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Prediction for Sunday night

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Bill from Jacksonville:
Here are some interesting stats. During the regular season last year, the Jags sacked Roethlisberger five times. In the postseason, he was dropped six times. That was without a legitimate pass-rusher in our lineup. Sunday night may very well be the day we see Groves and Harvey make an impact. Your thoughts?

Vic: That's the plan. Against a very poor pass-blocking Steelers offensive line, they could have a breakout night.

Lee from Jacksonville:
I'd like to hear your opinion of Jerry Porter's comments about not getting enough balls thrown his way this past Sunday.

Vic: A receiver should want the football, but shouldn't he at least play two games with a team before he starts complaining about not getting enough balls thrown his way?

Matt from Stuart, FL:
How do you think the defense will perform against the Steelers? The Steelers are playing their fourth-string running back, so a lot of passing plays can be expected. At the same time, our pass-defense has been spotty since late last season. Is this a game where the defense leads the charge, or do Garrard and company have to maintain long drives to keep the defense off the field?

Vic: I expect the defense to lead the charge.

Rob from Green Cove Springs, FL:
In yesterday's article, I'm glad you mentioned the fact that Big Ben waited for David to complete his interview, so that David could enjoy his moment, and then congratulated David on taking the next step in his career. It is one of my favorite sports moments and a teachable moment for my kids. I'm a Big Ben fan now as well as a Jag fan. Has David ever discussed that moment with you?

Vic: Yeah, I asked him about it the week following the game and he was clearly moved by Roethlisberger's gesture. It meant a lot to Garrard. It made him feel as though he had arrived and was being granted admission into the elite circle of NFL quarterbacks. I'm so glad Roethlisberger did that. It requires so little sometimes to do something big.

Dale from Hampton, VA:
Is it typically easier or harder to run against a 3-4 as compared to a 4-3?

Vic: It should be easier because there's less beef up front. What the 3-4 lacks in beef, however, it attempts to compensate with speed and scheme.

Ross from Farmville, VA:
I have an example of what some franchises have that Jags fans don't understand yet, and it will only happen in time. I work with a guy who is a Steelers fan. He wears Steelers stuff, drives a yellow and black Jeep with a huge Steelers logo and has a tattoo. His parents are equally intense about the Steelers. His daughter is also that intense (at only about six years old). His nephews and nieces are huge fans as well. I believe his grandparents were also Steeler fans. So his entire extended family for at least four generations had an intense love of the Steelers. Jags fans, at best, are working on their second generation.

Vic: Five Super Bowl titles help, too.

Aaron from New York, NY:
With Tennessee two games up, a lot of my friends are starting to worry. I assure them the Jags are still in a good spot because the Titans lack a legitimate 17-week QB. Do you think Collins can really continue to lead them through the year or will they need Vince to man up again before the year is over?

Vic: I think Collins can take it from here.

Kenny from Newport, AR:
This is in response to your remarks about Matt Jones' talent level and the knowledge of the Arkansas fan base. Have you seen the Matt Jones highlight video of his runs against the top teams in the SEC? I guess that wasn't blistering speed? You are makin' yourself look ignorant by being too much of a know-it-all. I bet you didn't even play football in high school.

Vic: This isn't the SEC.

Gregg from Ocala, FL:
As a pure matter of journalism ethics, putting all politics aside, do you think Gwen Ifill had an ethical duty to step aside as the moderator for the VP debate due to the alleged conflict of interest?

Vic: Absolutely not, as long as she didn't feel compromised. Based on her performance last night, she was clearly not compromised.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
I work at the Jacksonville airport and have noticed literally thousands of Steelers fans converging on this city the last couple of days. What happened to homefield advantage because this is beginning to look like a home game for the Steelers and that concerns me?

Vic: It concerns me, too, because they're all staying at my house.

Scott from Thunder Bay, Ontario:
I saw that Lee Evans was signed to a big contract. He'll be making more money than Terrell Owens. Is he worth that much?

Vic: Every contract raises the bar at that player's position. Evans is a fantastic receiver. It's not an issue of whether or not he deserves to be paid at that level. The issue is: How much higher can the contract bar be raised before the league needs a bail-out?

Al from Mt. Vernon, NY:
I think a major part of the problem with the passing attack lies in the stubborn refusal to inject some imagination and courage into the offensive game plan. For instance, it is idiotic at any level of football to always run on first down. Your thoughts?

Vic: In the most recent game, the Jaguars had 27 first-down plays. They threw 16 times and ran 11 times and three of those runs were scrambles by David Garrard out of pass formation.

Levi from Washington, PA:
I know the Steelers are going to win but I'm just not sure what the final score will be. I'm thinking 17-10 Pittsburgh. What do you think?

Vic: I'm thinking 24-10 Jacksonville.

James from Gainesville, FL:
It appears the NFC is beginning to catch up with the AFC in terms of talented teams. Is there any evidence to substantiate or refute this?

Vic: The two conferences split their head-to-head series last season, but I think the NFC is going to win this year's.

Jeff from Little Rock, AR:
I don't know if I have told you this or not, but what I really love about "Ask Vic" is that it constantly rewards its dedicated readers who pay attention. My favorite TV show of all time is "The Simpsons" because it is always throwing out little subtle jokes that only people who have been watching the show for years would get. It's like you are part of some secret club and the only way to join is to be devoted and pay attention.

Vic: To be compared to "The Simpsons" is, indeed, high praise.

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