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Opening journal entry

Hey Jaguars fans it's your favorite Professional Sports Entertainer or Mascot as some people like to say....frankly i don't care what you call me...ok well i take that back, there are a few names i could do without...anyway it's me Jaxson de Ville and i want to welcome you to my new website....ok so technically it's the Jaguars website but let's not get bogged down with and i both know why you came to this get more information and photos of ME!....

Well look around because you'll find all kinds of cool stuff about the Best Mascot in Sports for 8 years running...that's me in case you were wondering....this site will provide you with videos of my skits and photos from gameday and all my travels around the start out i have a little story about my trip to Greenland a couple months ago that i think you'll enjoy....also you can see some photos from my trip to the Superbowl in Houston this past January....for those of you who wish to see me up close and in the fur....who am i kidding that's everyone....i'll list my public appearances on this site so you can have that opportunity....if you have been under a rock for the last 8 years you can check out my bio to see why Everyone loves Jaxson.... which reminds me, that guy Raymond stole my line....

I'll be writing a journal entry every week during the season and probably every other week during the journal entries will usually have a's your job to figure it out....i'll also have an "Ask Jaxson" section for you to submit your questions for me....any and all topics are fair game....i have a wealth of knowledge that i would love to share with you....I should mention that from time to time i may affend or is it offend, whatever, you with some of my actions or answers to your let me say one big SORRY for all the times one of my skits, jokes or journals rubs you the wrong way....oh yeah and don't try anything you see or hear about here at home....ok now the lawyers are happy on with the journal....

I'll leave you with my mission statement: "I, Jaxson de Ville, wish to entertain and amuse all Jaguars fans!" It's short and simple but extremely far as every other teams fans are concerned, i don't care! folks it's time for me to bid farewell but don't worry because i'll be back with more stories and photos from the life and times of Jaxson de Ville....oh wait i have to give you my motto...."If you can dream it you can do it, and if you can believe it you can become it!"

Much Love


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