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Renewals ahead of '07 pace


PALM BEACH, FL—The Jaguars' late-season success and first playoff victory in eight years have season ticket renewals ahead of last year's pace, but the team remains aggressive in its pursuit of a sold-out stadium.

"They're going great," Jaguars Senior Vice President Tim Connolly said of season ticket renewals. Connolly and other Jaguars club officials are attending the NFL's league meetings this week.

Connolly and the Jaguars marketing department are pointing toward an important April 12 deadline. At that time, the Jaguars will begin the ticket relocation process and any season ticket holder who hasn't renewed by April 11 will have their seat released for the relocation event.

"The schedule should be out by then. There will be no unanswered questions by then," Connolly said.

This season's Jaguars home schedule will include premium games against Indianapolis, Green Bay and Pittsburgh. A fourth game, against Cleveland, might also project into the premium category, as the Browns won 10 games in 2007 and could begin the '08 season as the favorite to win the AFC North.

The Jaguars are attempting to promote season-ticket sales with a strategy that rewards a season-ticket purchase over single-game or game-day purchases. In Connolly's plan, the Jaguars' least-expensive season ticket could be purchased for $390, which amounts to $39 per game. On a single-game basis, the price would be $50, and on the day of the game the cost would be $55. The same single-game and day-of-the-game increases would apply to most other price levels.

Clearly, the strategy is an attempt to sell out Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on a season-ticket basis. Last season, the Jaguars blacked out three games but fan interest spiked late in the season when the Jaguars rode a hot streak to the divisional round of the playoffs.

"They're excited about our free agent acquisitions. They're excited that we have eight picks in the first five rounds of the draft. That excitement is reflected by our rate of renewals," Connolly said. "The ones that get rewarded are the ones that buy season tickets. There will be great demand for the premium games."

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