting players, I have not noticed that the team mentions speed very often. Not just straight-line speed but quick-feet, fast-off-the-ball speed to the outside for running backs, speed to the ball for linebackers. In 2017 when the team made their run, they had one speed player (Corey Grant?) that helped with fake punts, and other "trick" plays. It seems that team speed does not match up with other teams. Is there a stat for team speed? Where would the Jags rank?

There isn't a statistic that measures speed, but the Jaguars do emphasize it – and they have fast players. Wide receiver Chris Conley, for example, ran a 4.35-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine and cornerback Chris Claybrooks reportedly has run a clocked 4.25-second 40-yard dash. DJ Chark Jr. also is very fast for a wide receiver. Are the Jaguars fast compared to other teams? It's hard to say. Teams that play well tend to look like fast. Fast players playing poorly tend not to look a bit slower.

Chris from Mandarin

Given the Jaguars results since 2013, it would be irresponsible to allow General Manager Dave Caldwell to remain in charge of selecting the next wave of draft picks and free agents. I assume that means he will be here.

I don't know that it's safe to assume anything when it comes to what Khan will do following the 2020 season.

William the Contemplator from Jax

I can see the future. Jaguars quarterback Mike Glennon will be the Glennon he has always been. The Browns will run all over our young and wounded defense. Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield will do enough to win. The Jaguars will set a team record of 10 straight losses. Head Coach Doug Marrone will praise his team's effort. See how easy it is to claim to be a psychic?


Vince from Farmington, NM

Mighty O- I have read several times this year that we will give a healthy dose of rookie running back James Robinson early, and try to get an early lead so we can continue to use him throughout the game. When we get behind, we are forced to pass heavy. Now I have watched us check down during "garbage time" and be content with a couple of six-yard passes to move the chains consistently. How is this different than what Robinson brings early? Defenses load up against the pass and rush hard when we are behind, causing more check down and outlet plays. It seems that keeping the balance, ESPECIALLY when we are behind gives us at least a little better chance of advancing the ball then a litany of three-and-out attempts hoping to reel it back in. I say keep the balance, keep the faith in Robinson and if nothing else, we can cement Robinson with an UDFA season record that will stand for decades. Are we really playing for anything else at this point?

Always remember this when asking about teams' motivation, even late in the season: Coaches are playing to win. They are calling plays hoping they will succeed and enhance their chances to win. They are not calling plays – at least not very often – with the idea of padding statistics or enhancing players' chances at individual accolades. Remember, too: When offensive coordinators call pass plays late in games, they don't call them assuming there will be a check down. They call them because somewhere in the play design there's a chance for a chunk play – a better chance, theoretically, than there would be in a run play.

Zac from Austin, tejas

We won against the Colts last year and I got excited. The we trudged through the longest stretch ever with no football from COVID-19. Then, the season started! We won a game! Then the season was … what it was. And we only have six games left. And then the waiting and hapless hoping starts again. This irks me. I am irked.