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Quincy Williams - Friday, April 26, 2019

(On if this is where he expected to be drafted) "I really didn't know where I was going to go. I heard free agency, I heard anything from third, fourth … It's just a blessing for real. I'm very confident in my abilities. I'm a Jaguar. That's all I wanted to be."

(On what was going through his mind when he got the call that he was drafted) "When I got the call, a lot goes through my mind. I have talked to my brother [Quinnen Williams] a lot. He told me to just stay prayed up, keep being patient, keep waiting. As soon as I got off the phone with him, I got the call. It was kind of crazy actually."

(On if he was having a draft party tonight) "Yes, I am having a draft party right now with my family. It's huge."

(On what he thinks sold the Jaguars on his game) "The biggest thing is me being dependable. My work ethic was huge, too. My work ethic was very, very huge … It's a throw-first game, so my speed helped me out a lot."

(On how comfortable he is playing linebacker) "I played hybrid in college, so I played in the box some. I played safety. Playing safety actually helped me a lot with my coverage abilities. I can cover tight ends also, running backs out of the backfield. I feel very, very, very confident in playing linebacker, especially for the Jaguars. It's a blessing."

(On being listed at 239 at Murray State) "I ain't never weighed 239 a day in my life. I feel comfortable at 230, maybe 235, around that range."

(On if he thought there was a legitimate possibility he might be undrafted) "For me, coming from a small school and didn't get a combine invite, I thought I kind of did [have a chance to go undrafted]. I had to go to a Pro Day somewhere else. Most people thought I was a safety, a smaller linebacker. Yes, it was a thought in my mind, but I know my abilities and I believe in myself and my support system believed in me. I have confidence, so I was like, 'Yeah, I got this.'"

(On how many teams he visited with) "I had nine to 11 visits."

(On playing his brother Quinnen when the Jaguars host the Jets) "Oh yeah, that is the first thing my family said. The biggest thing is me and my brother are competitive. A lot of people talked about us playing on the same team, but now we will be able to play against each other, so me and him like it even more. I can't wait."

(On who would win in a stage cage match between the two) "It depends. If we were wrestling, I would win. If we were throwing hands and fighting, then that is more of his forte. Me, I am a wrestler. I probably would put him in a chokehold. That is his weakness right there."

(On if he thought he would be drafted today or tomorrow) "There was a thought in my mind that I could have to wait until tomorrow, but I talked to my brother. We prayed about it. As soon as [he and I] got off the phone - we had both prayed together actually - then as soon as I got off the phone I talked to a few of my family members and they just said, 'Keep faith.' Then all of a sudden, I got the call. It was a blessing, true blessing."

(On if he was a competitive swimmer growing up) "Yup. Junior Olympics."

(On what events he swam) "I love swimming. It was my first love. I did the free medley, and I did freestyle."

(On why he gave up swimming) "My mom passed away from breast cancer in 2010 and she wanted us to get a college degree, and the best way I thought [to do that] was playing football. I love the game of football. It was a way my brother and I could connect. All of us played football together. I put everything I had into football. I am in this position right now."

(On if played football and swam at the same time) "I played football and swam. I started playing football when I was 10- or 11-years old. My brother and I got into an argument one day about I said I had a gold medal and he said he had more tackles than me, so then we ended up switching sports and he ended up swimming and he sunk like a submarine, so I told him I was going to come to his sport."

(On how good of a swimmer does he think he could have been) "I don't know. The sky is the limit."

(On if he has ever played basketball with Ja Morant) "No, I don't [play] basketball. Swimming, track and football, that is my expertise right there. I am going to let him have that. He a cool guy."

(On Murray State having someone get drafted in the NFL and soon most likely in the NBA) "Murray State is getting on the map. That is our biggest thing. We want to turn the program around. We have a new [athletic director]. He will be able to change the program around, and I talk about it a lot about putting Murray on the map. I started it off and he is going to finish it. We have guys coming in that we carry the legacy also."