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Press box is a good place for thinking

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

J. Kucera from Jacksonville:
I was wondering if there are any terms in NFL contracts regarding hidden injuries. It seems that sometimes a player is brought in or re-signed and, poof, he immediately has a long-term injury the coaching staff was unaware of. Is there a "lemon law?"
There are rules regarding players waived who may have had a pre-existing injury while with the team that waived him. However, in dealing with your own players and with unrestricted free agents, as was the case when Carnell Lake was signed with a pre-existing foot injury, it's buyer beware.

Jomel Anser from New York, NY:
What do you think about the status of the defensive line, and what does Stalin Colinet's injury do to his chances of starting?
The defensive line desperately needs Tony Brackens to recover from his knee surgery. If and when that happens, the Jaguars defensive line will begin to take shape. Marcus Stroud and John Henderson are going to give the Jaguars quality on the inside. It's too early to determine if they are going to be star players, but it's obvious they have the potential to be among the best tackle tandems in the league. Marco Coleman gives the Jaguars dependability at one end, but the Jaguars can't afford to play without Brackens at the other end. I never saw Stalin Colinet as a contender for a starting job. In my opinion, he would offer depth at defensive end, provided he recovers from his early-camp knee sprain.

Randy Gardner from Pond Creek, OK:
I've stayed abreast of the team's salary cap quandary through this website and it appears that if we continue to pursue cap health as a lifestyle change, we will sacrifice being competitive. The team performs as the players perform, and they will demand adequate compensation, and the team again is caught in the trap. What is your take on the cap vs. contender issue?
Cap sickness is not an option. The answer is "jars on the shelf." You gotta have 'em.

Ben Corby from Jacksonville:
The Jaguars so far seem content with David Garrard as their number two quarterback, but would you say there would be any logic to adding a veteran at number three? Roderick Robinson has been far less than spectacular and Quinn Gray seems practice squad worthy but not ready for number three. Would there be any logic to signing a veteran number three to serve as an emergency player, if Garrard doesn't pan out, and to tutor Dave along the way?
That makes perfect sense to me.

Michael Cuda from Gainesville, FL:
Last week on TV, it was mentioned the defensive coordinator was in the press box viewing and directing the game. In your opinion, is there a big advantage to this, as opposed to him being on the sidelines with the players?
I believe coordinators should be in the press box, where the view of the field is better and the coordinators can be alone with their thoughts. Theirs is a cerebral game, and the press box is a better place to think than the sideline area is.

Lawrence Thompson from Jacksonville:
I don't want to be unfair to you in posing this question, but it seems to me you never have anything good to say about Brackens. Each time I heard you make reference to him over the offseason and in camp, it always dealt with his contract. The fact he has been the catalyst in the overwhelming majority of game-changing defensive plays in Jaguars history seems completely lost in your analysis. Have I missed any praise you've thrown Brackens' way? What good do you have to say about him?
I accept your criticism. My only explanation is that I consider Tony Brackens' contract to be a great threat to this team's salary cap future, and I'm probably guilty of allowing that concern to overshadow what he has done for this team. As you've said, he is and has been the Jaguars' chief play-maker on defense.

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