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Rookies visit kids

On Tuesday, May 31, all of the Jaguars rookie players visited Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville. Players talked with and signed autographs for the children. Many of the kids enjoyed the opportunity to meet football players for the first time in their lives, and spoke about how their favorite football team was the Jaguars and how they couldn't wait for this season. Some of the children just couldn't believe their eyes; one of the teenage boys shouted, "This is so awesome!"

The children were not the only people to enjoy the visit, as many of the players spoke about what a rewarding opportunity it was to visit sick children in a children's hospital. The chance to brighten many kids' day even gives professional athletes a warm feeling inside.

Rookie free agent defensive end Benard Thomas said, "I love doing stuff like this. It's amazing that by just showing up here and visiting with the kids, so many of these young people just cannot stop smiling." The visit was so heart-warming that many of the players left with smiling faces as well.

First-round draft pick wide receiver Matt Jones led one of the groups of players that visited one floor, while two other groups of players visited two other floors. Autographs were given to many kids on autograph cards that the players provided. In addition, many players distributed Jaguars visors to the kids with their autographs on them. It turned out to be a big hit for all of the children. Either with autographs and/or visors, the children were not left empty-handed. There were also many young children who became big Jaguars fans on this afternoon.

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