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O-Zone: Yeah, probably

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Sean from Jacksonville

Did Marrone really say, "It's not rocket science?" I don't know the context, but he just knocked himself down a peg or two, did he not? If it isn't rocket science, why hasn't he made the team competitive for what seems like forever? That statement seems to be saying that what he does isn't difficult, so ... fix it already? Also, there's nothing to smile about, Coach.

Rule of thumb: when you write, "I don't know the context," you might want to … learn the context. You're referencing a phrase uttered by Jaguars Head Coach Doug Marrone Wednesday morning during his weekly media availability. Marrone was referring to the fact that players and coaches at this point in a disappointing season are working to stay in the league – and that what they do in the final three games very much matter in that respect. When discussing this, he used the phrase: "It's not rocket science." He wasn't saying coaching was easy. He wasn't implying it. He was simply answering a question. And did he smile during his press conference? Yes, he did. But if we're implying Marrone hasn't behaved appropriately in recent weeks given the Jaguars' record … c'mon. The man has pointed the finger at himself at every opportunity this season and has answered endless questions about issues sometimes beyond his control – and it's clear to anyone watching him publicly and privately that the results weigh heavily on him. I'm not saying Marrone doesn't deserve criticism. When a team loses, the head coach is going to get criticized. But you asked, "He knocked himself down a peg or two, did he not?" No, he did not.

Ross from Jacksonville

If weak-side linebacker Telvin Smith and cornerback Jalen Ramsey were still Jags, would the defensive disaster these last few games still have happened?

To this degree? Perhaps not. To some degree? Probably.

John (aka, Jagtatto)

Hello, Johnny O. Thanks for admitting what I had been telling friends for a while now: this defense hasn't been able to stop the run since Marcel went on IR. We signed him for a reason, and he is steady and reliable. Why wouldn't we want to re-sign him this offseason? We have enough problems; at least this would solve one of them. As for the team, and the fans: I realize this is has been a season we'd like to put behind us, but I'm still a fan and would love to see my team put up a fight and the fans put up a cheerful roar. I will always stand by this organization.

I don't know that I "admitted" the Jaguars haven't stopped the run since defensive tackle Marcell Dareus' absence. "Admitted" implies reluctance to say something, and I've been saying often for several weeks that the Jaguars have struggled against the run in his absence. Your question: Why would the Jaguars let him go? Here's why: he has an extremely large contract and salary-cap number, and there seems a real possibility that new minds and eyes possibly could be making decisions. They may decide a player of Dareus' age and cost doesn't fit moving forward. I would expect that to be the case and would be surprised if it's not.

Dave from Duval

Hey, John: Football is a funny game sometimes. And I don't mean "funny" funny. You know what I mean?

Ha. Ha.

Aqeel from Toronto, Canada

Well Mr. O: 'Tis the season of giving, so lucky for the Oakland fans the Jags will give them their last "W" in Oakland and the Coliseum. Some 20- – nay 30- -- year-old record will be broken. Quarterback Derek Carr will have a career, Hall-of-Fame worthy day and a second-string running back will rack up over 150 yards. So before you leave it in disgust, what is your favorite memory of the Coliseum?

I don't know if "favorite" is the right word, but the most vivid memory of Oakland-Alameda Coliseum came when I covered the Jaguars at Raiders in 1996. The plumbing broke before the game on the press-box level and the toilets stopped working in the press box. Only a few as I recall worked anywhere near the press box. The Jaguars lost, but suffice to say that's not the most vivid – or pungent – memory of the day.

Will from Jacksonville

You often refer to Jaguars Owner Shad Khan as having "a decision to make." It doesn't seem like much of a decision to me. In a results-oriented business, how can the Jaguars not move on from Executive Vice President of Football Operations Tom Coughlin, General Manager David Caldwell and Marrone at the end of the season?

Conventional wisdom says they likely will. I don't know what Khan will do. No one except Khan and perhaps a few others know this. People want immediate answers on this question, but answering accurately means predicting the future or reading Khan's mind. I can do neither.

Adam from Bryan, TX

Hey John, what's going on with Josh Oliver? I haven't heard much on him lately. Did I miss something? I don't catch a lot of the games over here in Texas. Did he get hurt or something, or is he just not playing a lot?

The Jaguars placed rookie tight end Josh Oliver on injured reserve on November 18 with a back injury. He caught three passes for 15 yards this season.

Ryan from Reality

We made Andrew Norwell the league's highest-paid guard at the time. We made Brandon Linder the league's highest-paid center at the time. We have high second-round picks at both offensive tackle positions. How is that offensive line so bad?

I don't know.

Matt from North Jax

After being beat by more than 17 points in the last five games (hasn't happened since the 1986 Buccaneers), maybe not all individual players – but the team as a whole – is basically "Phoning it in" at this point. Prove me wrong.

If you believe players and coaches are "phoning it in" or quitting, then you don't understand that players and coaches have no incentive to do this and every incentive not to do this. Their careers and livelihoods are at stake. If that doesn't prove you wrong, I don't know that it's possible.

Robert from Oneonta

This is not meant to be an emotional, rhetorical or demeaning question. Why should I spend my hard-earned money on season tickets for the 2020 season? The Jags must improve. But how can I evaluate that? I am expected to purchase tickets long before free agency or the draft happen. How am I to make informed rational decisions? On the game schedule for next season? I do not care about amphitheaters, pools, dog sitters, cabanas or hotels in our parking lot. For the most part I ignore those things. I am a football fan, period. No gimmick the Jags/Kahn/Duval employ will change that. I may be a month or more early asking this, but I imagine this is a question about 60,000 Jags customers are asking themselves. Why bother? I apologize if I am putting you on the spot, it is not personal. You are the answer guy and king of everything funky :)

You're not putting me on the spot. It's a question no one can answer but you. The Jaguars haven't won enough recently in any season except 2017. This season has been particularly disappointing. That makes season tickets a tough sell. Only you can determine if it's worth the bother.

Mike from Atlanta, GA

The obvious reason to the New England Patriots' success this century is quarterback Tom Brady. What they did to complement that was keep him protected and keep defenders out of his face. Receivers are a dime a dozen to the Patriots; so are running backs. I think what gets forgotten in the conversation is the defenses Head Coach Bill Belichick has put together. The Patriots have had some really good defenses. The first stretch of Super Bowls had Richard Seymour, Willie McGinest, Ty Law, Rodney Harrison – to name a few. That was a result of great drafting in the mid-to-late 90s but most of the time they have had really good defenses. I think Belichick deserves to be in the Hall of Fame based on the defenses he has coached alone. Let's not forget he was the defensive coordinator for the Giants team that had Lawrence Taylor.


Kevin from Jacksonville

John: Did we somehow leave cornerback A.J. Bouye in London, or did we trade him along with cornerback Jalen Ramsey? Because the guy playing in his uniform sure isn't the guy that played for us the last couple of years. Players don't get this bad that quick.

Players indeed age in a hurry. I'm not sure that it has happened to Bouye. It's more likely that he's simply just not a No. 1 corner. But players absolutely age in a hurry.

Cliff from Las Vegas, NV

Winning is fun. Fans like it.

I'll take your word for it. I don't remember.