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Players have to find answer for themselves


*The following is the transcript of today's question and answer session between Vic Ketchman and Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver. *

Vic:Wayne, what's the morale of your team heading into this Sunday's game in Baltimore?
Wayne: I think we are at a pretty low point, Vic, but I think the team is going to be ready to play on Sunday. We've really had our backs against the wall. We've lost three ballgames that we were favored to win. Two of those were at home. I think the players are feeling the pressure of let's get this thing turned around, and it has to start this weekend.

Vic: What is this like for you?
Wayne:It's different. We've had a very successful six years here, for the most part. Last year was disappointing, but we've had great success with this franchise. It's disappointing when you put together a core and keep it together. We've made some decisions that will impact our future to accomplish that and to be where we are is disappointing. In my other businesses, I've been through tough times and you have to stay with it and make sure everybody is working hard toward the same goal, and I think this team is going to do that.

Vic: When you established this franchise you knew there would be hard times, right?
Wayne:Absolutely; there's no business that doesn't go through these cycles. We're just in one of those cycles right now. We've just got to turn it around.

Vic: I'm getting e-mail after e-mail from fans saying the Jaguars are not playing with emotion. Do you share that sentiment?
Wayne:We haven't played with the same emotion the last three weeks that we played with in the first two weeks. I wish I had the answer, Vic. I wish I knew what chemistry was missing because these guys want to win and they want to win bad. Somehow, we just don't have the same intensity we had against Pittsburgh and Tennessee and, boy, I wish I had the answer there.

Vic: What do you think it is going to take for this team to get out of its skid?
Wayne: I think a win on Sunday would be huge. Playing the Super Bowl champs on the road, that would be a big win. I think that could launch us into a better frame of mind going into Tennessee the following week. We have a tough schedule ahead of us. We've got to pull up our boots and get after it.

Vic: Do you find yourself going through the same twist of emotions your fans go through?
Wayne: Yes; it's hard when you have such high expectations, to be sitting where we are today. I really thought this team had a chance to be 4-1 or 5-0, after the first couple of games. Like Tom says, you have to be prepared to play every Sunday. Any of these teams can come up and beat you. We've just made too many mistakes and we haven't played real good football.

Vic: As always, the head coach takes the brunt of the criticism when the team is losing. In this case, is it fair?
Wayne: No; I think the coaches have to share some of the blame because they have to get these guys ready to play, but they can't play for them. It goes back to the intensity and emotion. What do we have to do to get that chemistry back? I hope our players look in the mirror and find that answer for themselves.

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