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Road more traveled


JACKSONVILLE – Gus Bradley has done the whole "road thing."

The new Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach has had his share of long NFL road trips – more than his share, actually – so while he may not ever have had quite the road experience that's coming for he and the franchise over the next 10 months, he said he absolutely does know this:

The schedule is what it is. And it must be played.

That's true even if playing it means logging air miles on a historic level.

"We don't put too much focus on it," Bradley said Thursday. "There are some adjustments that have to be made such as maybe leaving a day early for travel, so that changes up the week a little bit, but for the most part it's just another opportunity to play on Sunday and we have to travel for that week."

The Jaguars next season will fly 19,446 miles to play eight regular-season road games, the most air miles flown to road games in their 19-year history. That doesn't include the trip to London for an October 27 game against the San Francisco 49ers, a game that is officially considered a home game by the NFL.

With London, the Jaguars will travel 27,296 miles next season.

Bradley spent the past four seasons as the Seattle Seahawks' defensive coordinator. As members of the NFC West, the Seahawks typically travel cross-country more than most East Coast teams.  The Seahawks played eight games in the Eastern time zone during Bradley's time there, winning three games and losing five.

"I've been with teams that make it a big issue, don't make it a big issue, address it and don't address it," Bradley said. "I think there are some things involved like sleep pattern and hydration and things like that, but we want to get it in our mindset that it's another opportunity to play.

"We've been on some teams and gone across the United States and won. That's our objective, to go out and play the best we can regardless of where we play."

The most miles the Jaguars previously have traveled in the regular season was 18,982 in 2004, with the team traveling 15,492 miles last season.

The Jaguars in 2013 will travel to Seattle (2,440), Oakland (2,350 miles), Denver (1,490), Houston (814), Cleveland (754), St. Louis (753), Indianapolis (688) and Tennessee (484).

The London trip is 4,240 miles one way.

Included in the Jaguars' schedule are two West Coast trips—at Seattle and at Oakland. The team lost to Oakland in Oakland last season and last won a West Coast game against Oakland in the 2004 regular-season finale.

The Jaguars are 2-7 all-time on the West Coast.

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