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Quentin Groves media availability


The following is a transcript of Quentin Groves media availability following his arrival in Jacksonville.

(on the apprehension of waiting to be drafted) "It was especially around picks 29 to 31, those were the teams that showed the most interest in me. When they went I was shocked because I didn't get picked. My family and me just prayed after that and put it in God's hands. I came into a great opportunity here."

(on coming to a playoff caliber team holds a weight on your shoulders) "It's not a weight because Coach Del Rio told me today to not coming in and try to do too much, to not try to make the Pro Bowl your first year in the league. Just to come in, know your role and play your role. Everything else will take care of itself."

(on playing in Jacksonville) "It's a warm climate, that's always a plus. I had a chance to not leave far from home. It's Gator country but it's still SEC country for me."

(on how playing pro football will change your life) "It will change my life in three ways – mentally, physically and economically. I will have a few more dollars in my pocket now. Mentally, I'm a pro now. I can't do the same things I did in college and talk the same way. I can't hang out the same way I used to hang out for the simple fact that I am a pro now. Physically, the game is faster and people are a lot smarter. I think those aspects are how it changes."

(how do you mean the way you talk?) "It's more of just what I say to the media. I need to conduct myself in a professional manner and in the Jaguar way. This team is known for their character and they don't have bad guys. They are known to have good football players."

(on what role fits for you) "Just playing football, that's the best role for me. Just put me on the football field and watch me work. I have played a 3-4 in college and I have played a 4-3 in college."

(how are your toes?) "They are real good now."

(were you surprised the Jaguars drafted you in the second round after picking a defensive end in the first round?) "I was, when I saw them jump up to number eight to draft Derrick (Harvey). When Tampa was on the board at 52 and I saw that Jacksonville was calling me, I thought, 'why is Jacksonville calling me?' Then I saw on TV that Jacksonville had traded for the pick. It was kind of surprising. To have two great pass rushers on the edge is going to be special."

(is it an unfair expectation for a rookie to provide the missing pass rush?) "It's not. It's a job we have to do. It's just like a banker has to go and be a banker and a lawyer has to defend criminals. We have to rush the passer. It's not an unfair expectation."

(which was harder, the broken toes or the heart condition?) "I think it was the toes. Any time I had to miss football was a painful experience for me. When the toes got hurt, I knew I could come back and I did. Being on the sideline watching the team was one of the hardest things, knowing that you can go out there and help the team and you want to contribute, but you can't."

(did the heart procedure drop your draft status?) "I think it did. A lot of team got scared but I'm glad I am with the Jacksonville Jaguars."

(did you think the Steelers were going to draft you if the Jaguars hadn't traded up?) "I think they were. They were looking for an outside backer but you never know (if they would have picked me)."

(on playing for an immediate Super Bowl contender) "I think it's an ideal situation and it's a situation that I like being in. I wouldn't have wanted to go to a team that doesn't consider themselves a contender. The Jaguars and Coach Del Rio have built a great franchise. They were a couple plays away last year from going to the Super Bowl. I think it just makes us more hungry and makes us want to come in and work a little bit harder. I can't let down my teammates. If their mindset is the Super Bowl then mine is too."

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