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Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur: Sunday, November 15, 2020

(opening statement) "I'll start off with just a little something. Obviously, we're happy with the win, although we didn't play our best and we all know that. I think we recognize that. We didn't play to our standard. There's a lot of improvement out there for us. But anytime you win in this league you've got to enjoy that. You've got to give a lot of credit to the Jacksonville Jaguars. They came ready to play. They showed more emotion than we did. They battled and you've got to give them a lot of credit. That's a credit to their players, their coaches. And this is the National Football League. Just like we told our players, you've got to earn everything you get. People aren't just going to lay down. You've got to come ready to play and ready to work each and every day in order to get the results you want. Again, we're fortunate and we'll take the win, but we've got to improve, especially at home."

(on what's causing the Packers to come out flat at home) "Yeah, that's a great question. That's something that obviously I've got to look inward and see if I'm doing the right things. I think our staff has to look at themselves. I think we all, every player, everybody involved with this team has got to look deep inside of them and understand and appreciate the opportunity to go out there and compete. It's special when you get a chance to play a football game in the National Football League and we've got to do a better job of bringing more juice, just bringing a tougher mindset to game day, especially when we're at home. I don't know what it is about the last couple games here at Lambeau, but certainly it hasn't been our best and we've got to be better."

(on if there was a point where he felt that the offense was finally clicking and the Packers would win) "It kind of felt out of sync all game to be honest with you. I thought there was a stretch there in the second quarter where I felt like we were moving in the right direction. Certainly the game did not start off well, I think we had what, three three-and-outs, or something like that. I know we punted our first three possessions. That wasn't good enough, that wasn't up to our standard. But you've got to give them credit. They came to play, they battled. You know, it's not like they did anything we didn't think they were going to do. But we definitely have to do a better job of game planning and then going out there and executing that game plan."

(on LT David Bakhtiari's contract extension) "That's a great credit to Dave. He works his tail off. Certainly he's a big part of this football team and we're lucky to have a guy of his caliber. We're very fortunate and happy to keep him here for a long time."

(on Bakhthiari's contract extension) "It's awesome. Any time you see a guy get rewarded for a job well done, it gets you excited as a coach. You always want your players to get rewarded and certainly, he's earned that. I found out this morning. Gutey (Brian Gutekunst) came and told me prior to the game. I was pumped up. I didn't really get a chance to say anything to him prior to the game, but actually, the first time I mentioned anything to him was after we scored our first touchdown, that long one to MVS (Marquez Valdes-Scantling), he came running off, I hugged him and told him I'm happy he's going to be a Packer for a really long time."

(on if the Jaguars special teams touchdown was the result of having new players on those units) "No. To me, that would be a total excuse. It doesn't matter who we have in there. We've got to do a better job. We've got to coach better and we've got to go out there and execute better. So, that's something that we'll take a good hard look at."

(on how the defense finished the game) "That was awesome to see. I felt like that was the first time our team came alive. You could feel it on the sidelines, everybody rooting for one another. We need that from the opening kick. That's the standard. We can't just pick and choose when we want to do that. The game is on the line so it's easy to get up for that. We have got to do a better job from when before we start the game, to show that kind of energy, to show that kind of emotion, to show that kind of support for one another that we saw at the end of the game. And if we don't get that, we're not going to be at our best. So that's going to be something that we'll challenge everybody that is in this organization, that's a part of this football team, to bring more emotion. You can't take these opportunities for granted. You've got to give your best every time you get a chance to go out there. And again, it starts with myself, and then it goes to our assistants and then our players. So, we've got to do a better job."

(on why he thinks the emotion was missing from his team today) "Well, if I knew it definitely wouldn't be a problem, right? So, I've got to do some investigating, obviously, and look at myself first. But that wasn't good enough. There's no doubt about it. In terms of just the energy and the passion. We're playing football. These guys are playing a kid's game and getting paid for it, man. It's just disturbing to me. Again, it starts with myself and our staff. We've got to bring more energy for these guys."

(on the play-action touchdown pass to WR Davante Adams in a run-heavy defensive look) "I wish we could get that every play. Obviously, he's an elite wide receiver. He's a legit number one. One of the best in the game. Every time we get that opportunity, we'll take advantage of it. But that play was actually designed to go to Marquez on the other side and they did a good job of defending it. And it's something we saw on tape, but we figured if 'Quez wasn't open, then we'd have 'Tae potentially in a one-on-one situation. He did such a great job coming off the ball, kind of slow playing it like it was a run, and then accelerating out of that cut and Aaron gave him a nice opportunity right there with that throw and he went up and made the play."

(on LB Rashan Gary) "I just think it's a step in the right direction. He's got to continue to progress and get better and better and better and we've got to make sure that he gets those opportunities because certainly he had a big impact at the end of the game."

(on what it's like as a coach that the Packers seemed to lack energy today) "I always think that we kind of have to set the tone as a coaching staff. The big concern for me is it just seems to be more in our home games than when we're on the road. So, you know, I get it. It's a strange year. We're used to having fans to help bring that energy to our football team and we don't have that right now, unfortunately. And that's the situation and it is what it is. So we've got to do a better job of supplying that juice internally. All we have is the men in the locker room. Again, we'll search and try to dig at it and find ways to go out there and compete to the best of our ability. Happy with the win. Happy that we found a way to win without playing our best, but we all know there is so much more out there for this football team."

(on if he has to talk to his leadership players to get the rest of the team to play with more energy) "I think we're all responsible, everybody that's got a hand in this thing to be their best. All we ask guys is to be the best version of themselves. Whether your suiting up or not, supporting one another. That's why I love football. It's the ultimate team sport. It takes everybody and I always think it starts with us as a coaching staff, and bringing the necessary energy for our guys so they get excited about what we're doing. And again, we've got to do a better job of that."

(on how much of the game plan was to go to WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling after Adams had an uncharacteristically down game) "I don't know if I'd call it an uncharacteristically down game. Obviously, he was battling through some stuff. You know obviously the fumble was not a good moment. But, a lot of our plan typically rolls through 'Tae when he's available. Certainly, there was a moment there when he went out and we lost Swerve (Tyler Ervin) and we were in a little bit of a scramble mode on the sidelines trying to formation some of this stuff to get our guys in the right position. I think, again, I think we can do a better job as a staff to have a better plan, or having more versatility within our plan in case, hey injuries are part of the game and they are going to happen and we know that. And we've been through that already this year. I think we've got to have a little more flexibility with our plan, with our scheme to make sure we're getting our best players in position to make plays and get them the football. After the game I look at the stats and I see that Aaron Jones doesn't have enough touches. Jamal Williams doesn't have enough touches. So, we've got to make sure we've got enough stuff designed for everybody in case that happens. Today, it happened and I don't think we did a good enough job with the plan."