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Podlesh conference call


The following a transcript of Adam Podlesh's conference call following his selection in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

(on your expectations of the draft) "I never really made any expectations on where I was going to go in the draft. I hit it off with Coach (Joe) DeCamillis really well. (The Jaguars) seemed like a team that would be a good fit."

(why Jacksonville?) "In talking with them, they were in need of a punter and I was obviously looking for somewhere to go on the East coast. It is a team that is a little bit further south than what I used to growing up, so I guess I won't have to worry about snow too much."

(what is the best part of your game?) "I am fairly versatile; I can do a lot of different things. I have shown that I have some great height to put forth. I take great pride in my height, but at the same time, I have worked on my directional punting as well. I have been very well affiliated with directional punting all throughout college. That has helped me out with my control and placement as well."

(is it correct that you don't do kickoffs?) "I have been the backup kickoff man all four years at Maryland. I did get some kickoffs my first two years. It has been a backup job to me. I have always tried to work on it, but I haven't made it my strong point. I just made sure I kept the punting as my number one job."

(how did you become a punter?) "I played soccer when I was younger, but when I got to middle school I started playing football. I did both at the same time and ended up making the switch to football. I liked the contact more and then we were asked if anyone had a good leg out here. Since I played soccer, I did the kicking and punting. Originally in high school I was looking to go to college as a placekicker, but when I learned the fundamentals on how to punt, I got good at it and I liked it better."

(on being the first punter taken in the draft) "It means a lot to me. It shows that I might have been valued more than the other punters. It definitely means something to me. I don't know if it's something that means the world to me, but I wanted a place to play and the opportunity to show people what I can do. There are a lot of good punters looking to be drafted and I don't think I am necessarily better than them. It's just a great honor to be the first because you don't see a lot of punter drafted at all."

(on what positions he played in high school) "What position didn't I play in high school? I played pretty much everything. I was a running back, fullback and tailback. I played inside and outside linebacker, returned kickoffs and handled all the kicking and punting duties."

(were you recruited as a player and not just a punter?) "I didn't get any Division I-A offers, but I did get a bunch of I-AA offers from schools like Hofstra, and all the Ivy League schools wanted me at running back, but nothing at a big school."

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