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Quarterback Gardner Minshew: October 7, 2020

(On how his level of play can jump from year one to year two) "I'm just working with our guys each week just trying to get better and better, [get] on the same page, continue to try to build that chemistry with our guys, continuing to trust our offensive line and just build this thing together. I think we have a lot of room to grow as a unit, as a team, and that's what we're going to work to do."

(On what he's learned since coming into the NFL) "I've learned so much and I think that's a credit to a lot of the great coaches and teammates I've had around me between last year and this year. They've done a great job of giving me information. I'm doing my best to try to learn it, take each week and just kind of keep building week by week and, as you said, continue to progress."

(On the passes he threw away early in the third quarter against the Bengals) "I have to do a better job of just working through progressions right there. One, [I] just didn't get backside on progressions, the front side was covered so [I] just have to get back. Second time, [I] picked the wrong side to work. [I] just have to do a better job seeing the defense pre-snap. So, we can't afford to make those mistakes. I can't afford to make those mistakes and put our team in jeopardy."

(On his ability to bounce back after a rough drive) "It's one of those things, we get frustrated, but I think more than anything we're frustrated because we know what we can be and we know what we should be doing. We've seen glimpses of it this year, we move the ball fairly consistently. It's just being even more consistent and not having those drive-killing plays, staying out of our own way so we can really reach our full potential."

(On his thought process on a play where he scrambled unsuccessfully) "In those third-and-short situations, your antennas go up or kind of [see] those possibilities. I knew they were in a five-man rush with nobody behind, but more than anything, I just have to be more patient. I had great protection. [I need to] let everything develop, play it out, and then at that point just decide when to scramble and that's just a work in progress. It's something I have to get better at and we're working on it week by week."

(On if he sees himself as a franchise quarterback) "I don't know, that's not anything I can decide for myself. It's something that I just try to be the best I can be for our guys each day out there in practice. I try to be the best guy each time we step out there on Sundays. I know I'm going to give my all and compete for them and they're going to do the same for me and I think as long as we do that, we're going to get this thing going [in] the right direction."

(On if RB James Robinson has the ability to take games over in the second half) "We have so much belief in James [Robinson]. He's really proved that he can really do it all for us. He's one of those guys [that] we want to get the ball to him more. We just have to be in situations where we can do that and I think he can be a really, really good running back in this league."

(On if RB James Robinson is the best combination of moves and power) "I think [those two things] and vision. I think that's one of the best things that he does is he'll find something out of nothing and every cut he makes he's moving forward. He's pressing, getting yardage and he ends every run physically. He's lowering his shoulder. He's hitting safeties, linebackers, whatever and I think anytime you have a guy like that that you see he's giving his all for us, it makes everybody else want to step up and help him out."

(On the growth of WR Laviska Shenault Jr.) "Laviska's done a great job. He's a guy that we obviously know what he can do with the ball in his hands and he's working every day to be a better, more complete receiver and I think he's doing a great job with that, creating separation, catching the ball. His hands are great and we're going to look to continue to build on his role and get him the ball as much as possible."

(On WR Laviska Shenault Jr. being able to do it all while being a legitimate receiver) "I think it's huge. I think it's another thing that the defense has to prepare for each week. You never know really how we're going to use him. He's a guy, for me, I know give him the ball in his hands and I don't think I've seen him yet not make at least one guy miss. He's really, really good like that and it's huge to have when you can throw a 5-yard pass and it turns into 20."

(On what he expects from the Houston Texans and DE J.J. Watt) "Houston's very good. I think one of the things you see watching tape is they're a smart team. They're disciplined, well coached. They're going to be in the right positions. You don't see them getting beat from lack of discipline or anything like that. J.J. [Watt], he's definitely a guy you need to know where he's at. You have to have somebody on him, a lot of time you want to have two guys on him. The biggest thing with him is he just won't stop. He's going to keep going. The second effort sacks, those clean-up sacks, he gets all of those. He's always working, and I think it's awesome to see one of the guys that's been so good in this league for so long and it's because of his work ethic and how hard he plays."

(On if playing a team going through turmoil can make them play well) "No doubt. We have enough turmoil going on on our own over here. We have to figure our shit out first, so we're fired up. We're ready to go. I know a lot of people are writing us out, but the belief in this team is still very strong and we're ready to get out there as well."